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by gemmalovegood

It’s been a week now since my weekend getaway. I took so many photos in this dress. I was so comfortable in it. When I look back at my photos from last week, I seem to be smiling more in this dress than my others. I was also comfortable enough to wear my glasses, which wasn’t planned (and girls, I’m a planner). This was also the dress I was wearing when I took my first steps outside on the balcony. I must have sat on the porch for a good hour. Legs crossed, swinging a heeled foot as the gentle breeze blew my hair. I took a few photos, which I’ll share later out on the porch, including one of my hands resting on my knee. My press on nails were really making me feel extra girly. Can’t believe this was only a week ago. It feels like forever. I want to be able to dress again so badly! How do you make it between opportunities? -Gemma💋



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Gemma Lovegood

Shy and kind closeted straight crossdresser. I started dressing very young (around 10), wearing my mother’s and sister’s things when I was alone. In my 20s I lived alone, and purchased several things of my own, including makeup. I worked for a gay man, and became a close friend of his, though I was and still am very straight. I went to several gay bars with him, and encountered many CDs, drag queens, and the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. But, I could never find the courage to come out to him as a CD. I’m married for over two decades now and have never revealed my secret to my wife. We have countless gay friends (male and female), but I’ve never revealed myself to any of them. It seems strange, and is one of my biggest regrets. I’ve lived so long with this secret that it feels like I’ve passed a point of no return. Perhaps one day I’ll find the courage. I’m grateful for all of the friends and discussions I’ve had with others like me here at CDH. It truly feels therapeutic, and I’ve grown to accept these desires that I have, and to realize there are so many like me in the world. That gives me great peace.

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    JJ Jardiniere
    JJ Jardiniere
    1 year ago

    Great job Gemma, It all goes together very well. I especially like the peep toe heels.

    Megan Kelly
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    What an eye-catching look you have put together Gemma. I did a double take as I was scrolling through the photos. So gorgeous.

    Marie Chandler
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Such a pretty dress and you hair cut and color are just perfect!

    1 year ago

    you look fantastic! I am so way jealous !!’

    Danielle Wayne' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Danielle Wayne
    1 year ago

    So pretty. I have a very similar dress that I love. The in between dressing time is torture

    Chrissie Smith
    Active Member
    1 year ago

    Gemma, lovely dress, and for some reason I find a woman wearing glasses particularly attractive. Kisses.

    Amelia Jones
    Amelia Jones
    7 months ago

    Very pretty in that dress  

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