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      online catherines amazon ebay woman within roamans etsy posh pinterest are a few sites i use

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      After trying several other places for my bras and panties, I’m down to two: Kohl’s and Amazon. And I stay with the labels I know will be comfortable and fit properly.

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        You are so dang practical Bettylou.  Love you and love my Kohl’s Cash.

        Best, Clara

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          Thank you, Clara….and that Kohl’s cash just keeps bringing me back again, and again, and…. well, you know what I mean.


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      99%  : Secrets in Lace, 1% : What Katie Did

      Dr. T.J.

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      Do you understand how to use polls?  You should give choices like specific stores or websites.   I do my intimate shopping on

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        I love wish beautiful pictures and a wonderful description

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      Kohl’s the clearance rack, Target, and Walmart. I’d love to shop enfemme but dear Gawd $30 for a pair of panties, I can’t do it.

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      I enjoy shopping at Macy’s, in store and on line. Go on a Tuesday  or Thursday when it is snowing and you can have the whole store to yourself   ;-).

      I also have started shopping at goodwill. I have found some high heels that fit and are comfortable! I also got a pencil skirt and a really cute blouse. All for about $12.

      I also like the outlet malls  Jockey store and The Leggs Hanes Bali store. Lots of fun

      Happy Shopping,

      Edmund Dauntes

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        Edmund…Macy’s my go to store for panties, cami’s, and pantyhose especially when they are on sale

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      Amazon but bra and panties from Renee’s in London.

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        Thank you

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      Online I like Yandy for really sexy lingerie outfits if it is on sale. I have also found things on Amazon and Ebay. Most of my panties come from Walmart and I just love the silky No Boundaries brand.  I have also  found some really nice things at Goodwill and other thrift stores.

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      Wish was recommended by a cis woman co-worker. I love the lingerie and sleepwear from Adore Me dot com. I also shop en femme at Boscov’s department store for hosiery and Alfred Dunner styles. It’s like Macy’s but less expensive. One can also try things on there. Once in a while I will stop at Goodwill to check out possible new arrivals.

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      Online, I go through Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Torrid Cato’s mostly.  For in person shopping, Goodwill and some of the local thrift shops, Plato’s Closet (resale and overstock), Kohl’s, Target, Torrid, Cato’s Maurice’s, Lane Bryant, Penney’s, Burke’s (another overstock seller).


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      Basically, I will buy from anyone I come across that sells pretty things….on line or in person, I’m always browsing and window shopping….

      Grace xx

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I do almost all my lingerie shopping online at Amazon and Herroom.

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      I do Amazon, Ebay, Glamour Boutique and few here and there places. In person and on line I like to go to the Bay.

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      Hello Deanna,                         First I like to say that you have got the poll choises  wrong.  I buy most of my undies from Matalan or Primarks [here in the UK]. Have bought some from Asda, M&S & Amazon.

      love,   Helenmarie

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      Amazon, Victoria’s Secret and Fantasy House.

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      Usually Department stores in the past but have done online the past few years but my favorite places now are Thrift Stores as I love slips and nighties being an older crossdresser.

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      Sure, I get it, it looks like the poll wasn’t set up correctly. But actually it’s exactly right, and the votes are there to prove it. “Where do you do your lingerie shopping?” Unanimously an emphatic yes. “Yes!”, to lingerie shopping! : )
      Well done Deanna.

      Best, Clara

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      I do most of my lingerie shopping at either Macys or Bare Necessities. I have also bought some pretty satin panties at Katie & Laura’s web site.

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      I enjoy Sak’s, Dillard’s, and En Femme.


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      Sherri Cisneros

      Herroom, Bare Necessities, Macy’s

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      Like pretty little thing, VS, Wicked temptation, Macy But really my favorite is still VS know they kinda over price but the sales people at my local shop go out their way to help me even give great suggestion.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      Felina, Herroom and Bare Necessities are my favorites.

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      Tesco, 4 pairs of large bloomers for £5.00. Excelent value.

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      Locally owned store, Dillard’s, Macy’s

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      I really have four sites or stores that I shop for my lingerie. In person, Kohl’s and Macy’s. Online, I love shopping at and You can never have enough lingerie.


