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by reallylauren

My 1st photo as a truly real woman.



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Lauren Mugnaia

I've been in love with feminine clothes and makeup since I was 5, started dressing in mom's things when I was in the 5th grade and have been doing so ever since, with a lengthy timeout of 20 years while my kids grew up. Now I need to be the Phoenix arising from the ashes of the closet. I transitioned last year, and started living as a woman, but just recently found out that I am an intersex person, truly a biological woman! Getting totally dressed every day from the skin out and from head to painted toes always felt natural, now I know why. Interestingly, I was named Lauren at birth, I changed the spelling to the masculine version in grade 9 after ending up in a girls home room and PE class at school, but have since gone back to Lauren.

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    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    8 months ago

    Truly a beautiful woman.

    Marg Produe
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago

    Beautiful picture Sis! How nice that you finally found out. Live long and be happy. Hugs, Marg

    Jin Crocker
    Active Member
    8 months ago

    Isn’t life grand when we let it be? You are not only a woman, but a beautiful one too! Let your light shine Honey!
    Your Mama must have known something when she named you.

    Megan Kelly
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago

    So happy for you Lauren. You look beautiful.

    Kerri Smith
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago

    Congradulations on being properly gendered by your doctor. i wish you a lifetime of happiness,

    Karin Mackert
    8 months ago

    You look absolutely fabulous.

    Noble Member
    8 months ago

    I’m not happy for you, Lauren. And your happiness clearly shows in the lovely portrait.

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