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    • CDH Texas
      Come hang out on the Ranch and sing folk songs!
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    • Dating as transgendered
      Group to help with giving advice and encouragement for people that want to learn how to and where transgendered people can find dating partners.
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    • Houston crossdressers
      A group for those of us who live in the Houston area , age doesn't matter .
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    • Orange County ca
      Looking for us locals to have a gurls night out. Perhaps all chip in on a room and get dressed for a night on the town. Let's take UBer and have some fun and make new friends
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    • Share Your Outfit
      Let the community see how fabulous you look, or ask for a few tips to look even more gorgeous!
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    • Talk to a Professsional Life Coach – Get Help & Advice
      Want some help with relationship issues due to your gender expression? Have you had issues with either your partner, family, or friends about coming out? Have your feelings been hurt? Are you confused about what to do next? Are you hiding instead of proudly being who you really are? Please post your issues here and get some helpful advice. I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach with university degrees in Psychology and Social Work (M.S.W.). I've been crossdressing for most of my life. I've experienced a whole range of issues: Some people ridicule those who are different. Others are dismissive or rejecting. But I've emerged from all of this with my head held high... and you can too. Confidence is the key. Please let us know what's going on your life. We'll give you some helpful feedback and unending support.
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    • 1 month, 1 week ago

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    • The Chocolate Club
      This is a place to put food recipes and cooking ideas for everyone. We all need to treat ourselves but also look after our bodies inside and out. Please feel free to share recipes that you have enjoyed from burnt water to Creme Brulee's.
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    • 5 months, 2 weeks ago

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    • Transsista's
      A discussion group for all gurl talk and our lives we live. What makes us and what breaks us, how we do things very similar to that of women, discussions on our love lives, what we are are doing for others to help with coming out processes and coming clean with loved one's. I want you to feel comfortable being here and willing to open up and share with the group. Of course we need to stay within the boundaries set fourth by Cross Dresser Heaven and keep on track. We can talk about dating as a T Girl, clothing, wigs, makeup applications, how we think as a female and so fourth. I would really like to see this group take off. It will also be a given that anyone wanting to join the group will be given the opportunity and right to do so. We all have a common thread and therefore we should always be supportive of one another.
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    • Voice Feminization
      A place to talk about techniques, problems and successes with developing a more feminine sounding voice, as well as sharing personal experiences involving this issue.
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    • 5 months ago

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    • Young Ladies of Paris
      There is no age requirement ! However it is for the young at heart who are kind and people who love fashions and love their body and mind . It is for support of young teenagers and young women who want support and want to ask questions that will be meet with kindness and love. It appreciates the wisdom of older femmes and their Sophia Wisdom in the journey in helping younger women . . It tries to help or advise attractive young. Femme girls ( teenagers ) , College Age or Young Professionals of 30 years of younger , who are full time femme , CD , or want to be . Trans or those whose goal is full time feminity . The fact is we want to be there for ladies who love their feminity and want to look gorgeous . We take pride in being Glamourous and Beautiful . We are always kind , polite , and loving in our deamour . If you are nice and sweet to all members and want to share makeup, and style , and fashions with each other . All topics about our love lives , school , or social and work lives will be relevant . We want to be free to talk our how we are doing in our lives , but no negatively among members OVS . We are a group of special young ladies who want to be noticed for our beauty , grace , good manners , and demure behavior . If you love clothes and fashion , and are kind to everyone then I hope we can enjoy our journey together.
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    • 6 months ago

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