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    Peggy Sue Williams
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    It occurred to me today, as I was assembling my female outfit for tomorrow, that I make most of my wardrobe choices based on my idea of how a female should look, in a particular situation.  I also admire the styles of certain women, and that influences my wardrobe choices.

    For example, tomorrow I will be shopping grocery stores, eating lunch at the food market, walking in the park, and browsing miscellaneous stores around Marietta Square.  Doing these type of activities, I believe a girl should look lady-like and present a definite female image, while still maintaining a casual look.   IMHO, too many women dress too casually today and make little to no effort to look pretty and attractive, in a lady-like way.  Thus, I create my ideal woman, by using myself as the model!  I must be doing something right, since I do get compliments from women, and men treat me like a lady.

    Feel free to comment what, if anything, influences your wardrobe choices?

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      Janice Doe
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      I tend to dress more conservatively with a nice dress, stockings, and a reasonable shoe if I were going out or meeting someone dressed.

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      Peggy Sue Williams
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      Yes, yes, Mary!  I grew up with the 50s/60s elegant styles, when well-dressed ladies would not leave their home, unless they had on their girdle, stockings, high heels, hat, gloves, dress, full make up, etc.

      I was fortunate back then when a few girls, and my mother, knew about my being a CD, and I got to dress sometimes.  I can recall wearing a prom gown at least twice, with the long white gloves, and high heels, girdle, bra, stockings, etc.  It was a thrill to step out in public, even briefly.  The girl across the street and her friend enjoyed dolling me up.


      Peggy Sue

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      Mary Ann Summers
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      I really loved the female movie stars of the 50s & 60s. So, I tend to look for clothing that has some of that flair. Not too over the top for shopping etc… I will go casual, but always add a touch of elegance to what ever I’m wearing..

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      Registered On: May 25, 2019
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      Surfing Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and other fashion and makeup blogs is fun on its own, it gets extra fun when I find ideas that might work for me!

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      Alison Anderson
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      For me the biggest influences are the weather and my calendar.  The weather helps me choose how short or long of a skirt I will wear, and whether I go bare legs, with pantyhose or stockings, or tights, as well as the length of the sleeve.  My calendar is because depending on whether I have to appear male on camera, or go somewhere, I might choose a different outfit.

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      Hi Peggy Sue, style wise I really like some of the “throwback” type stuff, stuff that’s not really vintage in look but puts you in that sort of mind – 50s 60s era.  It’s not really practical for me to wear very often tho.

      I’d say, the single biggest influence on my wardrobe choices is what I feel works the best on my body shape.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Peggy  everything we say and do influences our look for the situation at hand . As a girl that cant go out i try to be as womanly as possible when i dress as Stephanie .Trying to memic a few different styles my wife is so supportive she helps from time to time with dress choices or a skirt and blouse combo that works good together. She helps with clothing and not so much with makeup as she dosent wear much anymore so its allways me and she says i do a much better job than her anyway  and like the lovely Natasha i do a little naughty style just for fun my dont mind and my girly side needs this as not going out just Stephanie and her girlfriend (aka)my wife plays around as two girls having fun we help dress each other and i do her make up and mine and we enjoy the style of Naughty girls Haha  so thanks for post thinking about our girl fun was great

      Hugs Peggy

      from Stephanie

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      rebekka moore
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      great question!

      Women have the most influence on my style.  I see attractive women wearing something that looks great, that makes them attractive and I think, I’d love to (be able to) wear that!  So I’ll go after as much of that as I can!


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      Deborah Sullivan
      Registered On: February 27, 2020
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      Women on tv or magazines and catalogs show me what is current and fashionable. We all catch the eye of someone too in public that inspires us. I am careful not to overdress or underdress for where I am going and try to blend in

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      Patty Phose
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      For as long as I could remember I had a fascination with women’s legs in nylons and heels, so much so I wanted to wear those things. Fortunately with supportive female family members I was able to from the time I was 4.

      As I grew older and saw the wonderful things girls were wearing, I wanted all those things to. I wanted the short, pretty dresses, the stockings, the garters, the bras pretty panties and shoes. But the female family members support only went so far. I would look in department store catalogues, magazines or at at girls and so want to have wear those things.

      I began buying my own pantyhose a13, then bought my own shoes and short shorts at 17. At 18, I got my own place and began buying all the things I had wanted so much for so long. I loved wearing them and even after a long while got the nerve to go out.

      Then I saw Daisy Duke and my world was rocked. I wanted to look like her and be her. I was driven by would Daisy wear this? That’s pretty much been my style ever since.

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      Caty Ryan
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      1/. Weather.. It has to be late autumn through until early spring. Why?? cos as yet I have too much body hair and need to cover up.

      2/. Age and the above. I’m the wrong side of 70 and if I’m gunna go public its usually”mature lady heading for the mall. Sensible block heels, skirt, blouse and drop waist cardigan… (I dont have much of a rear and cant be bothered with hip pads…)

      3/. Doubt that even if I do get rid of the hair, I’d change too much. far too many winter clothes and my legs and arms are very “male”

      In private?? well that’s different… Classy cocktail wear/Mother of The Bride, full length evening gowns and when the mood strikes me, my period ballgowns. (See my public photos for proof)

      happy (whereever and whenever) dressing



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      Claire Jones
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      I like to use Pinterest and Lookastic for inspiration.

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      Hi Peggy Sue⚘

      I decide my outfit when I wake up. Check the day and weather then decide.

      I dress mostly nice.. all dolled up in full out en femme style. I dont ever have a issue being out.

      At least once a week I get dressed naughty style😊, but stay home for what I am usually wearing when dressed naughty I think I would be asked a question…. How much..?

      But for me it all depends on that day and weather.


      Natasha 💋💋


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      Wendy Swift
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      In my wardrobe, I have mostly blouses and skirts.

      My biggest influence is Janet Wood from Three’s Company.  That show is still one of my faves, and I really love Janet’s outfit in the later episodes, she would wear black pencil skirts with a thin gold belt, tops with ruffles (ok, that is pure 80s and not my style), and heels.  Despite the 80’s style blouses, I really liked that look.  Kinda like an office woman, professional.

      Fast forward to today, and that is how I base my look/outfit, office business woman type, minus the ruffle blouse and thin gold belt.

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