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      Let’s have some fun.
      We all have our favorites. So, what’s your favorite brand of Panties???

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      My prefer brand is Cacique from Lane Bryant.

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        My sister from another mister.  That’s my go-to brand, as well.  Which one is your favorite?  Personally, I love their extra soft panties.

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          Generally, I wear full briefs.  I am not sure of the style beyond that.  I have usually purchase my panties when they are on sale.

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      My favorite was for a long time was Best Fitting Panty’s but now my go to every morning is Hanes and Playtex…….

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      The only brand of panty I now have is Parade. I LOVE their panties, beautiful colors and so many styles but my favorites are the string thongs. They also have great bras too! And the best customer service I have ever seen. Once they sent me the wrong color and I really didn’t notice it but sent me an e-mail when they realized the mistake and sent me the right color free.


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      I’d say 99% of my panties (or lingerie in general) are from Lasenza.  It was for the longest time the only lingerie store in my area.  There is now a La Vie En Rose store but I’ve yet to shop there.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I’m partial to Felina hipsters but also like Hanky Panky.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      So far I have a dozen pair of Grankee thongs. I absolutely love them!


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      I selected “Other” because I really don’t go by brand names. If the panties look nice, feel comfortable and do the job of keeping the stuff contained, then I am happy with them.

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      I’ve chosen Victoria Secrets & others….meaning Fredericks of Hollywood.

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      I LOVE Thongs. Any and all.😍

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        Heard that, Girl. I too love me some thongs. Am in fact wearing a pair now.

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        Love Thongs as well. I do have a plethora of brands, styles and cuts. My one golden rule! My panties must, match my bra! Too me that’s commandment #1.

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          My closet is not that extensive. YET💋

        • #654096

          My closet is not that extensive. YET💋

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        Emperella makes really great thongs that are comfortable all day long.

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      I have to vote for Other So far I’ve only tried fit for me by fruit of the loom

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      i like grace satin panties but i normally wear swim bottoms they have a better fit bikini lab swim bottoms are amazing there made with nylon and elastane

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      I chose Other because the only underwear that really fit me are Hanes or Fruit of the loom.

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      My favorite panties are made by Wacoal. Unfortunately, they discontinued my favorite style, so I am looking for some new favorites. I also really like the satin panties from Katie and Laura.



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      My long time fave is vasserrette, but I believe it is now vanity fair (?).  By far both brands are comfy, and because they have raised edges you get some really nice vpl.

      Someone mentioned bikini bottoms as panties.  I bought 2 high cut bikini bottoms from amazon, and it feels amazing as panties.  Both the bikini bottom and the vanity fair hold my hip/butt pads in place quite well until I can secure them with tights and shapewear.

      The bikini bottoms have an even more pronounced edge, so you get even better wpl.

      I have 2 pairs from Katie and Laura. The fabric is incredibly light and it feels even better than the vanity fair ones.  But they aren’t strong enough to hold the hip/butt pads in place.  However, I can tell with the edges you still get wicked vpl.



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        Thanks for sharing. May I ask what does bol stand for? Thank you in advance. Amber Lynn. 🧡

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          did you mean vpl ?

          it stands for Visible Panty Lines.  Most girls would say vpl is a no no, but I absolutely love vpl.

          • #642698

            Thank you for clearing that up for me Wendy. 🤗💋

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      I wouldn’t say I have a constant favorite company brand of panties, more like a preferred at the time; because I’m always shopping around different stores and local store’s offerings are always changing.

      I chose Maidenform and Victoria’s Secret from the list; unfortunately these brands have been disappearing from my area. There are “Others” that have been my preferred: Rampage, Dominique, and Cacique. Lately, I’ve been split between Auden and No Boundaries.

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      well i see no one mentioned Dita Von Teese Lingerie and i really feel I should as it is my favorite brand right there in competition with VS…

      • #642731

        Dita Von Teese makes some very pretty 6-strap garter belts.

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      Katie & Laura’s fancy satin Panties.

