Genetic girl friend said “don’t worry.EMTs will cut off your clothes no matter whether you’re wearing tighty whities or pink satin painties with ruffles and bows.

Had 6 month checkup with my ARNP. I had taken off toenail polish the last visit and hadn’t had to take off my socks.
So I left it on for next visit.
This time she says take off your pants and socks and I’ll be back in a minute.
Panic turned to “It’s my life” before she came back..Left my socks partly on. When she came in I said “There’s something you need to know”
She was totally cool. Maybe even a little intrigued.
Told her I had realized I was abusing alcohol for 50 years to escape my shame. I don’t drink now.
She says “Mental health is just as important as physical health”

Then her nurse comes in. I said I guess you see this.
She says “What”?

I point. Tell the CD/drinking facts. We end up talking colors and the pleasures of pedicures.

I come back in a couple of months for flu shot. She comes in with release form on a clipboard.
There’s a sticky note
“Don’t Know Jacques”

After my laughter subsides a bit, I ask what’s this, how did it happen.
“I saw somebody wearing it and I thought it would be a good color for you”

What I had thought would be a nightmare turned into a beautiful dream.

She says my favorite color was discountinued.
I look it up. Manicurist says there is something very close in another brand. I give it to her for Christmas. She loves it and gives me a hug.
I get a thank you note.
“Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me your story. I’m so glad you’re becoming comfortable in your own skin.
Embrace and enjoy it!”

I know these things don’t always turn out so well and my being a long time patient in a larger city helped.

But as others have said, the event is often much better than we fear it will be.

The more I become comfortable with myself, the more comfortable I become with others, and the less I fear some of these situations.

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