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      Well I am not a fan of online shopping. So I tend to stay away from it. I like to use cash only, the best way to control spending. I rather shop in person and when I go to the big city. Furthermore, I tend to buy higher end overpriced stuff. Like shopping at Victoria’s Secret, Soma, Hot Topic, Torrid, Christen & Banks, Rue 21, Buckle 8, Lane Bryant, Kohl’s, JC Penny’s and a few more.

      Now I do a little mail order catalogs to but not many. Like the names of Venus and all the Full Beauty brands they offer. I never used their online sites. I still the forms in the book and use money orders.

      Plus I shop in the second hand stores like Goodwill and such. I come them store like mad looking for name brand and vintage clothing.

      Now I tend to use the internet to shop, but that mostly window shopping. I can not lie I have used eBay and Poshmark, but that is for the really hard to find items that I want to add to my vintage collection.

      So any of you gals have some real vintage clothing from the 1920s-1950s (male or female), let me know. I just might make you an offer.


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        Im a great one for a bargain? So ebay as you get the most amazing vintage knickers and lingerie for a snip of a price plus I love to use amazon as they are so quick as one minute you can be thinking wow id look amazing in that then in a couple of days I am looking amazing in it 😀

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      My favorite is Victoria’s Secret and a close second is.Forever 21. Both of these have so many choices to choose from. Macy’s is also a good place to find lingerie but sadly they aren’t as many Macy’s as there used to be. My local Penny’s has a great lingerie section that I have used on occasion to get fitted for a bra that fits me properly. Wearing a ill fitted bra frustrates me especially after wearing a properly fitted bra that looks and supports my breasts like its supposed to Any girl that wears a properly fitted bra knows what I mean. It’s just one thing that you don’t have to worry about when you are dressed en femme.

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      Macy’s girl here too along with Kohl ,Amazon , forever 21, Torrid, Shein and of course thrift shops on occasion but mostly for outer clothing

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      Many moons ago it used to be Doreens in Old Street, then M&S or BHS wherever I could steal myself away. Sadly those shops closed down or are out of bounds due to Covid so Amazon or E-bay has taken top spot. Amazon is good as you can get delivered to a Post Office or locker so there is no explaining or out and out fibbing to inquisitive and suspicious SO’s.

      Ebay is a bit more of a challenge as it has to be a military style mission to listen out for the postie, intercept him at the gate or catch the items before they hit the floor from the letterbox and any explaining has to be done. Amazing how sexy lingerie turns into plumbing or electrical items once it passes through our letter box! Must be some kind of alternate universe gateway.

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      I love love love love Freds of Hollywood. I love their stuff so much, I would give anything to be a lingerie model for them. Well, maybe in another lifetime 🙁

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      Used to be from a Canadian plus-size retailer Addition Elle, but they closed their stores just after lockdown here. They are now sold from their sister store Penningtons but I have not shopped for any well before the pandemic hit Canada.

      They had some beautiful sets that I would look at online hoping that they could go on-sale of clearance so I could afford them.


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      I try and buy local to support small businesses that have struggled because of COVID-19 for special lacy items.

      I find great buys at The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

      Walmart for everyday wear bra and panties.

      I would want to try Secrets and Lace and thinking of putting in a subscription to Knotty Knickers. Just what I need 3 panties delivered monthly…lol



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      On line, Walmart, Target. From what I have read Target is very friendly with us girls.

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        Haven’t been to Target in a while.  But I remember the first time I did.  It was such a thrill to find that  all of the “good” panties were kept in those little drawers.  It was such a deliberate act, opening each one to see the treasures hidden away.  It was something you can’t fake. Like, “oh my, I didn’t know there were panties in here!” Anyone in the area would just HAVE to know, “ this guy’s buying himself some panties.” What great marketing to display the intimates that way. Pretty special  feeling. >sigh<

        Of course,Target’s self checkout always seemed like a plus.  Now, I don’t think twice about it and I prefer checking out with a real live person.  I also think it helps people remain employed if we don’t use the self checkout. : )



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          i typically use the self checkout specialty while in drab shopping for Mindy. I’ll hide the panties and such under other things in my cart. I have gone through the regular checkout a time or 2 when buying panties the person running the register didn’t even raise an eyebrow. I have gone shopping in Walmart as Mindy, bought a pretty bra and a fist full of panties. Didn’t hide them in my cart that time i proudly placed them up top in plain sight so everyone would see the floral bra.

