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      Having graduated partially from my hyper male persona I have been modifying my exercise routines.
      In my quest to stay healthy I have been adopting a lot of stretching and mobility drills.

      I go to a well equipped gym and do a lot of full body exercises with dumbbells that don’t project the image of a power lifter.
      I also (self consciously- however it says Gorilla) ordered a yoga mat 5×7’ for my hardwood floor at home.

      Flexibility is a skill that I used to think was just the province of females.
      Reclaiming some of that is good for our health and our ability to move gracefully.

      I watch and have saved a lot of short workout drills on Instagram. I have a long way to go.

      What do you say?

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      Thanks for sharing Heidi, less power more grace.
      I watch pop videos doing my warm up and cool down routine and stretches, and sometimes find myself mesmerised by the nuisances and speed of the dance routines, then find myself trying to copy them, but they are so supple, graceful and quick. The suppleness and grace is definitely a predominantly more feminine trait in my view fostered from an early age in dance, gymnastics, cheerleading classes etc which are overwhelmingly girls.
      Plus it greatly reduces the risk of strains, sprains and pulled muscles when you get into the exercise.

      B x

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      Emily Rae

      There are definitely ways to work out to tone and shape ourselves and minimize muscle building but strengthening our core, which very much helps with posture.  I started Pilates earlier this year and although no noticeable difference in my shape yet, my flexibility and posture are improving greatly

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        Do you get to wear a nice Pilates outfit?
        That’s definitely the kind of exercise I once considered silly. Now I realize that it’s incredibly challenging and mostly beyond my ability.
        Hang in there. You can really improve your senior years if you keep it up.
        I’m also benefiting with the posture improvement.
        Thanks for your response.🙂

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          Emily Rae

          I do wear leggings and kind of a girly tank top with cute grippy socks 😋

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      Not so flexible but do sit up for a flatter tummy and leg squats for the butt. Also aware of pecs using exercises for the breast development. try to seek a womans figure

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        There’s a pecs machime at the gym that I always include. I always try to do all such exercises with the opposite muscles. It does have have a boosting effect on the upper chest area.
        The hip mobility exercises keep me a little sore but I’m seeing a lot of improvement.

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      Hi Heidi,

      I’ve definitely modified my workouts as I’ve gotten older and grown into my nonbinary identity. I do a dumbbell and calisthenics routine 3 times a week, indoor or outdoor bicycling 3 days a week, stretching routine 6 times a week, 2-mile dog walk 6-7 times a week. My goals are weight control, muscle tone, balance, mobility and flexibility. Very different from when I was an athlete earlier in my life.

      – Robyn

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        That’s very impressive. It’s a lot easier to just think about exercising.

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      I know I have a lot of catching up to do. I never even learned to dance.
      I have to really study to see how they do the stretches and moves just to begin to develop routines without falling over.
      I’ll post an update if I ever become graceful.

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        One of my cross dressing fantasies is being able to do Barre workouts, with the appropriate wardrobe, of course.

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          Did yoga this morning in sports bra and pink leggings with some boy short panties on.  JUst more fun that way

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            Dressed for success.

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            AnnaBeth Black
            Duchess - Annual

            Most definitely!

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      I’m a cyclist, runner, skier, and cross dresser (lol) so in my gym workouts, I usually focus on power and hypertrophy (larger muscles) in the legs when lifting, and then do only endurance focused lifting in my upper body. I get endurance in the legs running and cycling. This seems to strike a good balance and helps keep my upper body from getting huge.

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        It sounds like an ambitious athletic lifestyle.

        I cycle for fun if the weather is nice, my running is definitely more of a jog.
        I’m more in the mode of finishing life strong rather than winning a race.

        Flexibility was something I just assumed was good enough. Now I realize I need to pay more attention.

        I probably snow skied 10 times in my life but it’s expensive when the mountain is 10 hours away.

        Keep it up. 👏👏👏

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          Yeah, I’m close to snow. Cross country skiing is really great too, cheaper, and there are some feminine outfit options too . . .

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            Ahh yes!! The outfits!