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      Without a doubt my favorite brand is Vanity Fair. They fit me so well and come in many colors. I love the ones that have the lace on the sides. Hugs and kisses.

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      Cacique by Lane Bryant or Soma

      • #642775

        Katie And Laura fancy satin panties. They are the best, great customer service and exceptional quality.

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      Lane Bryant and victory secret but have to be nice fitting panties, something that looks and feels nice wearing, cotton silk satin, as long as they fit and feel good. not the type to feel manly feeling.

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      I prefer padded panties, as I focus on the look rather than feel when tucked. But I have a pair of VS that are seamless that come in handy.

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      I picked other.. My wife introduced me to Bali.whether bikini or hipster they’ve been my panty of choice ever since….

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      [quote quote=642561]Katie And Laura fancy satin panties[/quote]

      I also like JMS (just my size).

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      Warner’s and Third Love.

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      Rose Hill
      Duchess - Annual

      Maiden form and fruit of the loom, just bought 12 more pairs so I can get rid of all of my my drab one’s

    • #642895

      Warner’s lace waist hipster are my everyday go to panty.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Bali Skimp Scamp

    • #642922

      My Girlfriend told me to say, “La Perla.”  I’m not sure how many of you know of this brand but google it and see what they have to offer.  It will blow your mind!!  And not for the reason that you are thinking now.

      My favorite brand to HATE is Venus.  It seems that every time I get an email from them I add 2 or 3 more items to my wardrobe.  And that includes their lingerie.  I have about 15 bra and panty sets and 7 or so teddies.

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      Jaynee Laparte
      Duchess - Annual

      I voted “Other”. Cacique nylon-spandex in the hipster style.

    • #642978

      Bali Skimp Skamp Brief

      • #644965

        My fiancé really likes those and I have bought several pairs for her.

    • #643215

      Soma Vanishing Back High Leg briefs – I love having the lace on the back.

    • #643290

      I’m a Soma girl. I love their panties and bras. They have so many lovely colors and prints, and it’s easy to at least match colors if not patterns.

      I’ve always been a fan of nylon panties, too. Vanity Fair briefs feel so good when being pulled up over freshly shaven legs!


      • #650830

        I have been wanting to try going into a soma store to shop for a bra and panties. I like and prefer unlined underwire bras they have to have some stretch in the cup so they fit nice and must have that silky feel. I saw one pop up on my wife’s Facebook that looks like it might work.

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      K&L Fancy Satin Panties. Have always liked satin panties. The fit is to die for and are top quality. Customer service is excellent.

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      I don’t have a favorite, the only one on the list I have are a few from Jockey, most of mine are by Wacoal or B Tempted.

    • #643993

      Tommy John MicroRib

    • #644231

      I voted for Vanity Fair. Being an older crossdresser I started crossdressing wearing full cut silky nylon and acetate panties back in the 50’s and 60’s and still love wearing this style of panty.  Of course there were many other brands of panties over these years that I have worn but Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau panties are certainly a particular favorite of mine now.

    • #644254

      I really love Victoria’s Secret Boy shorts and Jockey no panty line promise panties

    • #644948

      Katie and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panties! My favorite is their ballerina panties and their new Pixie panties…simply the best!

    • #644967

      I know Katie and Laura claim to only make panties for women, but I feel certain that a vast portion of their customers are actually male 😁

      They are very nice panties!

      • #644969

        I think they know they have a large male customer base just by the way they have tips for men etc. Their point is that they do not make so called man panties  I like that true women’s panties fit me so well and feel so nice.

        • #645418

          What brand are you referring too that has a large male following?

    • #645175

      I am a Fruit-of-the-Loom girl for my everyday panties.

    • #645188

      Bali makes some very nice panties.

    • #645935

      Warner’s No Muffin Top High Cut Microfiber are my current go to panties. If I want something simple and cotton Hanes bikinis and hi-cuts. I’m a much bigger girl, these actually fit and the waistbands don’t roll over too much.

    • #646006

      Bali double support high cut for my everyday wear, so soft and comphy

      • #652274

        My absolute favorite is Katie & Lauras Fancy Satin Panties. I have several pair of all their kinds except string bikini. I cant afford enough of them.

