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    Gabriela Romani
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    Earlier on I was visiting in the chat and the conversation shifted to the next CD/TG Event in the calendar (to my knowledge at least) which is the Keystone event.

    I am not attending, (never say never, right? maybe one day) but I certainly remember attending events in the past, so I shared some advice based on those previous experiences, and since there is going to be a good sized crowd from CDH in attendance, I thought I would start a thread here in the forums where everybody who has any advice for those attending may chip in.

    – I know the idea of being able to wear your stilettos from 7am until 3am every day while attending is awesome, but unless you are really used to wear them frequently and for long periods of time, you may be ok on day one, but dying the following days. Pack some low heeled shoes, or even flats or tennis/sneakers to wear during the morning events. Your feet will thank you.
    – Avoid salty foods… which may cause water retention and any heavy meals, you don’t want swollen feet/bloated abdomen, etc.
    – Try to make your clothing selections before you leave home… having too many options when you are trying to get ready for dinner will overwhelm you and frustrate you (And delay you)
    – get started with potassium supplements, to prevent cramping on your calf muscles (again from the heels!)
    – Pack a sewing kit, safety pins, double sided tape, etc. Straps break, dresses rip, things happen!
    – if they have a “packing list” at the event’s website, it will be a good idea to use it as your check list for real!
    – If you are wearing fake nails (Not salon acrylics, but glue-on or stick-on nails) have glue(or glue tabs) and spare nails with you all of the time if possible. Losing one nail is no big deal, but small details add up and mess up with confidence
    – Tipping waiting staff or hotel staff is a good idea, if you can.
    – Get two keys to your room! You never know when one may stop working or get lost in the bottom of your purse
    Ok, posting this now.

    Have a great time ladies! And be safe!


    One thing I forgot: Be aware of the “post-event blues”. It is real for many, in particular after your first similar event.
    You get home after several days, even a full week of being able to “be yourself” all the time, in a safe environment, where everybody is nice and understanding, and then you are back to the real world. It is not easy to re-adjust. Kind of after an all paid/all inclusive week at a theme park with your family.
    Keep in mind, that week real as it was, doesn’t translate well into the real world.
    So, enjoy your time there, spending time with old and new friends, but don’t lose ground. It may change you, a lot, but others in your everyday life will continue being the same as they were the week before. Manage your expectations!
    (Off now)

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      Mandi Smith
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      If I was to attend a conference, and that is a big IF, it would be the Espirit up here in the Pacific NW.  I’ve often thought about it, but I have many family obligations that make scheduling any particular day – let alone a week- difficult. Not saying that I wouldn’t, but probably won’t. I do get out as Mandi pretty often.

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      Thank you all so much for these tips. This will be my first conference – so looking forward to it. I have been going over my loading plan in my head so your advise is timely. Now i understand why my spouse starts packing a week ahead, and yet is still not ready on the day of travel.

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      Roberta Broussard
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      Thank you Gabby, This is wonderful advice.

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      Giselle Reeves
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      Sad statements Gabby but also true, sometimes the truth sucks!

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Yes thank you Gabby for the advice and tips as Miss Carole mentioned last year was my first Keystone and my first time out of my home as Stephanie .. We as my wife and i had such a wonderful time there and meeting so many wonderful CDH ladies along with so many others .. We talk about it seems like everyday as things that happened last year .. Any way another thing to mention is you hair ha ha as your wigs or just your own hair dont forget them as a brush or comb hair spray and any sparkles to make you look more girly he he .. Looking forward to the meetup this year with many CDH sisters so wishing you to be there Gabby hope some day to meet face to face for a girly hug i have so many on my list in my little black hug book ha ha ..

      💋💖 Stephanie

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      Paula Here
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      I have gone to two events.  My biggest take away was remember it take 2 hours to get ready for the evening events even when you are dressed all day. I got caught up with new friends and ended up not having the time needed to get my makeup and hair right, and ended up late to dinner.

      On the drive home after 3 days in heels, I was happy for my runners.


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      Carole Corbett
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      I so wish you were attending.  Last year was my first Keystone and your advice is spot on. I didn’t think of potassium supplements so that you!

      A few other things to add:

      Bring moleskin…perfect for the shoe that is rubbing you wrong or too tight

      Don’t bring shoes you have not worn  if at all possible wear them even if it’s a few days

      Clothing and also jewelry selections help in keeping organized. Try on your outfits before hand   Also it’s easy to forget so write down your outfits ot take pictures so you can remember what you planned

      You will be tired at the end of the night.  Putting everything away at the end of the night will make the next day easier

      Hotel lighting is terrible. Bring an extra light to help with doing your makeup

      Meeting new friends are one of the best parts of going to events like 5his…having a small contact card or “business card” with your contact info is helpful in connecting

      Smile a lot…be brave…everyone is pretty much in the same spot or has been.  Don’t be afraid to venture out.

      There are so many other tips…Gabby started it ..let’s all share what we know !

      Carole ❤️❤️

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        Gabriela Romani
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        Thank you Carole!!

        And yes to all, but in particular about ligths/makeup. If you can get a lighted mirror, it would be a good investment!

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      Alison Anderson
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      Great suggestions.

      I’ll add a few things.  Take some small scissors to cut threads or hanger straps. Take nail clippers and an emery board in case your nails need fixing. And if you used your own nail polish, bring it in case you need to touch up a spot.

      The other day at work, I banged my finger on the refrigerator door, and it was bleeding pretty badly from near the nail bed. I wrapped it with a tissue, but it started bleeding again every time I took off the tissue. I eventually had to rubber band the tissue on my finger and leave it there to get the blood to stop. From this, I think I’m going to make sure I carry some band-aids with me.

      While I agree you don’t want to overdo outfits, you may want to consider bringing an extra one or two (maybe one day, one evening) in case something happens last minute, whether it is a rip, or it isn’t fitting that day, or it’s not fitting your mood.

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      Gabriela, I may be the first to comment but I am sure I won’t be the last…thank you for your timely “Advice and recommendations”.. Leonara had all intentions of attending but what is the saying “best laid plans”..thank you again for taking the time to share your experience…. Warmer regards, Leonara

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