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    I used to work in a steel mil and had a fairly high pressure position and occasionally the stress would start getting to me. I’d lose my temper, yell and swear and eventually I got sent for a stress management course,actually I had to do anger management first because I really lost it on this guy and he went running to the boss. Anyway in the course we were taught to meditate and as the instructor said ” go to your special place”. Well my company was very forward thinking and recognized stress as a serious health risk and they installed on our computers different scenes in wallpaper to help you relax. My favourite was a picture of a tropical beach with the waves rolling in and the palm trees rustling in the breeze and if you clicked on the palm trees you could here the wind and the waves. So I used to put my chair back, turn on the sound and just zone out and I would be laying on the beach in a really hot bathing suit with a big strong young man rubbing oil all over me. It may sound funny but it works and the best part was here I was in a steel mill with all these big macho tough guys around me who would never admit the cry watching Bambi and here I am laying on the beach in my bikini. I think the laugh I got out of it was more destressing than the whole thing. I told my friend at medical about this and she just about died laughing but she tried it at lunch time and Emailed me back that wow that does work and she was a little hot and bothered to. So give it a try, it doesn’t have to be a guy rubbing the oil on you, it’s your beach, bring who ever you like. Take care, LOL Heather.


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