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Im Renea, I live in Darwin - Australia and am 59 I thought I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings as I identify with the journey we have all experienced to this point in our lives.
I first started dressing (secretly) at age 8. I didnt know why I liked it for years and thought I was the only boy in the world who did it. In my teen years I stopped as I thought I should be the man I was supposed to be. I married in my late 20’s and then I started to explore my partners wardrobe (when alone).
Dressing en-femme to me was never a sexual thing but more a sense of feeling happy and peaceful. Fast forward some years to a fully internet savvy world, is when I discovered I was not alone in dealing with this desire to be who I really am. On-line shopping allowed me to access the things that helped me elevate/accelerate my passion for my femininity, Im sure you know what accessories Im refering to.
Over the years I have read many experiences of others, some, like me remained closeted for many years and of others who have understanding partners/family/friends that allowed for a more freedom of expression. My life has evolved very quickly in the last few years, separating from my partner, moving interstate and finally retiring from work. I now live alone and dress every day as a matter of daily routine. I live in a very small town but am a very private person so when I go out dressed when shopping or dining or just an outing nobody ever associates Renea with me (and nor do I care)
Since May 2018 I began to grow my own hair (it was originally a crew cut), because I found my head got quite warm from wearing a wig for long periods. Also it was difficult to maintain a wigs neatness. Its a work in progress and would eventually like around shoulder length. I also shave my chest and under my arms, also my legs and forearms and utterly enjoy the smoothness of my body.
The most satisfying thing I have ever experienced in my journey is the knowledge that there are many like me that share a common desire.
We are all different in our approach to enjoying our feminine selfs, so I believe its not the actual exterior we see (no matter how good or bad) its the doing that brings the joy.
Also I believe that those of us who have turned that corner, truly understand and feel comfortable about who we are !!! Its taken some time but I am now really happy xxx. ( My recent pics can be found in the groups: Over 50's, Share Your Outfit and Australia )
My stats (not that anyone really cares):
5'6" (167cm) - 110lb (50kg) - Bra, 34C - Dress, AUS Sz 10/(US Sz 6) - Shoe, Sz 6 1/2
UPDATE (8 Feb 22) I am now going out in public regularly. I dont get any looks or stares so Im taking it (maybe mistakenly) that I am not getting 'made'. Maybe I am but people just dont care. However when I try to take pics of myself...people do look and I get odd looks so I have desisted doing this, which is dissapointing as I want to share my experiences with you all.

My Blue and white peplum
My Blue and white peplumaphrodite63
1 4
I love white
I love whiteaphrodite63Outfit
6 8
Quiz: Would I get away with this ? (for a visit to the supermarket)
Quiz: Would I get away with this ? (for a visit to the supermarket)aphrodite63
9 2
Back in time
Back in timeaphrodite63
5 5
newest purchase
newest purchaseaphrodite63Outfit
9 0
Sunday morning
Sunday morningaphrodite63Casual
6 1
Happy NYE to all
Happy NYE to allaphrodite63
2 4
Even at $280, I had to have it…it was satin !
Even at $280, I had to have it…it was satin !aphrodite63Outfit
10 5
A lightweight dress…YES !
A lightweight dress…YES !aphrodite63Outfit
8 4
summer dress
summer dressaphrodite63Casual
3 6
“Fall” dress
“Fall” dressaphrodite63
4 2
Maroon ??
Maroon ??aphrodite63
7 5
One of my go-to dresses
One of my go-to dressesaphrodite63
17 6
plain today
plain todayaphrodite63Outfit
12 0
My ultra fav dress….Jersey-knit satin
My ultra fav dress….Jersey-knit satinaphrodite63
2 2
cheap dress
cheap dressaphrodite63Outfit
7 3
Satin !!!!
Satin !!!!aphrodite63
9 5
My sleeveless red dress
My sleeveless red dressaphrodite63
3 2
nails done !
nails done !aphrodite63Outfit
12 1
Does red suit me ??
Does red suit me ??aphrodite63
8 2
Lunch date by myself
Lunch date by myselfaphrodite63Outfit
8 2
This is without doubt my favorite dress
This is without doubt my favorite dressaphrodite63Casual
0 3
Another fave dress
Another fave dressaphrodite63
3 3
Weekend bliss
Weekend blissaphrodite63Outfit
6 2
Sunday afternoon drinks !
Sunday afternoon drinks !aphrodite63
3 3
Very plain
Very plainaphrodite63
11 6
Retro lookback
Retro lookbackaphrodite63
1 4
T-shirt dress
T-shirt dressaphrodite63Outfit
6 0
2 2
Not looking my best :(
Not looking my best πŸ™aphrodite63Outfit
0 2
T-Shirt Dress
T-Shirt Dressaphrodite63Outfit
2 1
New Shoes
New Shoesaphrodite63Outfit
4 1
A somewhat longer dress
A somewhat longer dressaphrodite63
9 4
Summer Dress
Summer Dressaphrodite63
6 3
Flashback !!
Flashback !!aphrodite63
12 1
Black Lace
Black Laceaphrodite63
5 5
T-shirt dress
T-shirt dressaphrodite63
5 6
Back in Blue
Back in Blueaphrodite63
4 3
New fave dress part II
New fave dress part IIaphrodite63Outfit
4 2
Fit & Flare part III
Fit & Flare part IIIaphrodite63Outfit
11 1
Fuchsia satin
Fuchsia satinaphrodite63
3 3
Blue dress but it has white…my fav colour
Blue dress but it has white…my fav colouraphrodite63
5 4
I cant resist adding another LBD to my wardrobe…I didnt really need it….
