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    Millicent Teasedale
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    Just wondering, and know this has probably been asked before, what stores have you found to be particularly friendly to you, when shopping in drab or dressed? I’ve found Goodwill thrift stores pretty good, but basically because people pretty much ignore you. And I’ve never had an issue in any wig store – they all have seen us before and are more interested in helping you find what you are looking for and making the sale than in anything else.

    So, where have you had success and had fun recently?



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     Lexi Dupree 
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    Will echo what several others have experienced – I travel a lot for work so I’ve shopped in person all over the place, and I’ve never been in a Payless that wasn’t a great experience, and Nordstrom, though it can be a bit pricey, have always been wonderful.  My absolute favorite ‘local’ shop has got to be Lingerie Superstore in Phoenix – as the name implies, this is not where you’re going to find an outfit to wear out and about – the emphasis is on lingerie, stockings, etc – but OMG so friendly and always offer a dressing room, even if in drab.

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    I echo what others have said in that most stores are super friendly, both en femme and in drab.

    But special shout outs go to Nordstrom – always very helpful and a bigger shout out to White House Black Market.  I have been to their stores in Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis (all as Stephanie) and they staff in all of the stores have been AMAZING.  Friendly, helpful and supportive.  Always treating me like a woman (and super helpful choosing appropriate clothes and sizes and also helping with zippers.  WHBM is my go to store because of their people and I also love their clothes.


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    I just had a lovely girl in Lane Bryant help me pick up several skirts and blouses this morning. Compliments on my makeup were genuine and encouraging from her. My girlfriend Libby at the Mac counter touched up some stuff after and was surprised at what I have learned since my daughter is coaching. Now I am feeling all whooshy inside. The words of encouragement from women I consider quite lovely make this old girl feel like a goddess. Compare to girl in Penney’s who would not help me find the skirts and acted all W/E. Blew her a kiss and found them myself

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     Sandy Craig 
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    I have been treated extremely nice everywhere I go. All my shopping is done in person unless say a size I want is not available in a store in which case I might order online. My favorite stores are Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and White House Black Market but I am in and out of anyplace that sells women’s clothes or accessories!


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     Tammie Swenson 
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    ALWAYS ADDRESS ME AS “Mam” if I am not in drab [ rarely]

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     Maria Bella Gomez 
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    Macy’s in Eugene Or. The girls at the Mac counter were angels to me, in drab even! They did a foundation color pallet for me and we tried out lipsticks. I made an appt with Libby to do a full fem in two weeks. What a darling! Made me feel pretty and even says she can make this worn yapunum an attractive older woman. So yes the places that are kind obscure the judging

    Besos my loves 💋MariaBella

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     Patty Phose 
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    Over the years I have purchased every item of clothing you can possibly think of. My first shopping experience was at 13, buying my own pantyhose at JC Penney. Since then I’ve bought more pantyhose then you can count in every place that sold pantyhose.

    At 17 I wanted to wear short shorts with my pantyhose and began buying short girl’s shorts. It was not unusual at all for me to walk out of a store with several pairs of short shorts and pantyhose. This was at every store that sold short shorts and pantyhose.

    Then I decided I really wanted platform wedge sandals. I loved how girls legs and feet looked in them. I had to have that look. I went to Payless, found several pairs in my size and bought them all.

    Then at 18 I began dressing fully femme, I bought clothes everywhere. Thrift shops were awesome. I got some amazing dresses, skirts and tops for pennies on the dollar. Department store prices sometimes scared me off, but when I saw something I had to have I bought it.

    I stopped dressing after college. I donated or discarded most of my clothes. I started again about 6 years ago and needed a new wardrobe.

    Lingerie and adult shops were amazing. I got treated like royalty. Same thing with most wig shops. I’ve purchased countless dresses, blouses and skirts at Walmart at amazingly low prices. I got lots of nice things at Target. Department stores have been good too, especially JC Penney, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. Thrift shops at times were great. I walked out with a whole new wardrobe.

    Other places I got treated very well at has been Lane Bryant, Dress Barn and Payless Shoes. For what’s not in the stores, Payless is amazing online. I’ve bought more shoes from them then I have closet space for. I love totally love Payless.

    The most amazing place though is Estelle’s Dressy Dresses here on Long Island. They have everything. You can go in there and get help and friendly personal service. You can call ahead and tell them you are a CD and want to get some nice clothes, but you are shy about it. You heard from other CD’s that you can get confidential and discreet assistance. They will provide an assistant and discreet dressing rooms where you can try things on.

    Or call Femme Fever, also on Long Island. They have everything a crossdresser could possibly want.

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    I’ve always been treated very well at Maurice’s in Gaylord mi, the sales girls are always so helpful.  Even while in drag, they helped me find a very cute,outfit I told the girl it was for myself and she was more than happy to,show me the latest fashions and make some really cute recommendations.

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     MacKenzie Alexandra 
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    I have received excellent service at Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, and Payless.  The sales associates were extremely helpful at the first two, making several suggestions and answering my questions. They always made me feel welcomed and appreciated.  The latter was generally helpful without anything specific.

    MacKenzie Alexandra

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     Daniella Solo 
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    I often shop at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Lakeshore Rd in Mississauga and they are very helpful.

    But seriously if you are in the area please visit It’s Our Little Secret the store is on Lakeshore Rd. East in Mississauga Ontario Canada. They are moving soon but just down the street. The store is very cd/transgender friendly. Kym the owner is wonderful to deal with extremely helpful not judgemental in any way.

    I think it is really important to support stores like the Salvation Army and Kym’s so if you know of any stores in the Greater Toronto Area that provide a nice shopping experience for us ladies please let us know.



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       Amanda Patrick 
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      Hi, Daniella,

      Thank you for posting the information on the Salvation army store on lakeshore road. I have been going to check this place out. I got a good deal on a pair of casual slacks at the store at Dixe and Dundas. but the lakeshore store is probably closer. I have never had much luck at value village. Nice to know in advance they are CD/TG  Friendly at the lakeshore store. Other stores I have visited in Mississauga  are long tall Sally in the heartland centre Mavis and Britannia rds. Laura’s in Dixe Mall Susie sher  in Dixe mall. Rick,es at Conestoga mall in  waterloo. and Winners in  Dixe mall . I find most places I have been to have been Friendly. But I prefer to go early in the morning. Less People to deal with.


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    I went into CATO, here in Dallas Texas, just looking at some things, a female employee asked me if I needed a fitting room. I was totally shocked, as I was dressed in drab, with a full beard. I also was treated very well at Mimi’s wig boutique in Dallas.


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