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Overall, most people loved it however, an ex girlfriend felt that it changed her perception of me.  We are still friends but no longer fwb.  Another woman (a coworker who had fancied me even though I wasn’t interested in them) asked me if I felt that it was insulting to real women. I had one guy who said ” I guess I have to work with you but hope I never see you outside of work”.  His threat meant nothing to me and he was fired a couple months later for something unrelated to me.  A vendor who delivers to my job asked about my painted nails to which I replied that I’m transgendered and occasionally do drag and it’s a hassle to take my polish off for work.  He said I was sinful.  He then asked if I felt God approves of what I’m doing.  I said… When I die, God is going to ask me if I fed the hungry and if helped those in need and I’m certain he won’t be asking about my nail polish.   I also said that when I die he won’t be asking me about your sins, he will be asking me about mine which was my subtle and nice way of saying mind your business.  As for family,  I’ve never felt close with them and I live 2000 miles away.  My mom, once she saw pics posted online text me and asked “is this a thing?”  I asked her.. what thing are you referring to because I have 20 “things”.  I wanted her to spell it out.  When it comes to pics I post on social media, my friends all communicate how they love me, offer tips and tricks but with family it’s all crickets. Ce la vie.  My apologies for being so long winded 🙂



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