I cant resist adding another LBD to my wardrobe…I didnt really need it….aphrodite63Outfit
8 0
feeling better
feeling betteraphrodite63Outfit
9 5
I love green…not everyones taste I’m guessin !
I love green…not everyones taste I’m guessin !aphrodite63Outfit
6 3
Same day
Same dayaphrodite63
3 3
Powder Blue Dress !
Powder Blue Dress !aphrodite63
5 3
I love this dress xx
I love this dress xxaphrodite63
10 4
One of my fave dresses
One of my fave dressesaphrodite63
5 7
Simple and plain
Simple and plainaphrodite63
2 2
cheap but neat dress purchase
cheap but neat dress purchaseaphrodite63Makeup
4 1
Lady in Red
Lady in Redaphrodite63
6 2
One of my fave go-to’s
One of my fave go-to’saphrodite63
6 3
Merry Xmas all !!!!
Merry Xmas all !!!!aphrodite63
11 4
Gingham wrap dress
Gingham wrap dressaphrodite63
4 1
Getting my hair cut next month
Getting my hair cut next monthaphrodite63Outfit
0 0
Flashback 5 years !!!!
Flashback 5 years !!!!aphrodite63
4 4
Do Look OK in blue ?
Do Look OK in blue ?aphrodite63
6 4
OMG…just plain white, but a favorite ! (also easy to put on)
OMG…just plain white, but a favorite ! (also easy to put on)aphrodite63
3 6
Me in Green
Me in Greenaphrodite63Casual
15 5
Went to the mall
Went to the mallaphrodite63Outfit
17 11
Yet another white dress
Yet another white dressaphrodite63Outfit
3 4
My Blue Cotton Flair Swing Number
My Blue Cotton Flair Swing Numberaphrodite63
4 2
Sooo Many Dresses !!!
Sooo Many Dresses !!!aphrodite63
10 3
101 Dalmations, is it too much ???
101 Dalmations, is it too much ???aphrodite63Outfit
2 2
Saturday bliss
Saturday blissaphrodite63Outfit
1 3
In Red ??
In Red ??aphrodite63
2 1
Red Renea
Red Reneaaphrodite63
4 4
I love this color !
I love this color !aphrodite63Casual
5 4
Me with short hair (2021).
Me with short hair (2021).aphrodite63
3 1
A Lime Green Number
A Lime Green Numberaphrodite63
14 4
Dyed Brown Hair
Dyed Brown Hairaphrodite63
4 6
Green is = Go
Green is = Goaphrodite63
2 4
Love lace
Love laceaphrodite63
4 5
summer dress
summer dressaphrodite63
1 2
Silver-gray on white
Silver-gray on whiteaphrodite63
0 2
OMG I love this dress !
OMG I love this dress !aphrodite63Outfit
10 7
When my hair was shorter
When my hair was shorteraphrodite63
2 3
plain dress
plain dressaphrodite63
3 3
Just white – But my fav color
Just white – But my fav coloraphrodite63
21 12
Before I got my hair cut
Before I got my hair cutaphrodite63
4 2
Got my ears pierced ! Ouch
Got my ears pierced ! Ouchaphrodite63
4 1
Plain white
Plain whiteaphrodite63Outfit
5 2
Block Colors
Block Colorsaphrodite63Outfit
7 9
Aother with my new earrings
Aother with my new earringsaphrodite63
3 1
My current fave
My current faveaphrodite63Outfit
7 10
My Red Sleeveless
My Red Sleevelessaphrodite63
5 4
I went a bit dotty
I went a bit dottyaphrodite63
16 5
Another summer dress
Another summer dressaphrodite63
0 1
This is without doubt my favorite dress
This is without doubt my favorite dressaphrodite63
8 9
Peplum Dress
Peplum Dressaphrodite63
1 1
A reverse on the LBD
A reverse on the LBDaphrodite63
3 1
mmmmm….a red dress…too bright ???
mmmmm….a red dress…too bright ???aphrodite63Outfit
3 0
Summer dress
Summer dressaphrodite63Outfit
18 11
24 hours after a car crash
24 hours after a car crashaphrodite63
11 4
Block Dress
Block Dressaphrodite63
5 2
YSL shoes…my faves….
YSL shoes…my faves….aphrodite63Shoes
2 0
Pink Plait !
Pink Plait !aphrodite63
4 3
3 3
Cerise Crepe
Cerise Crepeaphrodite63
10 6
Love shopping
Love shoppingaphrodite63Outfit
5 1
My peppermint dress
My peppermint dressaphrodite63Outfit
1 1
I love white
I love whiteaphrodite63Outfit
6 4
…And finally….A day at the Track on a big Race day
…And finally….A day at the Track on a big Race dayaphrodite63Outfit
3 2
Red it is !!
Red it is !!aphrodite63Outfit
3 0
8 10
need to get my nails done ?
need to get my nails done ?aphrodite63Out and About
6 0
Powder Blue & Blue Suede’s
Powder Blue & Blue Suede’saphrodite63
10 4
Growing my own hair.
Growing my own hair.aphrodite63Outfit
4 1
New Blue !!!
New Blue !!!aphrodite63
16 4
Happy Easter XX
Happy Easter XXaphrodite63Outfit
6 0
just me
just meaphrodite63Outfit
10 2
Same LWD….but ready for the races
Same LWD….but ready for the racesaphrodite63
3 2
summer fun
summer funaphrodite63Outfit
4 4

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