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      Hello to all of you ladies

      It is not a good moment what I am going through in this period:
      1) in this month I will have to be operated on again on both eyes.
      A cyst has formed on the right eye which must be removed and subsequently subjected to histological analysis.
      2) the oncologist advised me not to continue the HRT while I am undergoing a new course of chemotherapy and this hurts me further.
      3) I am afraid of going blind, if I become blind I am anxious not to be able to wear makeup anymore.
      4) being in chemo will make me much more moody and unbearable than usual, so I apologize in advance.

      Having said that, know that I am using CDH as an anti-stress therapy, being able to read about you gives me a bit of lightheartedness, lightening my thoughts.

      XOXOX from Italy 🇮🇹
      Greta ❤️

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      Sending you my best wishes for a prompt and total recovery/healing!


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      Hi Greta,

      You are remembered in prayer.

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      You will be in my prayers for Grace, Hope, and Healing.


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      Hello Greta it is difficult to be going through so much at one time and having things and feelings important to you being taken away. I truly hope and believe the CDH community as a whole are hoping and praying for the best for you and your health and a full recovery. Stay strong and keep communicating with this big extended family for support and comfort girlfriend.

      Hugs April

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      Greta good luck and well blessings to you girlfriend  hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery ..

      Hugs Stephanie Bass

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      All my thoughts and prayers,

      Best wishes, Gabby xx

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      J J

      Personally I think prayers are a joke, but knowing people are thinking of you, and supporting you is very helpful and important. So much of how you deal with these challenges are about your attitude. Stay positive and committed to be beat this. Yes you are immunocompromised, but good diet, positive attitude, support of family and friends are all immunoboosting. Determine that you are going to come through this, and use those around you to keep committed to that.


      Good luck and reach out reach and other places to help you deal with these trying times. You will be back and strong and back on HRT in n o time.

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      You have many (more than just posting here I’m sure) praying for me. Count me as well. If things get too hard, you can beat on us (virtually of course). Life isn’t fair, but it should be closer than it is!


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      My heart goes out to you, Greta, it really does.

      My best advice, though I know it’s not easy, is to take the hit in the short term to preserve your vision and general health.  Hopefully it won’t become a long-term thing and you can resume your HRT with perfect vision and no risk of further health complications, but such things are far from a guarantee.  If it were me I’d pick my vision (and makeup) and longevity.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      All the best Greta. Hang in there.


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      Cassie Jayson

      Oh Greta, so sorry to read of your medical problems. I am sure we all will be happy to be part of your therapy. Keep reading of our adventures, troubles and concerns. Do share when ever you need to of your problems and health victories (I am sure you will over come much!!!).

      . Cassie

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      Last year I suffered from shingles in my right eye which was not diagnosed or treated for a month.  I can feel your suffering and pray to God your eyes will be successfully treated and you will make a full recovery.


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      Bless you. I hope all goes well.

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      Hi Greta, know that Lauren is thinking off you and holding you up in her prayers.
      A lady I work with came to me a while ago and she was crying. She told me she had breast cancer. I told her she would be in my prayers, I found out on Friday that she’s returning to work on Monday, prayer does work!

      All my love and big hugs,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Prayers and hugs for you, Greta.

      Much love,

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      Hi Greta. Lots of prayers for you. I truly hope that you make a full recovery. Lots of hugs sister, Allysa

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      Hi Greta. So sorry for your condition but hoping for the best possible outcome. All of your sisters here will be thinking of you so let us know how it went as soon as you can. Life isn’t fair at all.

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      Praying for you Greta.

      – Jess

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      I am sorry you find yourself in such a precarious position. You can only hope and pray that things will work out. You came to the right place for support. Best wishes.

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      Much love and prayers. We’re all pulling for you.
      Luvs Hugs Ginger

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