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    Gina Miller
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    Hi I’m Gina, I was born in El Salvador. I lived there till I was three years old until I was adopted by a family from Battle Creek, Michigan. My birth name is Jose but was changed by my adopted family to doug. I first started dressing at the age of 13. I first had the desire to dress at the early age of 7. I am now 32 years old and happier than ever. I have a beautiful girlfriend who is more than accepting of what I do. We both love eachother very much. My amazing girlfriends name is Jessica and we live together in Ohio. Jessica is the only one who has ever known about my extracurricular activity. She is very accepting of what I do, we even dress up together. I’ve never opened up to anyone about dressing until just recently and it feels great to be able to do so. She even referred me to this site and helped me set up my profile. I hope to be able to discuss and relate to others who have a passion and share the same interests as I do. I’m happy there are websites such as this one that exist in order for me to do so.

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     Sara Marie Franklin (SMF) 
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    Gina welcome to your new step into womanhood.  CDH is a wonderful site to meet friends and others that are going through similar things as yourself.  There are great tips and help and wisdom here that will help you through many things in your life as Gina.  You are very lucky to have support and guidance in your journey and I’m sure others here would love to chat with you and exchange stories.  Welcome to CDH.


     Edie Majeski 
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    Hello Gina and welcome. I’m happy for you in finding someone so accepting to share in your life.


     Brandi Fae 
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    Hi Gina,

    It’s nice to get to know a little about you. I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable with CDH everyday, I think this week I’ll even post a profile pic, it’ll be my first public photo en femme. I hope to hear more from you in the future

    🎀Brandi Fae🎀

     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Gina   happy to welcome you to our family. This is a place to express ones self if such a beautiful way. Meet many here all enjoying our dressing in a safe and open community . And to  have  such a supporting girlfriend really helps make your dreams of being lady so much more  satisfacting . As I have my wife’s support she is my rock and treat her with total respect and blessed to have her by my side. Let her know this; she deserves appreciation for her struggles and tell her how important she is to you . Enjoy all that we have to offer and yes Jessica thank her for telling about us now you have many to enjoy your passions. Very happy meeting you and hope to see you soon  . Hugs

    Stephanie 🌹

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