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      I’m in the process of losing weight but want to look better.  I need to lose 30-40 lbs so in the meantime I want to have a better looking figure.  I don’t think spanx like control will cut it so I’m looking at a high waisted Rago girdle 6210 or do I maybe go corset.  What has everyone used and what do you like?



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      You are correct Spanx and most of the current shape wear does very little to actually control anything.

      When I dress I use a boned waist cincher to shape my mid section and it works pretty well holding everything in nicely. Rago makes girdles that are good and firm too. If you really want control get a corset. I have one and it really does the job but I can hardly bend in it. There are also waist trainers that wrap around your mid section and are easily adjustable.

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        Arn’t we forgetting how we can intrigue as we let someone un-wrap  Does that need a hyphon?

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      I was brought up with girdles, so these days I wear a Rago (6201 panty or 1294 open), usually with a lightweight brief underneath for that extra control (Playtex 4261). Spanx and similar might be ok for a smooth outline, but they don’t really control like an old style girdle. I only ever tried a corset once – never again!

      I also combine this with a Triumph “Doreen” long line bra to get that all-in-one effect.

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      Corsets work best to define a shape but are restricting in movement at times. Boned waist trainers help too. I have not found girdles to help much. I do wear an under bust torsett to smooth out some bulges when wearing a sweater or sweater dress. Plus it pushes up and makes my breasts seem a little larger.


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      Thanks for responding.  I’m intrigues by waist training.  I’m going to look more into it.   Also question for you…are u able to lace yourself with your waist cincher?  The one thing with a corset is being able to do that .


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        Hi Carole.

        Yep do a search for waist trainers as there are many types form mild to severe control. The ones I’ve seen aren’t boned like a waist cincher or corset.

        Yes, I can lace up my waist cincher and corset very tightly using the door knob or bed post method. It gets easier to do the more you do it. I’ve tightened up my corset to where I could hardly breath but it gave me a nice figure… suffering for fashion… lol

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        Or having someone to help…

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      This sounds spectacularly uncomfortable. I often wear spanx like items and they seem to help me. I need to lose more like 50 lbs and once I accomplish that I may look into a corset or wait trainer, but for now, I don’t see that happening. I am willing to suffer for the cause, but only if I feel like it’s really going to be effective. It all sounds interesting though, and I’d love to see some of your photos with and without such support items.

      Delicate hugs,

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Carol,

      I got a long line slimmer and push up from It definitely does slim you a bit.
      You don’t want to be in it for a long time though. It is restricting, and it makes you sweat due to a latex layer inside. Winter is a good time to try this type of shape ware for sure!

      There are other corsets that are called waspies that I was curious about, but never got around to trying. They look like they could be even less comfortable though.

      Good luck in you search,


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      I’ve worn a corset, and while it’s not as uncomfortable as you may think, I wouldn’t want to wear one all day.

      I’d go for a corselette – it holds everything in, and it feels sooo nice.


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      As for foundation/shapewear, I’ve tried on a plethora of them.   I started with the usual spanx type – high waist, long leg, to body shapers, waist shapers, and of late I’ve settled on wear your own bra torsettes/singlets.

      2 of my fave go to brands are Maidenform and Naomi and Nicole.  However, they only smooth, they don’t suck in anything extra.  I bought some torsettes off of aliexpress, and I made sure I followed the size guide.  Even at 3XL, these torsettes really “suck” in the extras off the sides, however, it is also so uncomfortable it makes it somewhat hard to breathe.

      Another bonus I’ve migrated to torsettes is most of them have a bathroom hole, making it easier when nature calls.

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      My favorite go to girdles are Bali high wisted long leg girdles and Glamorize long line bras.I also have ,from all places,Walmart high waist Cupid shapers.Yesterday I visited a lingerie shop and much to my surprise I found a strapless long line torselet that is very comfortable and two longline bras that are very nice and fit well.I arrived at this shop dressed as Michelle and had a very pleasant time trying on different foundation garments,all this with the interaction of one of the sales associates.I also have two of Rhonda Shears girdles I bought on HSN and two padded panties from Love My Bubbles,and that was a very fun expierence interacting with the ladies from Love My Bubbles.Sorry this has rambled as long as it has,Please have fun shopping and be the best part time lady you can be. Hugs,Michelle.

