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by chloeagaintoday

I’m sure I uploaded this already but I couldn’t find it! x


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Chloe Cameron

Hi all. I’m Chloe! I’m 40 in London. I’ve been dressing for a few years, on and off. I’ve been away for a while but I feel the overwhelming need to let the girl out! I joined here hoping to meet some like-minded girls to help me understand this whole thing a little better. Look forward to hearing from some of you! Chloe xxx

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    1. Max Garcia 6 months ago

      Cute dress! Let those long legs show!

    2. Jamie Vegas 6 months ago

      Very nice, you have gorgeous long legs!

    3. Claire Bear 6 months ago

      Hey gorgeous girl! Love the pic! Super sexy!

    4. Patty Phose 5 months ago

      Those legs. WOW!

    5. Erica Cartman 5 months ago

      Chloe, I don’t care if you unloaded it a second time it is worth a second look…Great PIX! Erica

    6. Maddie Hawethorne 5 months ago

      Absolutly sunning! Love those legs girlfriend.

    7. joanne 5 months ago

      nice heels

    8. Elisey Lawson 5 months ago

      very sexy!

    9. Jack Straw 5 months ago

      Whoa baby those legs

    10. Lacey Davisph 5 months ago

      You have Awsome Leggs! Most cis women would be jealous

    11. Author
      Chloe Cameron 5 months ago

      Girls! You’re all so lovely and kind to say so! I had no idea these comments were here! ❤️

    12. Sera Surprise 4 months ago

      I’m jealous of those legs. Awesome black mini, you make me want to try sandals.

    13. Zena Lustalot 4 months ago

      Wow, you have a perfect body. Awesome legs!!

    14. Ginalee Allen 3 months ago

      Chloe i love this picture you look shy yet super sexy too, keep it up pretty lady…

    15. Daryl Page 3 months ago

      Awesome legs, gurl!

    16. Author
      Chloe Cameron 2 months ago

      Thank you for your kind words you wonderful ladies. I think this is still my favourite dress. It’s a wonderful thing to wear. Amazing what a good camera angle can do huh?

    17. Heidi Suncrest 2 days ago

      Cute gurl!

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