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      I have been developing my breasts naturally for 3+ years (naturally and not through HRT).  I’ve gotten to the point that I should wear a bra.  Do any of you girls deal with this?  If so, what do you prefer?  Wireless?  Underwire? Push up?  Sports?  I love what a push up bra does for my cleavage, but it is impossible to hide the fact that I have large breasts and am wearing a bra when in public.  I’m just curious what other women in my situation do.  Thanks!

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I’ve been on HRT about 16 months.  My boobs are small enough that I don’t always wear a bra.  When I do it’s an underwire or a sports bra.


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      Dawn Judson

      I’d love to be in your situation, Flora. If you don’t mind, could you tell me what you’re doing to develop them “naturally”?

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        I did a lot of reading about natural breast development.  I tried Naturaful Breast enlargment cream at first…used it for at least 6 months…religiously every day.  I also massaged my breasts every day.  I’m not sure what caused it, but they started getting bigger.  I then tried supplements like fenugreek and saw palmetto.  They seemed to have the least amount of side effects.  I’ve been thinking more and more about trying pueraria mirifica, but am concerned a little about the side effects.  I continue to massage my breasts religiously every day.  My last measurement showed a difference of 4” between my band size and my breast size.  Most charts show a D, but a C fits me better at this point.  I do try to wear a bra as often as I can get away with it.  I’m still pretty much closeted with my dressing….but the desire never goes away and I’m thankful for that.

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          Roberta Broussard
          Duchess - Annual

          Remarkable experience, I just placed an order for this cream and the patches. I’m hopeful for positive results.

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      I have small boobs, i don’t feel like i need to wear one, but i do find a bra helpful with bounce. I wear one almost every day, usually a lightly padded underwire bra.

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      Angela Booth

      I have enough to make a nice cleavage and always wear a bra with a silicone booster. I use underwire but that is my choice and wear it the whole day with no issues. I would look into the possibility of having a bra fitting and see what you feel comfortable in.

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        Hi Angela
        I just answered this to another member so here’s answer again. I just copied and pasted it.
        I wear my different colors and assortments of panties every day. I threw out all my man panties. I wear my bra’s every day and much easier in the winter too.
        I find now that I don’t feel right if I don’t at least have my panties and bra on. I am 73 and I got the biggest surprise when I went to my doctors for something else and I got brave and asked her about my man boobs which are a very nice and firm size “C” cup and whether I should maybe be wearing a bra so they don’t sag like I have seen some men’s and I near hit the floor when she said if you are comfortable wearing a bra it would probably be a good idea because they will eventually sag if they don’t have help just like a woman’s.
        Still wear drab over top though and guess that won’t change

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          Rhonda Lee
          Baroness - Annual

          I’m sure that response to needing to wear a bra made your day!! To be told I NEEDED to wear one and would be better off doing so would sure make mine. That gives a perfect answer to anyone inquiring “My doctor prescribed it for me, feeling it medically necessary.”

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      Flora I dont physically need to wear one, but sometimes I just have to slip one on for peace of mind.  And some times the need is so great that my breast ache until I put it on.  Would love to know how your increasing in size “naturally”

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      J J

      I suggest you do want any woman would do, go to a store and try on bras to find what works best for you in your current state of development. What style of bra I or anybody else is irrelevant to your build and development. wear what works for you and that you like. A bra fitter can help immensely, but ultimately it comes down to you. It is your choice.

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      Hi Flora, well to directly answer your question, my (natural) boobs are there, but small enough that I don’t have to wear a bra. And there are times when I’m dressed in something appropriate and don’t wear one, like a swimsuit, especially a two piece some years ago or on rare occasion a tank.  And I have silicone inserts, so I most often use those – with a bra, of course. But there have been times when I’ve worn a smaller bra with just my man boobs, when I want to have nothing ‘unnatural’ about me.  I then do wear underwire as I think it supports me a little better.  But I haven’t tried too many other kinds.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      I don’t need to wear a bra, but I do so anyway and always love the experience.

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      Tracy H

      Happy New Year,

      I love wearing my bras. I have natural large b or small c cup breasts. I find that Bali minimizers in 44c work really well for me. If you look on Macy’s website you will see a couple of reviews I have written for these bras. I also have a few Playtex wireless bras that I really wearing. They are very comfortable and give me proper support.