          I came into work today as Mindy. Had to do a drive by and find a secluded parking lot to change in because I saw our FCO’s car parked out front of the office. Planning on a trip to Walmart for groceries this evening in Mindy mode after I leave the office. I’m going to have to stop by Target now to see what cute panties I can find in their drawers.

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      i usually go to la vie en rose’ or my top drawer but just for panties walmart, Hane’s high cut bikini briefs, in cotton, this girls gitch of choice

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      For me its Amazon, Kohls and Victoria Secrets. Amazon is nice because I can pick several I like and if I dont like it or it doesnt fit I can send it back.


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      Victoria’s Secret online and shops too. Now we are able to travel again and I must visit shop if there is a one. In Europe the best was London Bond Street, but they have closed 2 floors and FLL is not anymore available. Glad that they opened standard line shop in Stockholm.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Amazon, Macys, Kohls

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      Denise Little
      Duchess - Annual

      Her Room website. Wide selection and they cater to crossdressers with with a section called lingerie for men that can be found under the site map. They have an affiliate site called his room and packaging carries both names.

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        Caty Ryan

        Even as far away as “OZ”, I second the Her Room motion. Only a few pieces, but the majority of my lingerie is a real mixture of local on line and personal shopping. (Still loving the experience of a personalized  in store en femme  bra fitting last Australian winter. Gunna do two more this winter at two more lingerie shops whom are CD Friendly). I have too many bras already, so I will donate my purchases to places like homeless women shelters etc

        Happy (lingerie) dressing




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      Ebay. Goodwill.

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      Great question!

      My first go to is Torrid, I am hooked on their bras (no pun intended!).  Good selection of other lingerie.

      I did buy my first tights from Les Belles.  I love them!!  They have lots of styles, deniers and colors.  And the fit is awesome!!

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      I use the word undergarments honey for the items I wear under my female clothing. I use Amazon for tights, pantyhose, tucking gaff g string thongs, regular bra’s and strapless bra’s. I use Summer Salt for sleep bra’s. I use Walmart for panties.

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      Since this has popped back up I figured I would update my shop’s. For panties I adore KL brands. Katie and Laura. Very nice. I wear them everyday.



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      Most of my lingerie I have bought from Amazon, god quality and selection, plus easy return policy if necessary

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      Oddly it seems like I am a Target girl when it comes to lingerie.

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        There is a Target quite close to where we live and I get the impression that they have greatly expanded their lingerie sections in the last few years. I do like going through the women’s sale racks.

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      Hello Ladies,

      I’ve boughten panties, a very nice, padded bra, as well as some small breast forms, from Victorea’s Secret.  All of which are very nice. The bra however, is a bit too small for me – I love it anyways!

      I would like to purchase a bra that fits, correctly. Could one of you ladies please give me some help or suggest a website that you would recommend?



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        I can certainly give you help fitting a bra, dear. I’ve fitted bras for three wives, various girlfriends and, of course, myself. Message me, dear. I’d love to help.

        • #721600

          Hi Samantha and thanks for the response!  I did buy a bra online this past Saturday, it’s arriving this Saturday.  I used an online site to figure out the band and the cup size – I’m hoping it it’s everything I’m looking for!  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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        For sale prices on lingerie I have found that Macy’s website is hard to beat. VS does not carry my size (40B) although I have picked up a few bralettes from Victorias Secret as well as panties and fragrances..

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      I like to shop at Lane Bryant and the local Hanes outlet store for all my lingerie needs.

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        When our daughter was in college and we were visiting we would stop at an outlet mall on the way back home. The outlet mall had a Hanes store as well as Jockey and Lane Bryant. I loved those trips.

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      I have shopped mostly on line with sales at Macy’s , JCP, Vicky Secret, and amazon. Sometimes i pick up the order en femme at the store.

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      I get most of my lingerie…..bras, panties, thongs, etc. at Amazon. They also have a good collection of pantyhose and tights.  I’ve also had good luck finding some nice matching bras and panties at Walmart.

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      I’ll get mine wherever I see something I like, be that online or in a high street shop.

      I will use Ebay or Amazon to try and find things that I can’t find in shops, but there is something very gratifying about buying lingerie in person. It’s nice to be able to see up close and feel the garments before buying.

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      EBay has been brilliant but I’ve just ordered one from a high street store for home delivery.

      It is a Triumph Amourette padded bra in 38AA which should fit just right but not leave me looking over-endowed. I am SO excited…

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