        Bali double support hicut is a close second. They are both very comfortable and hold me easily. Mmm mmm M!

    • #646256

      Triumph! Top quality German brand available worldwide.

    • #646407

      Hi I would say 90% of my panties I have bought at Marks and Spencers  sometimes online but mostly in store ,they have so many styles and colours to choose from and on most occasions with a matching bra .

      Michelle xx

    • #646408

      Hanes, particularly high-cut briefs. Have other brands too. Aurora B.

    • #649459

      I can see I needed more brands lol

    • #650837
      Karla Rogers

      Cacique by Lane Bryant

    • #650851

      Hi Michelle
      Tend not to have a favourite brand and usually buy multipacks from Sainsburys and Asda ( was part of Walmart ) major Supermarkets in UK.
      Last couple of purchases have been multipack thongs from ASDA.

    • #651556

      Typically it’s a nice pair of high-waisted spandex briefs I like the way they hold everything in place as far as the brand I don’t really have one it’s just whoever has what I’m looking for at that time

    • #652046

      I love Jockey No Panty Line Promise.  So comfy, soft, stretchy and super cute!!

    • #652132

      I found some cheap lace panties from Amazon (Chinese, obv) that are a great fit, so I’ve stuck with those for a while but I’m now playing pot luck with some more quality (pricey) orders online. Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s delivery…

    • #652138

      I love Vanity Fair bikinis! They’re cute, soft, feminine, and really comfortable! I wear them every single day as I don’t own any men’s underwear at all now.

      • #652902

        Vanity Fair are great panties. Lots of styles and the comfort is great

    • #652146

      Being a Brit,i tend to go for an obscure online shop Called Yours In England!
      They are great VFM and have big Sizes and different styles and Colours!
      My Faves however are Lacey ones as they go well with Garter Belts and Fishnet Pantyhose!

    • #652517

      I am not especially hung up on any particular brand: as the years have passed, I have become a more regular wearer (and purchaser) of panties and therefore, like most women, I have also begun to study the financial cost as a percentage/component of my total expenditure.
      The most important factors for me (other than cost) have subsequently become material, style, cut – maybe durability (and perhaps colours).
      Nevertheless, I will concede that over the years, certain brands have impressed me more than others in terms of all the factors I have listed – other than cost.
      Two that stand out are TRIUMPH and PLAYTEX.
      Love, Katherine

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      Dana Grey

      I really like the Bali Double Support panties. Comfortable and I love the satin material.

      • #659403

        I just bought some bali

    • #659404

      I seem to recall that Secrets in Lace, while not a brand as such, had a very amusing selection.


    • #659426

      Olga for special times. Emperella thongs,surprisingly Fruit of the Loom has real nice microfiber ones.

    • #659477

      My main go-to panties are Cacique from Lane Bryant.  Full briefs dominate that brand, although I do have some thongs and G-strings from them, as well.  Wearing their extra soft thong in Raspberry as I type this.

    • #659540

      I voted VS and other. VS, because they (besides Frederick’s of Hollywood) were the quintessential panties of my fantasies growing up (my pantasies?). I have several pairs of VS (some that my wife was getting rid of, but were still in relatively good condition and some that I bought in person, under a pretense around Valentine’s Day). But my go-to brand has become Warner’s. I’ve purchased many in-store at Kohl’s at all times of the year. Who cares if they think I’m buying them for myself?

      Then there are several other miscellaneous brands in my collection.

      I’d say bikini briefs and hipsters are my favorite styles. And always nylon. Never cotton (not silky enough) and never microfiber (too stretchy).

    • #659607

      comfort choice underwear, I wear a size 12 Full-Cut Brief, normally I order thru Walmart, but have also order from women within

    • #659643

      If I had more money I’d be keeping the What Katie Did company afloat. I’m a retro fifties girl. x

    • #659649

      It’s a Thai brand called Sabina. All their stuff is well-made and super cute/feminine.

