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Perhaps we have landed on another question affecting all.

We have a common factor. We are human.

As such we are educated, given experiences, shown models of historical behaviour and we share the vast array of common behaviour today. Much of that which we learn of others might be tainted by the methods we receive them by. ( News broadcasts – or direct experience .)
Imagine the experience of an orphan child in a country currently in turmoil. They see conflict, love, hate, and destruction. They also see these in a very different proportion to the world that many of us see.

Imagine the life of a victim of abuse. Trust is a word they barely believe because whatever came their way was not based on trust.

Imagine your own friends and neighbours. Perhaps they were brought up with similar education. Yet life may have led them along a more frightening route than your own.

It is desirable that we learn compassion, empathy, the ability to trust and the altruism to be generous. However, life will coexist with variety of outcomes. We inevitably may walk the same paths but we are different.

Concord, harmony, consideration, being unselfish and forgiving one another is part of the pathway to a better existence. Call it what you will- an aim to live a “ better” life.
We preach about being supportive and “ at one with each other”. Be honest, there are many times we fail. I would suggest this is that humans have selfish traits- some of us diffuse these better than others.

Perhaps our biggest faults occur when we put mouths and words before thought and selflessness.

Whilst we have zero tolerance of  hate and violence, it has not prevented it. Maybe the responses to such need to find a more constructive way to CHANGE it.
Maybe we fail to find out why ignorance is an excuse for intolerable behaviour.

Without a will to overcome these worse scenarios of being human we prevent CHANGE.  Without compassion you may never understand those who live in ignorance.

Sanctions are required to punish wilful destroyers of the immense  potential of good which many humans have. The administration of such is not easy. Ask a prison guard.

However, their must be a purpose for improvement, if we desire it so much.

We do ourselves no favours unless we become part of the solution. Crying is a mechanism of need. And the way our world behaves makes me cry.

I can only do a little. I hope and pray that something good derives from my desire to heal someone, something, prevent a fallout or tend a crying child who does not know how to escape the world’s cruelty.

I often think that “ Children In Need” actually does a little positive something to those who give, indeed those who can give. Some giving is exhibited in action, not just finance.

Yes, I know it’s difficult, maybe too difficult. But even I learned to ride a bike, lend a hand, and keep quiet when annoyed in self anger.

As I used to say- you can think it- but don’t say it- you can make it or break it- but if you want a “ better world” you have to shovel it too.

Of course, I’m a master of purity!!!!!

I include myself in this desperate need for change.

If this causes some thought and progress, I am delighted.

Keep praising the good and it might just happen  – a better world, here and afar.

I have been deliberately shy of any political or business implications. I am aware of the complexities here.

Attitude, Desire, Commitment, Unity.

Thank you.



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