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      Hi beautiful ladies,


      My wife has agreed to go to a drag show I town. I have invited another Trans couple to come with us.


      My wife and I have not gone to a drag show before. My wife has never been out with me as Paula. She has been out with me while stealth dressed, Jean Tshirt, sweater, and runners little or no makeup.


      I would like to go all out for the drag show, sequined skirt or dress, breast forms, high heels, full makeup with bright lips and winged eyeliner.

      My wife asked what if someone from work sees me? I told her I don’t care if people see me.  I am ok with it.  She then asked what if they start making fun of me.  My response was its OK with me.  Work makes fun of me for all kinds of different reasons now.

      If you were going out to a Drag event in your home town with another Trans couple for the first time what would you wear?

      Thanks for the advice in advance.




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      Have fun.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Brianna Bay

      What ever you feel pretty in

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      I would love to go all out and glam up for a drag show. But I get your wife’s reservations.  Especially if it’s near home. So I would be nervous personally. But if your confident and don’t mind the chance of being seen go for it. Just make sure your wife is on board and ok with it.

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      Wouldn’t you think that someone from work who also attended a drag show would be OK with you dressed.  Other wise, why would they go?  They would be more likely to accept you just the way you were dressed.

      I was just wondering out loud on this.

      But, it does seem that if your wife doesn’t want you to go, that you should honor her wishes.  She’s the most important person in this decision making process, so you for sure should consider her feelings.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I believe i would let your wife help select what you wear. She already knows your prefered look. She is still new to this and if for some reason it doesnt go well. It will be your fault. The first time might be your last, for some time.

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      When I first told my girlfriend about my cross-dressing, one of the first things, she suggested was that we both go to a drag show. I still have not taken her up on that offer. I do not think it would be her intention to have me dress up when we go to the show.

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      Girls night out, love em!
      A chance to get the sequins on girlfriend. Last night I was in my favourite pair of wide leg sequin pants, a cute black sleeveless fitted top and lots of bling, necklace, rings, bracelet.
      The audience will love you, get Mrs Here to help you with your hair, nails and make up, maybe you could help her, and put some pop  dance music on to get in the mood.
      Don’t forget your favourite perfume. Love a night out.

      B x

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      Rochelle Mills

      I would definitely glam it up a bit.  Drag shows are fun, safe places to play around with, shall we say, the more sparkly parts of our wardrobe we haven’t found event to wear them to.  I typically wear a brighter/more dramatic dress to these shows.  But I like to keep my makeup as feminine as I can — I still want to be a woman out in public, not a drag queen (even though I love their artistry and sass!).

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      Patty Phose

      A few years ago, I went to a drag show in Florida. I was in guy mode. My wife blurted out to the performers that I liked to dress up like they did. They told me I could have dressed and gone up onstage with them. I told them I took no clothes with me, so even if I wanted to do it, I couldn’t. They offered to let me borrow something.

      Then they encouraged members of the audience to request I go up there. It got a bit much for my taste. I politely declined but promised when I was back this way, I would be dressed up and would go onstage with them. Haven’t been back and have no plans to.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Drag shows are one of the few events I’ll go full glam.  Been to several.  Tons of fun!

      If you’re going to go, why would you NOT get dolled up?  It’s the perfect excuse.  You won’t find a more accepting place.  You can’t overdress.  OTT is totally acceptable.

      And if someone you know sees you, a valid question is why are they there?


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      I would go in my Madonna Queen Diva Drag Queen Cosplay if I ever went girlfriend.

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      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      Paula, I have been to two drag shows,”Dressed” one Silver short dress, Silver High Heel Sandals, Forms,Garterbelt,and Stocking, next time short Black Skirt, Leopard top and Black Knee Heel Boots. I had a awesome time.

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      Been to several and yes it is the most accepting crowd to be around. I normally dress like the rest of the wives that are present there as oppose to drag like wearing my LBD and heels and met the most wonderful people. Next time I plan to fully glam up in long nails and eyelashes for such an event

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      Rayna Carlian

      GO ALL OUT sweetie!!

      Dress to kill and rip the doors off the place when you arrive!!!

      Make sure to bring plenty of single dollar bills to tip those hard working queens too…

      Have some fun…Oh and you’ve got the right attitude… EFF whoever doesn’t like it or makes a crack at you for dressing how you like… live YOUR life girl…

      Have fun out there!!!



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      Dear Paula,

      I think it’s great that you two are going out together. That your wife has not been out with Paula, she’s not been to a drag show, or been out with a trans couple, one or all these might be overwhelming for her.

      Of course you should dress fully femme, a little frisky if she’s ok with that. Your wife should also look for that seldom worn outfit in back of the closet that she never had an event to wear before.

      Just like Rocky Horror Picture Show back in the 70’s, you dressed for the event to have fun. This is not a Pat Boone concert.

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