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    Good evening, and I hope you’re ready for some of the more heady and spiritual things.

    I was thinking today again about what exactly it is that has led me to all this and was reminded of how some people believe that in reincarnation we choose where we are born in each life. I have been told before that I possess a “feminine soul,” and while souls are generally regarded to be genderless, I think I have (wisely) chosen female most of my rides through the mortal world and on this one I tried something else out. That was a mistake!

    I don’t know, maybe I’m learning something as a man, but it has felt like a mockery of that experiment every step of the way – no positive female presence in my early life, ending up big and hairy, having boobs and long-haired role models before that… Yet that need is not strong enough to want to change it in this life. I don’t need to go to war with my body to be my “true” self, but I’m not thrilled to be in this role either. I’ll just wait until the next time around.

    Anyone else ever feel like that’s it? The soul misses being a woman, but the mind can find enough ease in being a man to just wait it out? If so, I envy those of you who can do it with more ease than I.

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      Kelly Wayne
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      Interesting slant, and one I tend to embrace. Until recent years (10 or so years), I never believed much about the Karmic regeneration cycle. But I have been going through an awakening of sorts for that many years, and am embracing it more and more. I have had too many “coincidences” and familiar scenes appear to think we are only only the one life idea.  Either way, I have learned plenty as a man, but never fully comfortable with the body I received. I guess maybe the transitioning im going through is preparing me for for my next life as a woman; I dont know but im loving it so far.


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      Hi Aoife;

      What an unique way to look at it.   I love the idea, but then I’d have to really take myself to task for being so stupid to try it this way…. What was my soul/spirit thinking?  I really appreciate the new (to me) way of looking at it and perhaps it will allow me to find some peace with the place I find myself it.

      Perhaps I accidentally selected ‘Y’ for a chromosome instead of ‘X’ by mistake.    Yep! that sounds like something I would do on a long form…. (Don’t check ‘Y’ self…. Checks ‘Y’ while thinking I shouldn’t do it).    Luckily I’ve learnt to read what I’ve checked more carefully since then.



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      Hi Aoife, I feel a lot like that too, it’s a man’s body and yet the energy I feel in here is more feminine.  What does it mean, it must mean something??  And came to the same sort of conclusion, it must be that I’m supposed to learn about this thing called manhood, or to see things from that perspective also.

      It’s not something I’m really at ease with either nor is it something I can solidly change, for the time being…and yet if I could, I wouldn’t change much.  I dont really wanna deny what I have or know so much as I’d like to be able to live it out at ease and in peace.

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      Autumn Valiant
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      Hi Aoife!

      My wife of nearly 4 years consulted a psychic of some kind around the time we got married. The psychic said we were soul mates who have managed to find each other 4 other times in previous lives. She also said that during one of those previous lives I was the woman and my wife was the man. I don’t know how much stock to put in the psychics story but I do find it incredibly interesting. It leads to thoughts that my feminine side might be a result of some kind of soul imprinting that occurred when I was the woman. I wonder what kind of woman I could have been. Was I a girly girl or did my other previous lives as a man make me more of a tomboy?

      Are souls genderless? If multiple lives and reincarnations are true, do we take a portion of the lives we lived with our souls when they are reborn? When you meet the one you consider your soul mate, do you feel you have met them before in some other life?

      I find it interesting to think about. Possibilities to ponder….

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      Kay Anderson
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      I have a CD titled Past Lives. It is a past life exploration recording. I have listened several times. I have in my last 2 lifetimes been female. They say that you choose a life that will teach you a lesson that your Karmic Soul needs to learn. So maybe we needed to learn something by being born male. Just maybe, we have that Y chromosome and we are supposed to learn to still love ourselves and make peace with our body instead of hating it. The way I see it, we can feminize our bodies to match the feminine energy flowing through us, but first love yourself, learn acceptance and have gratitude for your life. I had an internal war for decades. Don’t war on yourself, it leads to nowhere! Self hatred is terrible. I have read the statement “that which you resist, only grows stringer!” Make peace!

      I was having a discussion with another member on CDH. I used to say that I had a female soul. After our discussion, I now think that our soul is genderless. We have an internal value to the energy of the universe. When we open  the valve, feminine energy is flowing through us. Why feminine energy and not masculine? I don’t know, and I suspect everyone is different.

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