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    Jessica Charms
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    So I’m sure a few of us were asked once or twice who our inspiration comes from. And yeah it’s was to say one name cause they are pretty or another cause they do something else, but who really inspires our woman selves?

    For me it’s really three different women. My mom for starts, she raised me, took care of me and was there for me. She became a friend when I needed one, protected me if I was in danger and scolded me if I did wrong. She inspires a lot of me, the kinder sweeter side I want the world to see and the tough side that won’t hesitate for a moment to protect.

    The next is Penny Underbust (she does have another name, but I only know her from her videos). She’s kind, out there, and has the confidence I could only wish for. She’s not perfect by any means, and she even admits her flaws. She can get upset and cry, but is still strong enough to show it to everyone.

    Finally there’s Keisha Evans. She inspires me because she showed that even if you modify yourself, you’re not defined by that. She’s very smart, and caring. Sure her boobs are huge, but they don’t define her, she does.

    So who Inspires you?

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      Paula F
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      My earliest attempts at being Paula were usually trying g to emulate my sister.  We were what would eventually be called ‘latchkey kids’.  It was her clothes that she let me wear for the Barbie group, and would let me dress when it was just us playing also, so I wanted to be as much like her as I could.  At that age, mom was mom, important in a lot of ways, but I didn’t see her as anything but.

      As I aged up, I began to see and notice more and more of her personality.  I started to realize that I was more like her than I was to my sister.

      She was a very Independent woman who took no guff from anyone.  A hard worker who spent very little time unemployed, and took as good care of us as she could, which was pretty good for a single mom in the 60’s and 70’s.  One of the facets to her was that she was “a cool babe” as well as our mom.

      She was and will always be my biggest inspiration though she left us way too early 30 years ago.  Maybe she is still here though, my oldest niece could almost be her twin, from a baby up to today, the resemblance is almost spooky.


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      Eva Kelly
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      I agree, great question. Lately, I have been reading books by authors who inspire me. The books are non-fiction about the lives of people who have transitioned. A couple of the authors are Janet Mock, Karen Lyra and Amber Rose Washington.

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      Regi Kelly
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      I have to say the girls on here, some especially, who I have already told, and Regi, myself?
      Hugs, Regi👸💕

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Inspired me?  Hmm,  I don’t think there was a woman who specifically inspired me as such.  Most of my inspiration – or more appropriately my strength – to finally “let it out” came from a fellow trans I met last year.  Little do many of us realize how much of an impact we can make by just being ourselves. ❤

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      Jen Scarlet
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      A big inspiration for me was one of my elder sisters. We were close when I was little but she left home as soon as she was able following a family argument. My earliest dressing experiences may have been with some of the frilly things she left behind.

      We had intermittent contact over the years but were always close during that contact. I had a few ups and downs in life but she was never judgemental, always supportive and gave me a safe haven more than once. While most of the family knew that I had a tendency to cross dress, she was never disapproving or confrontational about it.

      She was always the life of the party. Big hair and a big personality to match.

      Sadly she passed away with cancer a couple of years ago now. When I look in the mirror I invariably think of her in one way or another. If there is a woman I aspire to be, she’s it.

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      Grace Scarlett
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      All of the girls on CDH, because you are brave enough to be the person you need to be….

      Anyone can act as they should do, but you girls act as you WANT to….everytime I read your stories, it inspires me too!!!

      Keep living your dream!!!!!

      Grace ❤️❤️

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      stephanie plumb
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      Stephanie inspires me to be more of the woman I should have been. She has relentlessly tried to free herself from the masculine dominance of her early life, and persisted through thick and thin, prejudice, guilt, problems and opposition. Nearing the end of her journey and loving every minute of it.

      And my good friends on CDH inspire me – they affirm my existence and show that I am not alone. And make me laugh and strive to try harder to be the real me, and allow me to have a voice.

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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Hello Jessica very good question in my early life my mother truly inspired me, I loved her attitude towards life she barely saw any wrong in people. She loved people who were just open minded. I really think she knew about me but never said, their is just a true feeling about it. My said to me when I was very young live your life how you want to, don’t  let anyone tell you what to do that has never left me. Now for a strange one which really bit me in the bum,  16th August 1977 I was 19 my grandfather had just died the same day Elvis died. It was a really warm day and I spoke with my grandfather that day alone, it was just a general chat and saying goodbye. Now fast forward 25 years I was 44 I was at a friends house having a cup of tea and chat, other people were there I was looking at a woman who’s eyeline was going across the room. We got chatting  she was in her twenties, she began to reel off my life history. She told me all about my conversation with Grandfather and what I was wearing and it was a warm day. She wasn’t born when my Grandfather died and is completely unknown to my family, she asked me not to divulge about her gift. She also told me to tell people about my true self which I haven’t. The reason for her eyeline movement was because she asked me the name of an elderly woman, who lived in house for ages, I asked why she said standing behind one of my friends and described her perfectly. I kept my word and never divulged about her and her gift.

      Love Sarah xx


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      Amanda Burton
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      The women that have been in my life, along with the chemical make up of my mind, and the urge to free Amanda from the shadows of the dark and repressive prison of masculinity.

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      patty williams
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      Hi Jessica,

      That’s a tough question .

      I had a friend on here named Aimee and she inspired me so much.

      She lived as a transgender woman and was very successful and just a hard worker but very kind.

      In spite of being treated terribly at times by people who don’t understand us.

      But there are so many on here .

      Sa-man-tha,Bobbi, Robin snow,Natasha,Betty Lou and dozens more I can’t begin to name them all they all help keep me inspired and proud of who I am.

      It’s great to have such wonderful people as is on here for encouragement.


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