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Well after hearing everyone’s replies I feel more support is out there for us.   I know that everyone here is amazing and feel the love each time that I log into chat.  I started this journey as everyone else here.  Digging through mom and my sisters dresser drawers.  Over the years there were many times I dabbled in small sessions of dressing. Lingerie etc…   Fast forward many years later, about  six months ago  I began having way stronger urges to explore this side of me. Shortly after I found CDH. At that point I realized that I was not the only person like me.  There are thousands of girls out there that are in the same boat if not in a similar situation.  My wife has no clue about Ginger. Neither does anyone else except all of you at CDH.  It is a lonely existence, however I am making the best of it.  I have began shopping in drab and identifying myself to whoever is assisting me in whatever store I am in.  Realistically they don’t know me and most likely don’t care.   I am like you and rarely get to dress and cherish each time that I get to.  I also get to travel for work occasionally and Ginger takes over then.   In two weeks I am going for a full body waxing and then a makeover and photo shoot.   Six months ago I would have never considered those things.  True it is a lonely existence at some times, but it is also an exciting time in my life.  One day I will come out to my wife, but for now me myself and Ginger are happy with the entire situation.  Thank you for the insight Dana.  And thank everyone that replied to this post.   I love all of you sooooo much.

hugs and love Ginny.

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