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    kristy kruger
    Registered On: February 9, 2019
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    Hi my name is kristy i am 32 years old and i am knew to crossdressing, to all this really, i am on my own when it comes to being a girl i don’t really have anyone to talk to about it or have any kind of guidance  at all. my family loves me and respects my choice but it would still be nice to sit and talk with anyone about wanting to  be a woman.

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    Come aboard Kristy

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     Michelle Newman 
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    Welcome Kristy!

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     Fiona-Ann Moss 
    Registered On: October 7, 2018
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    Hi Kristy, nice to have you here 🙂 . Dont worry, we have lots of supportive and friendly members wanting to help and guide you. Cross dressing can be a lonely thing without any friends or support and I appreciate that fact but you wont be alone any more! there are lots of new friends to be made, please feel free to post a topic on the forums, just to get involved a little, maybe you have quite a few questions to ask? its likely you will! Nice to have met you Kristy 🙂

    Fiona xxx

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     Stephanie Flowers 
    Registered On: June 26, 2017
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    Kristy , This is certainly the place to start learning more about what your looking for . To understand and better ourselves in everyway becoming very the ladies we feel like being. Relax, get comfortable and enjoy exploring our site and soon will be looking forward to hearing from you and your experiences in this wonderful world we have embraced . Happy to welcome and very nice meeting you.

    Stephanie 🌹

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     Olivia Livin 
    Registered On: October 22, 2018
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    Hi Kristy

    Welcome, yes being able to chat with someone that has some understanding of your feelings can be awesome. Through the magic of the internet and this wonderful site, we all have that. By using chat or as you read through the forums and responses you can decipher who you think might be a good match for discussions. Many good friends can be made.


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     stephanie plumb 
    Registered On: November 17, 2018
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    Hi, I’m Stephanie and like you i am new to this site.

    I have always been a cross dresser (in secret unfortunately – though my wife does know but chooses to ignore it as long as i am discreet) but have gone the whole way in terms of dressing up.

    I can help you with breast form sizing, wigs, bra sizing, dress sizing and lots more based on my personal experiences since i started seriously dressing from 2015 onwards.  I now dress entirely in female clothes whenever possible to achieve as near a passable state  (i.e.  not clocked as a man when out and about) as i can.  Currently i have two forum articles you might want to read – one about false eyelashes in the beauty & makeup forum, and “a winter walk” in the personal experiences forum.

    I intend writing a post about breast form sizing very soon ( i have 7  pairs of different sizes). So look out for it.

    If you experiment on your own it is great fun but can be expensive because of the mistakes you will inevitably make. I would love to help you in anyway i can. Please don’t hesitate to ask me about anything.


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     Alexa Baxter 
    Registered On: February 8, 2019
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    Nice to see you here. I don’t plan in transitioning myself but there will be plenty of people more knowledgeable who are willing to open up.

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       kristy kruger 
      Registered On: February 9, 2019
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      thank you right now i am not transitioning i just like to crossdress.

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         Robin Jones 
        Registered On: February 8, 2019
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        Hi to you. Not transitioning now. Have my own d cup breasts from gynamastasia and estrogen. Maintain with soy milk. Love feminebclothes under my man swear especially rayon panties

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