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      Stevie Steiner
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      I have to say….. no.  Now I should in all honesty qualify that by saying I have looked at a cute butt in tight pants and noticed those “dreaded” panty lines and thought ‘oh, they must be cute’.  Not wondering, just seeing it in front of me and forming an opinion.   But just wondering what kinda panties women I meet during the day are wearing?  No.  That’s kinda  fetishy, and a bit creepy almost, imho.


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      Tonya Leren
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      I do often wonder the type, color, etc of those around me.  90% of the time it’s out of curiosity as to my own compared to theirs… only a small percentage of the time is a sexual nature thought of.

      My normal thought is.  Oh that outfit is super cute, or that outfit looks more professional, I wonder what they are wearing under and why they chose what they chose… do they wear more revealing undergarments under cuter clothes, or do they wear less revealing under them to make up for possible peeking situations. Or in the more professional I went of they are wearing more revealing as to feel better about having to be harder lined on the outside…

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      Caty Ryan
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      I agree with those that have “done both”…. I check out women and the fashions they are wearing, (sadly these days daytime usually means seeing them in pants or jeans). But if I go into the city its nice to check out the professional looking women and if they look smart on the outside, I do wonder what they are wearing on the inside..


      Caty… (who right now is having a plain wonderful dressing session…)

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      Andi DuBois
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      If my SO and teen are anything to go by then they are probably wearing fairly plain underwear that isn’t nearly as pretty as we would choose!


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      Grace Scarlett
      Baroness - Annual
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      Totally agree with Alison

      …not interested at all, in fact it’s never crossed my mind until this post…….but I do look at gg’ s when I’m out, love to see what choices they are making fashion wise…. it’ s nice just to keep an eye on the opposition…haha..

      Grace xx


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      Alison Anderson
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      I can’t say that I have, I really don’t care what lingerie they are wearing.

      But I have seen women I know and thought, “I have that same skirt (or dress)  at home in my closet.”

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      Katie Time
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      Hi Jeannie, there is a certain woman I work with and I wonder daily what her’s look like. Let the imagination take me away.💕💋 Katie

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      Gail Rich
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      When I was still working, I often had occasion to meet with employees in my office. I would often underdress in bra and panties, and would often speculate about the lingerie of my female employees. On occasion their bra straps were visible, so I Would know the color of their bra, to compare with my own.
      One day, one of my nicer looking employees wore a blouse where I could see her bra straps. She was wearing a purple bra. I went out and bought a purple bra for myself, and was sure to wear it whenever I was scheduled to meet with her. It took weeks, but eventually there was a day when we both wore purple bras. Of course I was the only one who knew we were “bra twins”.

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        Jeannie Jones
        Registered On: October 9, 2020
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