My first time with tights were about age 8 or so was at my aunts house and she had my cousins tights folded and I tried them on and everyone laughed about it, and when I did it again later they yelled at me because they said I stretched them out. Well little did I know then but pantyhose and tights would become so GREAT to wear. I was down in the basement of an apartment I was living and saw some bags and started to snoop in them and I felt like I struck gold!!!!!!!!!  I found a bag full of pantyhose and panty’s and ran back to my place with it and I was busy for hours going through it and all kinds of pantyhose different colors I spent the rest of the day trying on pair after pair… That is when I could not get enough of them. I started to buy them when ever I could not being very good at putting them on, I went through a lot of them but as the years went on I got a lot better at it. The first time I shaved my legs and put a silky pair of hose on the feeling was unbelievable!!  I liked bodysuits and leotards and would get sheer to waist pantyhose and deliver news papers wearing shorts when I was married, was close to getting caught a few times.  LOL  And today my pantyhose and tights drawer is full with so many I’ve lost count…….  LOL

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