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        Hi Sarah,  I am also a xc skier, hiker, and cyclist, road and mtn, and a crossdresser as well.  Always thinking a little of stephanie when hitting the trailsGreat ways to keep the legs and bottom looking good.

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      When I use to go to the gym I reflected on the fact that the weight room was almost all guys and the yoga and pilates classes were almost all or entirely all women.  The irony was that the men needed the stretching and mobility more and the women would have benefited more from some strength work since they were already very limber.

      As a crossdresser I tend to focus on mobility and balance exercises mixed in with some body weight gymnastic exercises for strength.  Of course I throw in a couple of exercises to try and add some definition to the boobs and booty.

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        You’re nailing it!

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Heidi,

       I have been exercising for a long time. I was quite skinny and when I started a job in construction (seems like a lifetime ago now) I wanted to be a bit stronger, so that I wouldn’t be sore all the time and I would be a little less susceptible to injuries. So I started lifting weights. Over time I learned lifting slightly lighter weight with more repetition worked better for me. As I started getting older I added more stretching, and core work for balance. Since I started cross dressing I have added a bunch more exercises for the booty.
      Once the weather gets a bit warmer, I will get the bicycle out again as well.
      Wanting to look better in a dress really does inspire me to keep the routines going!



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        Sounds like you are doing great. I think trying to grow a bigger rear with muscle would be hard to do.
        It’s still good motivation and much more healthy than lounging and eating cupcakes.

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          Lara Muir
          Baroness - Annual

          I do see results in my posterior after a couple of years. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I still enjoy my cupcakes!😂
          It’s definitely difficult to pass up a good dessert!

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      I stroll but my exercises from Lucille Sorella I am behind. They are supposed to help re shape my body to look more like a woman’s. So I need to get back to doing them.

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        There’s nothing wrong with walking!

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      I don’t specifically do girly exercises. But I do take some classes at the gym at work which has benefits.

      I take a cardio/resistance training class once a week. Using moderate weighs, we tend to hit all major muscle groups in a class: legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and core. Sometimes our leg exercises strengthen inner thighs, and sometimes we mix back lunges with curtsy squats. Core exercises are also very useful.

      We also have a short 15 minute core class once a week, and target one of the other muscle groups for another 15 minute class.

      I also take a Pilates class twice a week. It is not a women’s only class; there are several other guys taking the class. Some benefits I get are moving more gracefully, increased flexibility, strengthening my inner and outer thighs, stretching my hamstrings (with my scoliosis, my right hamstring and back are very tight), firming my glutes with bridges, and strengthening my core with pelvic tilts.  This helps me pull in my gut and raise my center of gravity, it helps with avoiding “man-spread” when I sit. My instructor often tells us that exercise shortens muscles, but Pilates lengthens them.

      So while the exercises aren’t specifically girly, they have girly benefits.

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        Sounds kind of girly to me but it also sounds exactly like what we all ought to be doing.
        We can ‘man it up’ if we’re feeling a little insecure by increasing the intensity.

        • #718810

          I’ve highlighted the benefits to my feminine side from these exercises. But there is nothing girly about stretching and flexibility or an overall body workout.

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      I have exercised my whole life. Not a gym person or weight lifter, but runner as a young person (two marathons) now walking, golfer (walk not ride), ballroom dance, and several other activities to stay height and weight proportionate. Also do yoga to keep flexible.

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        I was relegated to the distance races in high school basically for lack of sprinting , throwing or jumping skills. Anyone could find a home on the distance squad. Most of the elite athletes stuck with their specialties.

        In the long run, I realized I was able to go farther than most and have kept at it as a lifelong sport.

        I also ran two marathons. The first one taught me not to try to keep up with the pretty girl who was being paced by a bicycle. The second one convinced me I didn’t ever need to go that far again.

        I’ve had some fun trying to golf but it’s not cheap like jogging.

        It’s probably still true, ‘No pain – No gain’. But I certainly do prefer being the coach with the whistle.

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      I do crunches and squats and this time of year I do a lot hiking up and down hillsides. I do some stretching but I really need to do more as the tendons are really tightening up with age.