      I feel so much more pulled together when I have on a bra.




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      I am a full time girl, so wearing my bras is also a full time item of apparel. At this point in my life I have natural ‘B’ cup breasts but use breast forms to give me a boost to my bust.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Cece X

      I have small but sagging moobs. I hope they get bigger over time. They do look nice in a bralette. I do not need to wear a bra, but I sure enjoy wearing one!

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      need no, want/desire…Yes!  I, as many of us here love the feeling of wearing a bra or bralette. but the problem with wearing a bra under our clothes is that the straps and back hook as well as the padded cups make it evident that we are wearing one.  Thank god for who ever came up the bralette!

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      Hi Flora

      I find wireless more comfortable, and have no need for the extra support a wired bra gives. A padded one helps if I am wearing anything which may show a little cleavage. And always wear a sports bra when out running.
      Can I ask how you have been developing them naturally to produce such evident results?

      B x

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        I knew I wanted fuller/bigger breasts the first time I put in a bra.  I did a lot of research about breast development in men and started my journey.  I started massaging my breasts daily (and still do). I’ve used Naturaful breast enlargement cream…did that for a little over 6 months.  Their theory is that the natural estrogen in the cream will promote mammary cell growth.  I’ve also taken supplements like fenugreek and saw palmetto to hopefully increase estrogen in my body chemistry while blocking testosterone.  Probably the next best thing to full fledged hormone therapy.  Also, I think genetics has played a role.  My mother had large breasts so it could be in my dna.  I can now respectfully fill a c cup bra.  Like most men and some women, my breasts are wide set.  So I find that a wider band bra as well as underwires push the girls front and center.  A push up bra is my ultimate choice, but at this point in my development, impossible to hide with any male shirt that I wear.  I do usually wear a push up bra when I dress femme.  It gives me the cleavage I so desire.

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      Hi yes the fact that you develop naturally intrigues me, haveing read the forum, any really good advice would be appreciated, i do have small breasts but would love bigger ones
      Thanks WEndy

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      Need no, desire always. Own AAA to C use a filler as needed. Don’t always sleep in one.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I don’t need to unless I’m bouncing around the yard cutting grass. However, i do so love wearing one.

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      Hi Flora. what a great question!

      For many of us, the need to wear a bra is more often the desire to wear a bra. I’m a natural B cup, so I don’t need to, but I definitely want to and do so as often as possible. For me, a bra is the one item of lingerie that doesn’t have a counterpart in the male world, so I always feel more feminine when I wear one. Plus, I love how my bras fit and the feel of wearing bras!

      But in answer to your question, I’d suggest that if your breasts are big enough to need to wear a bra, you do so. The bottom line is that bras are designed to support our breasts so that they don’t sag and we’re more comfortable, which (to me at least) makes sense in your situation. If you’re concerned at all about your bra showing under your male clothes, there are different styles and fabrics that are less obvious than others. I’d suggest going to a store like Macy’s (they’re very T-friendly) and ask a professional bra fitter for help and suggestions. Plus, it’s so much fun having a real woman help you pick out bras!



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      Hi again Flora.
      Don’t know if I gave you this post already but I was surprised by my doctor (Who is Filopino female)

      I just answered this to another member so here’s answer again. I am 73 and I got the biggest surprise when I went to my doctors for something else and I got brave and asked her about my man boobs which are a very nice and firm size “C” cup and whether I should maybe be wearing a bra so they don’t sag like I have seen some men’s and I near hit the floor when she said if you are comfortable wearing a bra it would probably be a good idea because they will eventually sag if they don’t have help and support just like a woman’s.
      Still wear drab over top though and guess that won’t change

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      No I don’t NEED to wear a bra but I LOVE wearing one daily and do.

