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I began wearing stockings, heels and a bra when I was 4. I wanted a dress too but that was beyond my reach. I was 13 when I bought my own pantyhose. I would look around the stores at the other pretty femme garments and want them so much too but they were also beyond my reach.

At 17, I began wearing pantyhose out with short girl’s shorts and platform wedges. I had some means and was able to hide the shoes in the trunk of my car. Still, I longed for all the pretty dresses, sexy stilettos. matching bras and panties, stockings, garters, sexy lingerie, I wanted breasts and pretty hair.

Then I saw Daisy Duke and that was my no stopping me moment. I wanted to look like her and be her. I wanted the shoes, legs , body and hair. She was my role model and powerful inspiration.

When I was 18, I got my own place and began buying and wearing all the wonderful, pretty and amazing clothes I had wanted so bad for so long. My style was based on how would Daisy look in this or would Daisy wear this. I had such an intense desire to go out in my Daisy attire. It took overcoming a lot of fear before I was able to do that  Then walking from the house to the car for the first time, I was busted. I was so freaked I sat in the car for several minutes before I could do anything. Then I drove around for a couple of hours and got out in several carefully chosen locations where I felt safe and could be seen but not touched. I was feeling an excitement and thrill and rush like I had never experienced before. I wanted that all the time and knew I had to go out dressed to get it.

I went to a college Halloween Party dressed fully femme. I got lots of compliments and got hit on quite aggressively by both guys and girls. I met other dressers there who invited me to party with them. I did a lot of that all through college.

Then after college, things changed. Life was happening.  I was building a career. I bought a little house. Got married. Kids came along. I built a bigger house. I wasn’t dressing much. I gradually discarded or donated  most of my clothes. Life was great. Dressing was fun, but it was something I did in the past. I wasn’t doing it anymore.

The kids grew and moved out. My wife mentioned it’s like when we started out. Then one night she was watching a show with Drag Queens. She had me take a look. Remember when you used to do this? Of course I did but it was over 20 years ago. She thought I should do it again.

I kept a few of my favorite old outfits. I got them and tried putting them on. I was surprised at how sexy they were and how I had the nerve to wear them. They were also way too small for me. I had grown a bit. I stuffed myself into one of the outfits, slipped into pumps and put on a wig. Those feelings of excitement, thrill and rush I felt years ago began coming back. I stepped out in my outfit and went to show my wife. She laughed. “You need new clothes”. We went out and got a small starter wardrobe. I began dressing again. I discovered a lingerie shop with crossdressing clients, then got introduced to Femme Fever.

I began dressing often again. In fact pretty much every day. I began going out again. I still love that excitement, thrill and rush. I love crossdressing. I don’t want to stop. If anything, I want to find more opportunities to dress.

But, I had stopped dressing for over 20 years. I didn’t miss it. I had other interests and goals. If my wife hadn’t been watching that show I probably would not have thought of wearing my old clothes again. Putting them on brought back a lot of the old feelings I enjoyed. Then with my wife telling me I needed some new clothes and us actually going out to get them, I might have just put my old clothes back in the box and not brought Patty back.

As much as I love crossdressing, I believe if an event came up where I couldn’t dress anymore, no doubt I would miss it for a while, but I’m sure with my focus in other directions, I would be OK with it. Crossdressing is much like a hobby with me, not a necessity. I love it but could do without it if I had to.

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