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        As I started amping up my mobility exercises, squats were one of the more interesting moves. I apparently never naturally went clear down where my rear essentially touched my heels. I’m working on that now and it’s actually easier with a dumbbell in my hands (30#) because it helps me balance.
        I just did a sound check because as I first began to work on it my knees sounded like popping bubble wrap. Now I don’t hear it.
        I’m pleased to hear how many of you really do exercise. Kudos to my CD friends.👍

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          AnnaBeth Black
          Duchess - Annual

          My knees are a weak point , when I first tried squats I said “no way”

          but I actually think it has made them feel better

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      I also have changed my daily gym routine I no longer lift heavy mostly light weight repetitions more hip and leg work. I also cycle and just love my tight padded shorts on my smooth legs. I need to check out some of the more traditional lady like classes that my gym offers I think I could learn to be more feminine with my movements watching the other ladies. Great topic!

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      My routine has changed with my aging but I do some spinning, treadmill and the rowing machine. When the pandemic hit and gyms closed down I put on some weight. So, over the last two years, with exercise and a diabetes prevention program, I’ve lost over 40 pounds. Mobility and flexibility are natural outcomes of exercise and weight loss. Losing weight also shrunk my boobs quite a bit, loss of breast tissue but still nice shape, just smaller. However, the rowing machine is great for getting rid of belly fat so my boobs actually stick out more than my belly. Sadly, I’m in better shape but now my clothes don’t fit!! Guess I’ll have to go shopping.

      Phoebe ❤️

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        You go girl!

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      For the last decade I have mostly worked on my upper body. I enjoy rock climbing, and I depend on my arms and hands. But, that has left me with a body type that is not as girly as I want.

      So in January, I began dieting, and aggressively working on my legs and butt. I’m blessed with a relatively skinny body, but my legs have always been way too thin. I’m up to about 120 weighted squats per day (4 sets of 30) with about 45-50 pounds of weight. I also do 3-4 reps of 30 leg lifts, 30 side leg lifts, 30 donkey kicks, and 3-4 reps of planks. I’m down about 20 pounds since December.

      I’m just starting to see the difference, and am already feeling the difference when I go for a run (about 2-3 times per week).

      I’ve never had a shapely bottom, but that is my biggest goal right now.
      I occasionally do pull-ups to keep my arms ready for climbing, but my goals for looking more femme are taking precedence right now.

      I am working really hard right to lose another 6 pounds to reach my goal weight of 170 before early March. I have an out of town trip planned that will allow me to dress femme for a 2 nights and a whole day. It’s a huge motivator!!!

      Here’s to hard work.

      -Gemma ❤️💋

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      Hello. I do mostly leg exercises. Dead lifts and dumbbell lunges, calf raises, hip and glute presses/exercises and leg presses. For the abs I do planks leg lifts and some other ab work.  I rarely workout my chest and shoulders due to shoulder injuries/impingement

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      When I decided to go full Josie I went on a mostly fish diet and got rid of a lot of sugars and carbs so I can slim down and get the most out of wearing a corset.  I’ve laid off a bit since the winter but I’m going to get strict again.  I’ve also taken up yoga to regain some flexibility.  My wife, who seemingly has no compunction about telling people I’m a crossdresser, told our yogi about my interests so I’m able to talk with her about how to possibly achieve a more feminine body.  Even so, I think just gaining my flexibility back will help me feel less like an old man.  As a friend of mine put it recently, “when I’m old, if I’m sitting down and see something I need to get, I would like to be able to just get up and get it”.

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        I got a nice mat and I called it a yoga mat but I sure don’t have a yogi telling me how to use it.
        I keep finding more and more instagram posters showing me great workouts but I’m not only not flexible but to do what they want for a half hour would kill me.
        It’s no time to give up if I want to get out of the chair in a few years.

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      Hi Ladies,

      I am a Yogi. I teach yoga 4 nights a week with a focus on strengthening the hips and increasing flexibility of the hips.


      If anyone wished to take a class on-line let me know



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