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      Amanda Burton
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      Hell just wear what you feel comfortable in, if it make you happy wear them. One of lessons we should have learned, is your dressed feminine then you are going to be stared at regardless. I have a few lady friends who are actually over 6ft tall, sadly the reasons they don’t wear high heels is the fact a lot of men are still not comfortable with woman being taller, which is sad as other ladies don’t have a problem their height in heels. But at the end of the day it’s down to the individual, personally I think sod them, get over it. 

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      Dala Carlian
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      I say, do what makes YOU happy and if the rest of the world feels short…too bad…

      I’m 6’1″ and I wear 4 inch heels. Yes I tower over most girls, so what…

      I love the way the shoes look and how they make my legs look…

      You only go around once dear, be happy…



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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I’m happy for anyone who CAN wear heels that high. 4 inch is my limit, more just is too much for my feet, lol! Go for it!

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      Paula F
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      Amilia, if YOU like the height of your heels, it doesn’t matter how tall you are.  Own it and wear it as much as you like.  I used to wear 4-5 inch regularly until I nearly broke my ankle one night.  I thought it had healed and it felt like it for several years, until the weakness made itself known about 10 years ago.  I have to limit my heels now to 2 inches, and can have very little taper to them, or that ankle will tire easily and start to ‘turn’ the more I walk.  at 6’1″, I was pretty tall over a lot of people back then and very noticeable in a crowd, and still am to a degree, but I stay much closer to the ground now, for safety.


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      Cindy Lou
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      This one goes out to all the beautiful amazons out there, the world loves tall ladies! Only insecure men and jealous women do not. My wife at 5’11” is 4 ” taller than me and I just love it when she puts 4 or 5″ heels on. The taller the better, bring it bitch!

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      Robyn Devine
      Registered On: October 24, 2020
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      I wear what makes me feel beautiful! I’m only 5’10” but I regularly wear 4″-6″ heels and could care less how tall I am in them. They make me feel amazing and beautiful and that is all that matters

      Drop the mic…BOOM!! 💥💥

      Couldn’t put it any better!

      You wear what you love!  The haters will wish they had the privilege to kiss your ___!


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      Amber Smith
      Registered On: March 27, 2020
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      I wear what makes me feel beautiful! I’m only 5’10” but I regularly wear 4″-6″ heels and could care less how tall I am in them. They make me feel amazing and beautiful and that is all that matters

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      Cassy Luvu
      Registered On: August 26, 2020
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      I’m 5ft 6 in but don’t desire to wear 6in heels unlike the classy but sexy look

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      Donna Stryfe
      Registered On: September 1, 2020
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      I’m 6’9″ and i love my 4 inch heels. It puts me over 7′ but i just love the look. I do, however, have to watch my head when walking about.

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      Patty Phose
      Registered On: May 7, 2016
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      I say get the heels and enjoy them. At some point you may want to try wearing them out. If not just enjoy having and wearing them at home

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      I am 5′ 10″ and have worn heels up to 6″ high.  I’m sure that I stand out in a crowd too.  Wear what you like and do it with confidence.  You’ll be fine.

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      Laura Lovett
      Registered On: March 26, 2020
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      Hi Amilia

      I am 6′ 4″, and love 3″ heels – I don’t usually go higher, but recently have been wearing trainers and flats more often.

      The great thing about fashion is that you can do whatever you like – It’s all about your personal look.

      Do you like the overall effect once you’ve finished dressing and makeup? Does it make you feel happy when you see your image?

      That’s the gold standard.

      As others have said, mind doorways!

      Love Laura


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      Emily Alt
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      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      The way I see it any woman close to 6′ tall is going to attract attention. What difference does a few inches make? If she’s confident in heels more power to her. Plenty of tall women do it every day. Lack of confidence is obvious regardless of height. It’ll bring the kind of attention nobody wants.


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      Simone C
      Registered On: January 23, 2019
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      Choices, choices. I find the advantage of high heels are they slim the legs and move the hips forward. Downsize as you say is low bridges. I try to stick to very low heels (I’m 6’3″) for the same reason as you, though I do have one pair of 4″ for with my LBN (Little Black Number).

      And as Jenny said, there are various tricks to reduce height like colours and patterns. If you look on YouTube there are a series of clips by a French woman, Justine Leconte, with all kinds of tips on dressing for body type and shape. Worth a watch!


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      Hello Amilia

      I think that tall with 6″ heels might be too tall. Maybe 4″ Dont want to be smashing your head on doorways.


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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      Hi Amilia

      Just a word of warning, if you are tall and do wear 6” heels indoors be verrrry careful going through doors. I learned the hard way, duck!



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      Debbie J
      Registered On: April 24, 2019
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      One way to approach it: I’m 6’1″, but I used to work with a GG who was 5’11” and who wore 3″ or more heels every day. I asked her why, and she said “It makes me feel powerful.”

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      I’m 6 foot and I don’t care if I look taller. When I wear heels I usually wear 3 inch block heels. I also have some Espadrille platform shoes that add a couple of inches and some wedges but they are so much fun to wear and look great with so many clothes. I have as much right to wear them as any other girl no matter my height…and if you look around you will see women that are tall all the time.


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      Amilia Tanner
      Registered On: August 23, 2020
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      Hi Jenny

      Thank you for the hints. I don’t slouch anyway. But the other hints are a great help ^_^

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      Jenny Jones
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      So I am six feet (okay, 5′ 11″ and 7/8ths), I play around with heels, but I don’t wear them that much due to the extra height really messing with the image. Height makes you stand out, sure, but there are some tips (borrowed from several sites):

      • Full and wide skirts. Increasing the width makes the height less noticeable, flared skirts and dresses help
      • Break up the colors. A long strip of color from top to bottom is easy to make it look taller, breaking it up with a different colored top, a sharp contrasting belt, breaks visual continuity and makes it look more like two different shorter objects rather than one long one.
      • Don’t Slouch. Slouching makes you look shorter, but it also makes it obvious you are hiding your height. Kind of standing out by trying to hide.

      It is important to note the tallest woman in the world is recorded at 7’7″ and several famous movie actresses are over 6′.

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      Amilia Tanner
      Registered On: August 23, 2020
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      Hi Micheaela

      All my  shoes are low heels same as you 2″ or lower. As for ceilings mine are low too so could look at lumps and bumps on my head  ^_^

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      michaela jane
      Registered On: December 9, 2016
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      Amilia, I am 6’3″ myself and understand your problem. I keep my heels, and I have only one pair, no higher than 2″.  At my age I would probably topple on anything higher.  It may not be a problem in your neck of the woods, but in my house, the ceiling fans are a limiting factor on heel height.  😉


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