Introducing Alison from the U.K. New to CDH

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    Alison Elliott
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    Please let me introduce myself.

    I am Alison aka Alan. I am 75 in February 2018 and really do wish that I had openly got into cross dressing much earlier in my life.

    My first memories of cross dressing were about 40 or so years ago in the 1970’s

    I have always had a love and passion of seeing females wearing boots, especially black knee high boots and the desire to be able to dress in female clothes and footwear. Many years ago in the 1970’s when I asked my Wife would she wear her boots more often as I love the see her in them, she actually told me that she gets no pleasure at all out of wearing boots and actually ended up telling me if I like boots that much then I should wear them myself. I am sure that this comment was all it needed to head me in the direction of crossdressing.

    A few years ago I acted as a waitress when we gave a Christmas Party for the elderly folks where my Wife was the Warden, the party was enjoyed by everyone present, but I think that I enjoyed it much more! in fact it was there that I gave myself the name Alison. I also dressed up as a schoolgirl on one occasion when there was a charity dress down day in the office where I worked when the theme was schooldays, I won second prize!

    My Wife has been very understanding and I don’t have to do it without her knowing.

    We did have a terrific row when she found out I was confiding on-line with a transgender person and writing and asking her for help and advice about my cross dressing.

    During my early years of crossdressing I didn’t do it very often, I did have quite a collection of footwear and clothes, but when we moved from a two bedroomed flat (which went with my Wife’s job until she retired) to a one bedroom flat, loads of stuff had to go and I am afraid that all my special CD shoes and clothes at that time were boxed up and went to a charity shop (luckily I kept my favourite boots). Currently I do have a nice pair of retro 1970’s Dolcis black leather knee high platform boots which are a size 10, they fit me a treat. I got them many years ago in the 1980s at a village church summer fete, on a charity stall. I also now have a lovely pair of Pleaser go-go boots in matt black also size 10 which I bought new. To go with the boots I wear black hold ups, and sometimes wear wet look leggings, all new, I have never worn any of my Wife’s clothes. I also have my own tee shirts and sweat shirts and lycra mini skirt, and recently a lovely black leather mini skirt size 14 originally from Dorothy Perkins which was bought in a charity shop.

    Sadly I have one of my toes on my right foot that is badly mis shaped like a pyramid point in the middle joint and it makes my choice of footwear very difficult to get nice shoes and boots that are comfortable to wear. The pointed top of that toe rubs and gets a blister on the top if I walk about, this does cause pain and I get very depressed because of this as I do love wearing feminine footwear. If I had smaller feet it would be easier to get a wider selection of nice footwear.

    I do feel so much more at ease and relaxed and the day to day stresses of life fade away when I am dressed as Alison.

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Alison :  your never too old to do something that makes one feel happy. Happy 75th , I turned 60 just  last month and only started my dressing just a little less than a year ago. Yes I too would of loved to experience my passion much earlier.  The 70’s was a time to me also when these thoughts became noticeable , but career  family,  and a unforgiving society much shelved these desires. Now I’m happy to enjoy my dressing and it’s experiences and to share and learn from many remarkable ladies here at CDH. You’ll be happy that you have joined us and  hope on seeing you here. 🌹

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     Lanna Barton 
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    Welcome Alison,

    You are absolutely correct. After a rough day there is nothing better then slipping into something comfortably feminine.  The stress just melts away!!!

    So glad you could join us here.

    Love and hugs,


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