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      Hi I’m looking at purchasing a prosthetic vagina and I’m curious if anyone has used one and like it and can tell me how it did as far as fit living in it going to the bathroom, etc?

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      Samantha R

      I am committing as to follow the responses. I have never used one but curious.
      Thanks for the post

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      I am also very curious!

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      There’s a “bird in the bush” joke to be made here but I’m too much of a lady to make it.

      I’m curious as well — not just about the product but what has you considering getting one… if it’s not too personal a question.

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        I’m considering getting it to feel more feminine and for intimacy.

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      Caty Ryan

      I had one… a very long time ago. It looked…..OK…. But in “use/practice” to say the least was “messy”and at one stage I had to “modify” the “very private part” to make it work… Oh the pain!!! without anesthetic!!!

      Putting it on was also not easy and at one stage I had to re do all the “body attachments” straps/strings etc etc to make it work.

      It eventually ended up in public rubbish bin. (Was never gunna do that at home!!)

      In short dont waste your money or if you have any spare $$ go buy a better/decent set of breast forms. Much more better value for femme money.




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        Caty, did you have the kind that straps on or did you have the kind that pulls on like panties and are basically panties

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          Caty Ryan

          Sorry Avril, cant really remember, but there was lots of elastic and I dont think it was  a panty version, so I’d go with some kind of the former. The firm in NY where I bought has gone “bust” as well. So I cant even check that out.

          One memory, I bought it through someone I knew importing “things”, cos I did not want to have to front the “nice customs man” in the Australian international post office section.




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            Connie Wittnee
            Baroness - Annual

            “The firm in NY…has gone ‘bust.'” 😅🌹

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            So they only sell breast forms now? Asking for a friend. 😉

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      A while ago I  bought a full pant version of the prosthetic vagina.   There are versions with penetrable vagina and anus, but I only bought the penetrable vagina version.  It also has a catheter setup for bathroom use.

      The short version, I wish I didn’t buy it and used that money instead to be more skirts or swimsuits.  I tried it on twice and it is now sitting in the basement closet collecting dust.

      Before I wore it I tested the catheter to make sure it drained properly, and using water it did.  But putting the catheter on your privates is another matter.  If you are incredibly sensitive down there well I will let you use your imagination.   I was never able to fit the catheter over my private, so I gave up and just wore the whole pant thing.

      In the descript it said it had hips but wearing it no hips were found.  I still had my drab hips.  Because it had the penetrable vagina, I couldn’t hike up the pants high enough so it looked like i pooped my pants.

      The whole thing was silicone so it was a challenge to put on/take off and it get warm down there.

      As mentioned before, it is now collecting dust.

      I bought a prosthetic vagina many years ago, this is not penetrable and it came with a gaff.  I now rediscovered it and I wear the silicone vagina in my panties.  Naturally no one sees it but knowing it is there helps me feel more femme as you can feel the labia thru the panties.  I should’ve just went with this instead of the silicone pant/vagina thing.

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        Janet Woodham
        Duchess - Annual

        Thank you Wendy,

        I did research these online and had a suspicion that the catheter would be more than a step too far. I am only sorry that finding out proved expensive for you.

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        I’m sorry you were unable to use that…apparatus, but your story sure gave me a chuckle. Gosh, the things we will do…

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      Like others, I bought one and wish I hadn’t.  It slips on like a tight pair of cold, clammy briefs, and was advertised that it could be penetrated during sex (ha!) and worn during urination by slipping a silicone piece over my… piece.

      I am not sure who modeled for the silicone mold for this in China, but from the dimensions of the vagina and the diameter of the piece used for urination, I’m guessing an 8 year old. When it was cold. There is no possible way an average sized penis can penetrate this or use the urination piece. I may have to perform an emergency episiotomy to get any use of it.


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      I have them in two styles , can’t describe in too many details here-I’ll try my best, one is a panty with an internal tube behind the front opening (not a catheter, more like a tube) that “Johnson” fits into, it fits best if you also tuck the bits up into their home. The other is from Roanyer and is more of a boy short style with extra silicone on the bum for enhancement-the silicone is better quality on the Roanyer and has openings that are anatomically in the right places. Both allow you to use the bathroom (#1 only, lol) while wearing. And can be used for intimacy with realism . both require the addition of hip pads to keep the hourglass shape (dresstech or foam) . They are both comfortable to wear with the Roanyer being a bit more “sweaty” because of all the added silicone .

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        Janet Woodham
        Duchess - Annual

        Thank you for this Katty, both sound right along the lines I am looking for.

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      I’ve gotten a few of the panty style ones.  I like them.  I figure if I’m going to use a gaff, get a realistic looking vulva one.  Using the pee catheter just adds to the realism.  I also get the ones with the vagina tube as well.

      I started with the thong style and hated the strap up the butt.

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      Janet Woodham
      Duchess - Annual

      I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has tried the CTKOLYS Crossdresser Panties CV11. It is a silicone prosthetic vagina. I am thinking of getting it but am uncertain. PM me if it is easier.

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