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        Oh girl, keep rambling – had forotten about girdles.  Now, I haven’t – thank you girls for this forum.  I’ll be back…

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          Thank you Michelle, for this memory lane – visited on ebay, and won something black, and vintage of M&S, with two bids outstanding ; one very pretty and pink, the other long legged and black,,, Toodle

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            The first Ebay win didn’t quite work, though it enticed, but the second win it sits there, a lace enpanelled – ludicriously pink and sweet smelling – so sheer panty girdle, unworn.

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          Had forgotten, a floral patterned panty girdle was where this started. Thank you girls for the memory. Just to add to that memory, Nicola scored for fifteen quid off Ebay, soon after this entry. an absolutely equisite vintage pink panty girdle – susi tabs way up there.

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      I’m so thankful I don’t have to wear uncomfortable foundation garments. I’m very petite at 5’3″ and 110lb. I prefer wearing lose fitting dresses and as long as I wear a bra and breast forms I have had no problems being looked at as a feminine girl.

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        So jealous

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          Needn’t be, I’ve peeked at your photos… lovely.  The svelte can be unkind as well as stupid.  They’ll never fill anything out, gorgeously…

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      Amy Myers

      I am also with those girls who have tried a lot of things. My weight is normal for my height and build and am in fair shape, however I do have very narrow hips and need some padding. I have tried various waist trainers etc to pull my waist in a bit to get a bit better hip/waist ratio. My problem is they always seem to leave unsightly bulges.

      Then too many layers get rather uncomfortable. I have yet to buy any Spanx or similar smoothing items. The one thing I have is Rago corsette and that helps smooth things out with hip pads etc., but gets complicated going to the washroom. Not so much getting undressed, but putting myself together again so everything is right in a tiny cubicle.


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      Peta Mari

      spanx is best for creating smooth lines. But not so much for holding everything in any great detail.

      I find spanx uncomfortable. And hot. I created some hip pads from a large exercise noodle. I love the hip effects, but it leaves my toosh flat.


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      This is a great thread. Had to revive it.

      On tying a corset tight: Put the strings around a doorknob, and walk away. Trust me, it will get more than tight enough. Just Make sure you don’t break the corset, or yourself.

      As for body shaping:

      Compression shape wear only shapes the clothes we’re wearing. To put it bluntly, it will smooth out muffin tops, but the muffin will still be there.

      Corsets with steel bones are the only thing I’ve been able to find that will bring in my waist. They will squeeze belly fat out of the way. Make sure they have strong strings and strong eye sockets for tightening. The one I have looks like shoe string. They come in different shapes, and which one is best varies. I recommend avoiding ones that go low, because they’re flared out for hips we probably don’t have. Then you have a new problem to deal with.

      I’ve had the best results from a corset that only goes around my waist. When I have my corset on real tight, my fat and skin does the muffin top thing. More pronounced in the back. The tighter I get it, the smaller the waist, but also the more uncomfortable it is. The longer I wear it, the more uncomfortable it becomes as well. Usually I have to loosen it after 2 or 3 hours.

      Another downside to wearing a corset is that the back of it can be seen thru your clothes. I found if I tuck in the slack strings and wear a body shaper over it, it’s not nearly as obvious.

      And finally, the only way to really reduce our waist size is losing weight. Which we all know doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve been up and down in weight my whole life. I know how easy it is to put on, and how hard it is to lose it. I would recommend anyone trying to lose weight to stop eating before bed. The longer you go without food before bed, the less calories will be converted into fat. And take a break a break from drinking. When I have even one drink my body seems to refuse to lose weight. So frustrating.

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        Connie Wittnee
        Baroness - Annual

        Victoria, your profile picture is .. your
        name, just fantastically Femme! Your reply is full of specific and practical tips. Thank you.🌹

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      I think I will chime in. I like to use PLANET PEPPER PADS 2-inch hip & butt pad short. Called Astro-booty. I also have dd breast-forms. With a waist trainer I get a little bit more feminine figure.

      Best wishes

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      I wear a Rago 6109 which does suck me in, but results in a muffin top, so I need a long line bra to deal with that and I also have an Anita Coreslette that although they claim it is extra firm control it is no wear near the rago, but does pull me in and smooth me a little and is very comfortable to wear.

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      First, I’m no expert. Just my limited experiences. And I’m a bigger gurl. Wish I wasn’t but I am working on it. I have a full Spanx. I like it but I like the snug feeling (I really miss hugs and intimacy, sigh…). It doesn’t do a lot. But then again, it’s basically just elastic. Depending on the size of your midriff (how’s that for a polite term?) you most likely need boning in whatever shape wear.

