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    It has been just short of a year since I shared MacKenzie with my wife.  She surprised me with her acceptance and support.  That being said, I know that this experience has been an emotional roller coaster for her.  Between the violation of her trust that my secret was and the general emotional shock of the situation, I would have been lying if I expected anything less.  But our relationship has grown as we navigate this new dynamic together.  As my wife and I come to realize emotionally what we mentally hope was true, we are finding a new equilibrium in our journey together.

    In the beginning, my wife’s support was limited.  She was comfortable with me dressing as I wished around the house, but she offered no comments, neither positive nor negative.  As the weeks turned into months, that began to change.  At first, her comments were more out of curiosity and her efforts to understand how I felt.  One of the earliest was a discussion of bras and my breast.  These discussions were not unexpected and were actually very helpful in growing our understanding of how each other felt.  We continued to move forward slowly with the occasional step backward (also not unexpected).  As we each grew more confident that our relationship was not only intact, but was actually getting stronger, we became more comfortable sharing and discussing my changing wardrobe.  I felt free to ask my wife for advice related to feminine attire and my wife was comfortable responding.

    My wife would again surprise about six months after my disclosure.  While we were doing the laundry, she commented that it was no longer strange to see me wearing a dress.  The love and happiness that I felt at that moment was indescribable.  And it was my wife who made the suggestion that I remove my boxers from my dresser as I was no longer wearing them and could use the space for other clothes.  She had actually beat me to that realization.  It would be another month before I actually took her advice.  Yet, through all this, my wife’s comments remained more observational in nature.  She commented on our differences in size (She is a 8 and I am a 24/26.) and style (She prefers soft cup bras while I prefer underwire.), but her support did not wane.  She might not understand everything, but she was willing to learn and allow me to me.

    Last night though, that did change.  While I was changing, my wife offered her first unsolicited compliment.  I had chosen to wear a new dress which was a crochet lace style with an empire waist.  She shared that she was not sure about the dress as she didn’t think it fit my style.  She thought it was too floral for me.  All I could do was mumble a thanx; I was too shocked to do anything more.  My wife, the Shorweetiful One, made me fall in love with her all over again.  I hope this is just the beginning and we will continue to grow together.

    MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Liara Wolfe
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      So nice Mackenzie. Thanks for sharing.

      Hugs, Liara

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      I love this article, so beautiful. True love in its most golden form, total respect to your wife. My gf supports me wholeheartedly though saying support seems an odd way to say it as she loves who I am as she s never really known another side of me and knows full well, she will never meet my male side. That doesn t mean I live dressed 24/7 because I don t and cant, due to my work, but in my case when dressed as male it is still Ashleigh wearing those clothes. Mines a complicated case but this is not the place to explain. I love that those little steps over time are tying you and forming bonds like never before…so very BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      Charlene Victoria
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      Mackenzie, this such a wonderful recounting of the value of your honesty and patience intertwining with your wife’s genuine love for you her man whom she can now know in your fullness. Her willingness to accept, grow in understanding and appreciation, her wisdom in seeing both the benefit for you and for your togetherness as husband and wife are the elements of the best CD success stories and dare I say that which all of us dream of having in our own marriage.

      I am so happy for you AND your wonderful wife. Thank you for taking a moment to share.



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      Fantastic story enjoy.  I am slowly making progress but it has been a long road.  Panties, bra and nightie in bed but around the house is a no no no…

      So still dress only when I’m on my own in the house and it is so great just to be dressed casually, nothing special.  Sometimes under my men stuff but I always feel its a risk of jeopardising what I have at the moment. My wife is getting closer to the day so fingers crossed.

      Love to all Sabrina

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      You are so, so lucky to have her.

      Have a wonderful time.


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      Jane Mansfield
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      Hi Mackenzie. Jane here. Your story is so similar to mine and my wife. It is true that time and love and patience are a godsend. You have probably lived with for a long time.
      Now you can share all the highs and lows.
      Above all enjoy your new life and loves.
      Best wishes Jane

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      Mac this is further evidence that just being patient and giving our wives all the time they need to become more comfortable with things, is the way to go.

      Congratulations to you both.

      Wait until she’s comfortable enough to say “Well I wouldn’t wear somethings like that, but….” Then the fun really begins.


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      Stephanie Jane
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      That sure was a powerful moment MacKenzie. You are blessed to have a partner like her.

      And thanks for sharing this moving, well written piece.

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      Nora Grace Fergason
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      God Bless both of you!  That assistance is everywoman’s dream.  good luck

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      That is wonderful that your wife gave you compliments and started to understand what would best be on you. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.



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      Great story MacKenzie, thanks for sharing. I wish the best for you and your wife.

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