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    Sandy Honey
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    I have been divorced for 13 years but have remained very close to my sister in law. Yesterday she went with me to shop for tile for a bathroom I’m renovating. As we were looking she commented on how well my jeans looked on me. I told her they came from Torrid and so did my sneakers. Later at lunch I told her that I have found women’s jeans fit me better than men’s and look better. She asked me what size they were and I told her 16, she looked sort of wide eyed and said that’s the size I wear. I laughed and told her she can try on any of my clothes anytime she wants. I let her know that I wear cami’s, women’s tops, shorts and other items and have found they look so much better. I almost started to tell her that I cross-dress and love wearing feminine clothing. That I’m happier in a skirt and dress than any other clothing. But I hesitated and didn’t carry the conversation any further. Just telling her the little bit about what I wear felt so good and one day I will tell her.


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      Diana W
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      You pretty much have come out to her.  It sounds like she’s perfectly cool with it.  That’s wonderful.

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      Stephanie Scott
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      You can take the word “almost” out of the thread! 😂

      Good stuff. She sounds perfectly cool about it.

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      Inga Krasivaya
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      Sandy; it really is like the ladies have already said; you’ve already told her and she’s cool with it – if she wasn’t, you’d know about it by now!  Next time you see her, why not go fully dressed?  She’ll half expect it and it will expel any lingering doubts.  Take the leap – it sounds like you’ll have a soft landing!  Hugs:  Inga.

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      Beth Green
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      Yup, your out….she knows. Similar to my coming out. I had become chatty friendly with my mail carrier and gradually added more visibly feminine items each day, starting with painted nails, then feminine sneakers, then leggings and finally 3″ pumps. On that day she asked “What should I call you? I can see you’re not 100% male.” And so Beth was out!

      Your ex sister-in-law knows, she just hasn’t said anything yet.  Probably waiting for you.  Go for it, jump in fully and start your open journey.


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      Emily Alt
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      You’re out Sandy.  Telling her will just confirm what she already knows.  I’d ask how she feels.  There’s a good chance she’s willing to help!  Congratulations!

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      Trisha Lilly Hibbert
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      Hi sandy I believe you have indeed just come out to her. Like others have said it’s just a waiting game. Congratulations on feeling comfortable telling her.

      Love Trish

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      Diana Morgan
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      Sandy, when you tell your sister-in-law, I suspect she will say “I know, you gave me enough clues”. This might be a good thing, it will give her time to process the idea and may lessen the shock of what you are telling her – hopefully anyway.

      Big hugs



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      I think you told her it’s just a question of what happens next.


      Lisa xxx

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      Diane Rakers
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      Good for you Sandy.

      When you’re ready take the next step.

      Your sister in law/good friend will be fine.

      Lee Ann



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