      • #663798

        I will have to check them out

    • #663838

      I love the styles and fit from Por Moi. I also like Triumph and Leading Lady makes some super comfy briefs.

    • #665374

      Surprised Calvin Klein didn’t get more Votes. I love the fit

    • #669273

      I buy most of my panties from xdress.com.  They fit great and have some beautiful prints.  Almost all of my panties are thongs (although I do have some cheeky and hipster styles) and xdress’s fit perfectly.  They are expensive so I think I will branch out to some of the other brands in the comments.

    • #669281

      Dear Michelle,

      My favorites are Bali, Maidenform and BeWicked.


      • #669307

        Maiden Form Devotion bikinis are my fav!!!

    • #669289

      I love the selections and styles from Cacique from Lane Bryant. They are my go to brand!

    • #669298

      I mostly buy Auden from Target when they have them. A few VS ones as well.

      • #669304

        I have a few pairs of Auden and like them as well.

    • #669460

      I prefer Elomi.

    • #669464

      I usually buy whatever I find on sale at Walmart or Target. I also like ordering online from lingerie websites.

    • #669642
      Jenny JT

      I used to always wear Hanes Satin briefs but they stopped making them, for quite some time now I have been wearing satin briefs from Barbara as well as some satin boyshorts as well. I keep looking for some nice nylon briefs that don’t have a lot of lace edging I know they are covered at work but strait edging is less obvious if ever somehow seen at work. I know it a ridiculous thing as I wear pantyhose every day as well but I just am not a lacy panty girl.

      Thanks for reading

      • #670051

        Try Vanity Fair Illuminations. I will love them.

    • #670054

      Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau & Perfectly Yours Ravissant full cut brief nylon panties are the only kind I wear. Very comfortable and a classic look.

    • #670992
      Eve Jones

      In the Other category too – Lane Bryant’s Cacique. Torrid and Ashley Stewart – all depends who has the prettier patterns…

    • #671002

      Mine are in the other category!

      I’ve been wearing myEllen Tracy high cut micro fiber briefs for years and years now in a size small. The only place I can find them now is on line at Amazon Prime.

      My favorite two colors are black and nude.

      when at the gym wearing leggings, I usually have a black or nude Grankee thong on underneath my black or nude Ellen Traceys for a sexier feel under my leggings while working out!

      I also like the micro fiber high cut Victoria’s Secret hip huggers as well in every color the make them in.

      XOXO Scarlett 💋

      • #672032

        Try Maiden for they are great panties too. FYI… You are so pretty and awesome. I love your pics!!!

    • #676682

      Maiden Form are the perfect panty!!!

    • #676978

      Maidenform are great. All my bras are Maidenform. But most of my panties are Katie and Laura.

    • #679942

      My other that’s not listed is Katie and Laura’s fancy satin panties

      • #679967

        I keep seeing Katie and Laura panties. I am going to have to try them. Thanks for the comment


        • #680326

          You’re welcome ^_^. Despite the prices on their website you won’t regret it. Xdress actually makes great panties too.

    • #680564

      Lu Lu lemon feel and fit amazing…

      My ex-wife let me buy all her panties.. basically I was buying for both of us…

      I wore all styles, bikini, brief, thong and tangas..


      On weekends in morning we would shower… I would then find panties on the bed for me… we would clean and cook in matching styles or colors.. sometimes I picked sometimes she did..


      Victorias secret is good for matching sets and special nights… SHe would go there if we had fancy dinner night.  SHe would bring home super sexy panties for us both.


      She helped create JODI.

      • #692317

        I just bought my first LuLu leggings, Sports bras, and panties. I love the feel of the leggings and top but not so much the panties.

    • #692420

      Comfort Choice from One Stop Plus (Lane Bryant) are my main supply. I’ve gotten a few from Torrid but I like the Comfort Choice fit better.

    • #692426

      Hi everyone
      Fruit of the Loom bikini panties 100% cotton. The came in 6 pack multi color so now have 12 pairs in my drawer along with a couple of frilly pairs and threw out all my male underwear. No use for them anymore and beside panties are far more soft and comfortable even under man clothes

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