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      Barri Andrea
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      The majority of these “laws” proposed seem to be aimed at mixed gender sports participation, after 20 years on hormones, if I liked any sport at all, I hate sports…I’d beat the hell out of any natal female in strength competition of any kind, I’m still way stronger than 35 out of 37 other maintenance people at my workplace. Kids that want to compete as trans in sports likely need to adjust their expectations and comport themselves with fairness in mind. My opinion.

      Any death of a trans person by violent means is tragic, my local Trans group has asked me to accompany them in their downtown TDOR vigils for many years, because as a giant, they feel people will be unlikely to give them any guff if I’m present in male mode.  So far it has never been an issue.

      I am conservative, I see freedoms being eroded actively every day in this once great republic, and weep for future generations. That said, I have had to out myself to a gaggle of docs that choose to humiliate rather than understand,

      I have had to have HR at work change my gender marker with no drama at all, I assured the HR girl that I would not be invading the ladies rooms anymore than I already have to for maintenance related things.

      my attitude in all endeavor has ever been, fugem if they can’t take it.

      Docs are forced to treat me, HR asked a hypothetical, “what if it gets out to the plant?” I responded with “while that’s not preferable, it wouldn’t scare me off the job”

      years ago, when I was dressed and out for Halloween…someone said “you know what they say about men who dress in womens clothes on Halloween right?” I asked ” Is it, that they can beat you like a rug the other 364 days of the year too?”


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      Fredrika Jones
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      Amen, sister! Truly sad and outrageous. We all have to support
      this cause.


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      Rhonda Roe…
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      Can you provide sources for your assertions please.

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        Emily Alt
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        Biden made a statement today on the 46 killings.

        Rach listed a website that tracks anti-transgender legislation in the US.

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      Connie Twirl
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      How the hell can you legislate against transition? What you do with your body is your own bloody business.

      I’m not trans, but I will defend the rights of anyone who is.



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      Michelle McQueen
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      Thanks Barb for the link.

      All you girls be careful and be safe out there.

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      Barb Wire
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      So young and beautiful!

      😢 (x46)

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