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    I just finished watching the first season of transparent with my wife. While it tells an interesting story of an older chap coming out as trans I feel it is dragged down to some extent by how obnoxious her kids are. I know that is part of the story and perhaps it is more realistic that I’d like to believe.

    One of the episodes, I forget which one, included a cross-dress retreat. The main character discovered that she, as a trans-woman was not really welcome in this group of CDs. I feel CDs were strongly misrepresented as something closer to drag queens, mostly very over the top. perhaps this is a fair representation of the type of CD that would attend a retreat… I don’t know, I have never been on one.

    I know this show is about trans people, but I think it did a poor job of representing CDs, it just perpetuates the idea that were are a bunch of weirdos that don’t fit in anywhere.

    On the up side, I watched it with my wife and it gave her the opportunity to ask me a few more questions about me.


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      Patty Phose
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      I watched a bit of it out of curiosity. It was so bad it made my hair hurt.

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      Sharon Wiltshire
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      watched it all, except for the final musical episode, and loved it.

      my wife couldn’t understand what the fascination was at the time, and wouldn’t watch it with me, it was all too emotion based, and I think now she understands.

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      Autumn Valiant
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      I am currently watching episode 3 of season 1.

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      Marci Ansen
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      Hi DeLora. We’ve watched all but the final season/episode of Transparent (apparently it’s a single extended episode, done as a musical (yep!) and without Jeffrey Tambour (Maura) who has disgraced himself).

      I’d recommend you stick with it; the kids go on some amazing character arcs, and despite being obnoxious at times, what you are seeing is a dysfunctional family (in all their glory) that you come to love and care about.

      There’s some very moving episodes, some that will make you cry (well, they did us) as well as laugh.

      Creator Jill Soloway (whose dad’s transition at a late age was inspiration for the show, and who I think now regards herself as gender-fluid) really gets the whole sexual politics thing, covering trans, lesbian, gay and feminist politics/attitudes from just about every imaginable angle. Oh, and also lots on sex and gender and religion, and how they can interact.

      She’s determinedly trans/queer friendly; had a policy of employing as many trans/gender fluid people as possible, including actors, writers, directors, crew, etc. Yes, it’s often outrageous and gasp-inducing, but I never found it sensationalist or patronising or anything like that. Really it’s about being human and how messy and destructive (but also inspiring and uplifting) our relationships with each other can be.

      I thought the scenes in the 90s CD camp were interesting (and horrible) with this real misogyny apparent on the part so many of those attending. Probably a whole lot of internalised self-loathing/shame playing itself out there.

      I could go on (and on and on and ON) about this show, but I’d probably better stop now before I bore everyone.

      Actually, before I go, the final season we’ve seen (2nd to last, the very final one’s not available here in Oz yet (hurry UP Amazon!!)) is basically soundtracked by (the original) soundtrack to JC Superstar (the best one, with Ian Gillan, Yvonne Elliman, etc). Much of the season is set in Israel (so THAT’S interesting), but there’s some wonderful scenes of the whole family singing along to songs from JC Superstar. Brilliant.

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      Camryn Occasionnel
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      Hi, DeLora, since I have watched the first season of “Transparent,” I thought I’d just chip in my 2¢ worth, even though I’m hardly anything resembling a film critic, and I’m a lousy film analyst.

      I do agree with some of the sentiments expressed here. I, too, was disturbed by how obnoxious her kids are. The episode where Maura goes to that CD hideaway I found to be a bit disappointing. I also didn’t see any drag queen aspect to the show. And like DeLora says, it seems to portray the CD community as a bunch of misfit weirdos.

      I only watched the first season and a bit of the second, so I’m hoping Maura improves her femme presentation in later Seasons/episodes. I certainly have no room to criticize anyone, let alone a fellow CDer, but I felt with all the expert makeup artistry available in film production, Jeffrey Tambor could have been made to look a bit less… unkempt. I just feel that a genuine CDer, with the intention to trans, would take a bit more pride in her own appearance. But, what do I know, maybe that was the point.

      My favorite character was the lady Rabbi, who appeared to be a truly nice person who could’ve done a lot better than Josh. Also, Ali’s dalliance with that FtM trans man was for me just a tad over the top.

      I’ve presently suspended watching Transparent, but I am curious as to how it all turns out for Maura. So, maybe I’ll give the show another look someday.

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      Alexis “Lexi” Moon
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      I watched one episode and I just found it…upsetting. I think you’re right, it’s really about trans people, and what a rough road that is. And it does a great job of relating that. But as someone who’s more into this for the joy and the thrill, and I just couldn’t get into it. Obviously, not the intended audience…

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      Celeste Starre
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      Your post inspired me to finally start watching the show and I watched the episode you referred to last night. Overall I like the show and feel the transgender aspects of it are accurately portrayed. The CD event you referred to was I believe quite typical for the mid 90’s. I believe that particular one was 1994.


      I didn’t see a drag queen aspect to it. There was a party where the girls got dressed up and there was also more casual wear during the days. The anti transexual part of it would also be accurate especially if it was a Tri-Ess type event.


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      Gianna Bonita
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      DeLora, no, I haven’t seen Transparent but would like to. Any film or tv shows that represent the spectrum of trans people is welcome, even if they are skewed towards cliches of reality.
      In order for any visual entertainment to be financed and made it has to hit certain marks and overcome the hurdles of the marketing of that product. The safest way to get approval is to feed back to the public what they expect and therefore we end up getting the type of cookie cutter version of trans people.
      But then there is also the need to shock, thrill, achieve dramatic tension to excite the audience and also the reviewers. An over the top representation of drag queens is a staple that keeps getting pushed in the media. Nothing wrong with that but if it is out of context, then yes, it can have the negative consequences you mention.

      Just as cop shows always have a car chase scene with dangerous crazy driving and crashes, so I suspect we will continue to be fed a false version of  normal trans people. I have never seen a cop car chase in real life and nor have most cops. The fantasy of visual media creates an unreal world which in our case makes us out to be “freaky”.

      Truth be known, most of us are quite boring and very mundane and normal in our lives even though we are on the trans spectrum to a greater or lesser degree.

      Hopefully, in time, better scripts will be developed that more accurately represent us.

      Thankyou for your review which I found interesting and I was happy to read that your wife and you were able to openly chat about it.


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