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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Billy yes girl you have to take pictures like said of you progress as all of us do its so fun to see ourselves in photos  I have a lot more in computer storage and soon will put a few more on … Love to see how you progress especially when you start playing with makeup its he he so much fun makes you so pretty ..


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      Cynthia Hughes
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      The first time I went outside and started taking pics was awesome. There is no better time to be spent than with a tripod, camera and some spare time. Have fun.


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      Clara Cross
      Registered On: December 7, 2020
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      Speaking of photos, I have to admit I am very enamored with the photos all you lovelies post.  I am still a little shy in posting any of my own. But I find it fascinating that the photo shoot is such an integral part of the cross dressing experience. I’m sure there are sociologist types out there who might help explain the phenomenon (looking at you Laura Lovett and Miss Mona), but it’s way beyond my reckoning.

      The other day I was absolutely blown away by one of the featured photos of the day.  It came from a very new member and was titled, First Public Photo.  I really have to applaud those who pick the photos of the day for selecting that one. It really captured the spirit of CDH and the Featured Photo section which is supposed to “represent the diverse beauty of the ladies of Crossdresser Heaven”. The fact that it came right on the heels of the infamous “FaceApp or not to App flap”, made that photo especially poignant.

      So in answer to Billyj Jean, snap away girl. Let the camera be your friend.

      Kodachrome Clara


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      Registered On: January 9, 2021
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      I’ve been bit by that bug as well billi. I’m an at home dresser at this point too, haven’t been out yet. I’m my own worst critic but I do love to take pictures of my self and share them here on cdh. I’ve taken a few hundred in the last couple months since joining and have only shared 3. I’m only a lady and can’t post every picture that I’d like to but like most cds, I love the camera. So much fun to transform into Melanie, when time allows me to do so and when my comfort level allows me to share. I couldn’t believe my reflection in the mirror when I first saw myself fully dressed(I was so pleased with it) but it was abridge too far to go out in public. Enjoying yourself is all that really matters.

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      Grace Scarlett
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      There’s nothing wrong with photos..

      it’s a good idea to map your progress…something to look back on as you continue on your journey. A great way of improving your image…we all strive to look better!!

      I love to take them, especially if I happen to get a new outfit..haha…and what’s wrong with pics of you looking your best ??

      Say cheese!!!

      Grace x


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      Beth Green
      Registered On: February 24, 2021
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      Yes, each new outfit gets a pic. First to document the look, second for memories and third some of the better ones (and not naughty, yes those get photographed also) get posted for you girls to see.



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      Gabriela Inamor
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      Hi Billie.

      Back before I ever started going out, I started to take pics of myself while dressed in order to be able to preserve those moments, not knowing if they would happen again. Then as a matter of just keep the memory of the outfits I have worn, or the places I have been too, the people I have met, just like anybody else who takes photographs.
      Yes, there is a huge vanity issue attached to taking photos. See how we look, how can we improve those looks…

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