Personal websites and blogs of other wonderful people in the transgender community that I've met. It includes blogs by crossdressers, transsexuals and transgender woman.


FemulateThe blog of a Stana, a woman who found herself in a male body
In PublicRachel goes out for her special ”Girl Time”
Seleena K’s WorldTrans girl with a passion for heels and nylons
Transgender InisghtProviding sound information so you can make the choices best fit for you. Let's grow together.
SXYCDGRLFashion. Style. Beauty. Art. Crossdressing. Makeup. Shopping. Shoes. Support. Girly Stuff.
Becky's T-Blog
Being a Teenage Crossdresser
Crossdresser Heaven
Crossdressing Freedom
Crossdressing Wikipedia
Heather's World
Jessica Who?
Joanna's Diary
My CD Life
My Husband Betty
The Girl Inside
Sister House
Vicki Rene
Voyages en Rose
Transgender Heaven
There from hereA blog by Jennifer Boylan, author of 'She's Not There'