Kaitlyn Pari (Atlantic Princess)

429 profile views
43 uploads

The inner woman is most expressed when self love balances the feminine. I love getting in touch with my femme being. Sometimes a little rouge, sometimes a little lipstick and sometimes a whole lotta fun.

New balloon pants!
New balloon pants!kipModeling/Posing
2 2
Black dress and pearls!
Black dress and pearls!kip
2 1
So happy in my outfit
So happy in my outfitkipModeling/Posing
4 1
Happy to be here
Happy to be herekipCasual
1 2
Happy to see myself smiling
Happy to see myself smilingkipCasual
1 1
Out for a manicure in my new dress
Out for a manicure in my new dresskipCasual
3 2
More of my new dress and my manicure
More of my new dress and my manicurekip
1 1
My red dress
My red dresskipCostumes/Fancy Dress
8 3
Tried on my new dress
Tried on my new dresskip
1 0
Comfortable being me!
Comfortable being me!kip
2 2
Snake, rectangular ring, spider ring, dagger = Elvira
Snake, rectangular ring, spider ring, dagger = Elvirakip2023 Halloween Photo Contest
8 1
Modest casualties
Modest casualtieskipCasual
2 2
New makeup
New makeupkipMakeup
3 1
Simply subtle makeup
Simply subtle makeupkipMakeup
4 1
My new hairdo
My new hairdokipCostumes/Fancy Dress
2 2
Is black on black ok?
Is black on black ok?kipCasual
4 1
Rough on the edge
Rough on the edgekipCasual
2 0
En Femme and love it
En Femme and love itkipCasual
2 2
CD Tuesday
CD TuesdaykipCasual
0 2
Mani Pedi & Lunch
Mani Pedi & LunchkipGlamming Up
2 1
New outfit
New outfitkipOut and About
3 1
Tuesday is terrific
Tuesday is terrifickipCasual
2 1
Red dress
Red dresskipModeling/Posing
5 0
You gotta smile
You gotta smilekip
1 1
More smiles
More smileskip
4 1
Loving my smiles
Loving my smileskip
8 1
2023 Halloween Photo Contest
2023 Halloween Photo Contestkip2023 Halloween Photo Contest
6 1
It feels right
It feels rightkipCasual
0 0
Fun Tuesday
Fun Tuesdaykip
1 2
Fun Tuesday with CD
Fun Tuesday with CDkip
1 2
Took my black dress out for lunch
Took my black dress out for lunchkipGlamming Up
6 0
Tuesday fun day
Tuesday fun daykip
1 2
Happy to CD to lunch
Happy to CD to lunchkipCasual
1 0
What a beautiful day to cross dress!
What a beautiful day to cross dress!kipMakeup
1 1
Casual dress
Casual dresskipAccessories
0 1
Fun Tuesday
Fun TuesdaykipOutfit
1 1
My new dress
My new dresskipAccessories
3 0
Love my new outfit Winter Pants!
Love my new outfit Winter Pants!kipModeling/Posing
4 1
Sweater time
Sweater timekip
2 1
Another Spa Day
Another Spa DaykipCasual
2 1
More Spa Day
More Spa DaykipCasual
2 0
Another cold day
Another cold daykip
2 1
Time to stay warm
Time to stay warmkipCostumes/Fancy Dress
6 4
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