      I’ve been dying to talk about one of my latest purchases so here goes. I found a corset that seemed to be close enough in size plus it has a lot of expansion as well. In fact just enough expansion, <g>. OMG it’s wonderful. I love it. But like others have said it is restrictive. This one goes to under the bust to the just north of my hips. I have moobs, big moobs. But with the corset WOW! I know YMMV. This is a vintage Rego (yes rego) NOS. Still had a price/size label attached with a straight pin! LOL. I love it and I have to say it has motivated me to get more involved in my diet. (Just an aside, this year my prescription plan decided to not allow the medicine I had been taking that was truly helping me lose weight. I’ve been low carb for 3-4 years now and I had reached a plateau.)

      One other thing. I would not recommend getting an overbust corset. The chances of the band size & cup size matching the rest of you (if you are bigger) are probably way off. If I got an overbust corset to match the rest of me – I would need two volleyballs to fill the top part. Just sayin’.

      I don’t intend this to be a thread hijack. Just wanted to give you an option and an opinion.

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      Karla Rogers

      I purchased a Rago 9057 full body briefer. It does a great job sucking everything in. My wife said it made a big difference, especially if I want to wear shorts or jeans. It keeps the dangly bits snugged up since I don’t like to tuck.

      The big problem I found with it is the crotch area. It can be tricky to open and then close during bathroom breaks. I attached a bra extender which made it easier but still proves to be somewhat difficult and time consuming getting all the hooks lined up. Maybe I’m just not limber enough LOL

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      This is a great question and one I have been looking into for awhile. I use spank with a corset. I find the spans eliminate the muffin top that an underbust corset causes. Recently I read an article on Rago girdles and in the article it was suggested a long line bra and a long line girdle. No muffin top and double the waist support. Not to mention easier for when nature calls over a one piece girdle. I am hoping to make the purchase soon!!! Hope this helps Carole!!!!!

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        I agree with the girdle/corset and longline bra. And wow what a push up. Loved it.

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      I got a cincher from Torrid that I really like and should wear more often. I have an epigastric hernia and it’s very comfortable for hold in that regard as well as for my figure. I just need to get used to it.

      I also have a lace-up, zip-front corset. I’d like to get some more foundation garments but will wait until my weight loss journey is nearer completion.

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      So I guess I’ve gone all-in on corsets now. Corset Story was having a 6-for-1 sale, so I have several waist trainer corsets, all but 2 are underbust corsets. They’re a bit fussy to start with, but I really like the support, and the instant waistline. I like that they can be worn over or under clothes depending on the look I’m going for, but the support is where it’s at for me. My back is a mess, issues in every zone of my spine, so back pain is just a fact of life, but the support I get from wearing a corset is a real game changer. I get support, it enforces good posture, and I get an hourglass figure. Still working up to all day wear, and trying to season 6 corsets at once is just impossible, but I really like them so far. Bonus: they all have garter tabs 🙂

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      Rago longline bra & high waist girdles are my default shapewear. I missed on sizing with my online corset, will try again. As a young CD, I loved the images of an All-in-one LLPG. Unfortunately,at 5’7″,my Rago AIO, the bra lands below my bust 🙁 Any suggestion on a long torso AIO?

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      When I started buying my own women’s clothes in late 2015, I avoided foundation/shapewear pieces. The Spanx that I’d heard about were “power” pantyhose, which I was not a fan of, and ridiculously expensive. I’ve never liked the look and feel of girdles, because of the thicker material and the more visible stitching and seams. Lastly, I wouldn’t even want to attempt to fight with a corset.

      Where as my six foot and 170s pound range male frame makes me a plus sized “gurl”, I knew I’d want/need “help” to achieve a better feminine figure for my 2020 photoshoot. I found a Maidenform Flexees Shapes Waist Trainer firm control (W0452). It looks like a “tube top”; it is seamless and made of smooth “cool” spandex. Have a look at the photo “Brittney’s vision” on my Public Photo Page for the results.

      This year I’ve been focusing on “shapewear” a bit more. In the past few months I’ve bought 2 Cupid Shape It Up Waistline Shortie firm control (5408), this is a “butt” lifter, and 2 Maidenform Flexees Shapes Waist Trainer firm control (W82006).

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      Petra Sue

      I’m a bigger gal and carry most of my weight around the middle.  Sometimes if I’m just home I don’t wear anything to control it.  Sometimes I go with spanx just to smooth things out a little.  If I’m really trying to create a more feminine figure, I go with a corset.  I’ve got one on in all of my photos.  They are restricting, but I like what they do for my posture.

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