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  1. Naomi Duncanson 6 months ago

    Hi Brenna
    Just got bak today from a simmillar walk ! Also in yoga pants Plus singlet top , good to know I’m not the only one enjoying the great out doors dressed , keep enjoying .
    Cheers , Naomi

    • Author
      Brenna Mason 6 months ago

      Yeah I live en femme part time and wanted to hike when I happened to be dressed so I just went for it Hiking is so peaceful

  2. Lil Jade Buckly 6 months ago

    Love a natural look xx

  3. Fluffy Cat 6 months ago

    For just “Basic'” you have that god given good looks whre you don’t need much assistance in the makeup dept. You have a great “natural look”. I wish I could look 1\5 that good.

    • Author
      Brenna Mason 6 months ago

      Thank you so much for your kind words ❤ I don’t think I am anything special but I do pass and that is enough for me

  4. Erica Cartman 6 months ago

    You are one luck girl to look that good without make up…And your out hiking to boot…I wish I could say the same..

    • Author
      Brenna Mason 6 months ago

      Thank you, I just had yoga pants on and the sweatshirt, I was very basic that day. Thanks for kind words

      • Erica Cartman 6 months ago

        Give credit where credit is do, You’re a very lovely girl…no matter how you dress….Erica

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