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To my fellow traveler on the transgender journey. Welcome.

The mission of Crossdresser Heaven is to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for everyone in the transgender community.

Here you will find resources to help you discover your woman inside. We have more than 900 articles, a vibrant community of more than 30,000 women and a regular newsletter. We also have active forums, a social network and private messaging.

I can’t wait to get to know you better.

With love,

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Meet crossdressers, make friends and share your inner women with others. Crossdresser Heaven has a vibrant community, with more than 30,000 members and dozens of daily posts and crossdressing topics to explore.

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Meet Other Crossdressers at a Local Chapter

Local Chapters are member run groups that offer an opportunity for those in the transgender community to meet in person. When you join a Local Chapter you will have access to a private group forum, photo album and private group chat for the Local Chapter.

We’ve got six local chapters from New Jersey to the Pacific Northwest and more being formed every month.

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Form a Local Chapter

If you would like to form a Local Chapter and host the Local Chapter on Crossdresser Heaven, please follow these steps to form your own local chapter.

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So Much To Do!

The Path to Transition

If you are curious about the path to transition, whether you’re planning transition, or want to connect with those on that journey, I encourage you to join Transgender Heaven. It’s a safe, welcoming and supportive place for those on the journey of transition.

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We are excited to launch the Crossdresser Heaven store. A collaboration between Crossdresser Heaven and four leading retail providers serving the crossdresser and transgender community.

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Hope and Light

During these turbulent times we can all use a little comfort, encouragement and inspiration. To help support our community we are introducing a new feature on Crossdresser Heaven called Hope and Light. You will find regular articles by members of our community that show hope through difficult times, and light through darkness. Please consider contributing your own article as well. It’s easy to get started writing your article, and we have a team of editors who can help bring your words to life. Share something good, comforting, hopeful that is going on in your life right now, big or small. If it’s hard to find something good at the moment, share some encouragement for others who may also be struggling too.

En Femme Discover The Woman Within

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Project Unity

Project UnityProject Unity connects the broader transgender community together so that everyone can find a place nearby where they are welcome, safe and loved. It is a physical and local manifestation of what Crossdresser Heaven and Transgender Heaven have created virtually.

We already have more than 7,400 transgender friendly places across dozens of cities identified. We need your help to find transgender friendly places in your city.

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