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      Hi Flora,  I have small breasts and always wear a bra daily.  If I don’t my shape looks weird and saggy.  I also have pencil eraser nipples which not only don’t lie flat but will chaff, headlight  and hurt if they aren’t protected.  I usually just wear an off the shelf beige Maidenform T-Shirt underwire bra without any forms.  If I’m glamming up or the outfit demands it, I will wear a Maidenform Underwire Pushup bra.  This is what has worked for me for years, but like JJ said you have to find what works for you and your body.  For me it is important to not look strange and to be comfortable.  This combination works for me and I go through my days not even knowing that I’m wearing a bra.  It goes on it the morning and off at night just like my shoes.  If I find myself thinking about my bra it’s usually because something is wrong, like a hook or thread poking out and then it’s time to adjust or replace it.  It took me a few years to find the right combinations for my body and I hope that you can also find what’s perfect for you.    Marg

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      I don’t have anything to naturally put in a bra, but would love to gain a little bit of breast growth.  But I also don’t feel properly dressed unless I am wearing a bra and always do when I am out in public as Clara.

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      I might be in a small minority here, in that whilst I don’t need to wear a bra I’ve never really had the desire to wear one either. Strange, I know, because it is one of those obvious feminine things that you think you would want to wear. Perhaps, it was the fiddly nature of them that put me off when I was younger, but maybe it’s an area I should revisit now that I’m somewhat more mature.


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      i am flat chested kind of girl but not that flat, any ways i wear a bra most of the time, if not i am working on a side job for i am medically retired. so, when i don’t work i wear a bra and feels great to wear one. wish i could wear a bra every day and no one would care. i love the feeling of the straps around my back and over the shoulders..

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      Patty Phose

      I wear bras because I love wearing bras. I also use them to hold my breastforms. So, I guess I do need to wear a bra.

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      Eva B

      [postquote quote=722451]

      Me as well. I love a good underwire bra to help accenturate the natural A to B girls.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I need to wear a bra to hold my B forms but I actually enjoy wearing a bra. I have a drawer full of Bali t-shirt underwire bras that fit me very well and are comfortable to wear all day as I usually do. I’m looking for my first strapless bra so I can wear spaghetti strap and off the shoulder dresses.


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        I’m wearing a strapless push up bra right now that I purchased on amazon.  I love it.  I also wear it with spaghetti straps, but am wearing it with a sleeveless pencil dress right now.  It’s impossible to hide under men’s clothing, but gives my breasts the look I love with lots of cleavage.

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      For me, bras are the most feminine of items to wear. Like many girls have already said, its not so much about a need, but a want. I love wearing bras and I am always underdressed, so I always wear one and when I go en femme, I of course need the bra for my breast forms.

      I love lacy and see though nylon bras with thick straps and bands, always with underwire (unless Im wearing sports kit, then a tight sports bra is my choice).

      I would love to have breast implants to have the need for a bra, but this is something perhaps for the future.

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      I do not have any natural breast that would require me to wear a bra. Like many of the other ladies here I do enjoy wearing a bra and do most everyday when I am wearing my forms. I underdress daily in panties and while I could wear a bra if I choose to I don’t see a point if there is nothing there for it to hold up.

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      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      Does wearing a bra create a NEED for one? My SO is ok with my wearing a bra to a degree, but is starting to resist because she thinks that wearing one is augmenting my breasts, to the point where I now need one. She believes her shoulders are indented because of the impact of bra straps for decades. I have strongly resisted giving up the bra because the more I wear one the more I feel it essential for my own emotional comfort. I also love the fact that I am better able to fill the cups, and my breasts now jiggle, although I don’t know if that is the result of the bra shaping my tissue. Could she be right?

      • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Rhonda Lee.
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        Hi Rhonda, thanks for your post. I have actually been wondering the same thing. I don’t actually need a bra on a daily basis but I do love wearing them as much as possible.
        Lately I have noticed I can now fill my 38b bras without any forms and my chest area has a definite breast shape and feel. I’m not on any medication and I haven’t put on any weight. I’m excited about my unexpected breast growth and would also love to know why it’s happening.

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          Rhonda Lee
          Baroness - Annual

          Thanks for the reply. Glad to know I am not alone… As with you, I love it! very encouraging!! I also see other men developing breasts. I believe that many are on estrogen due to prostate cancer or other reasons. One cannot assume that one grows breasts because they are feminine or believe they are a woman. I think there is a good case for displaying breast growth without causing others to think you are abnormal. Knowing that, I am less self-conscious about going barechested in hot tubs and the like in spite of my breast growth. I underdress regularly, accenting my breasts. But I still hesitate to wear clothes that reveal the outline of a bra. I’m sure I don’t always succeed at concealing it, but am working on being less self-conscious about wearing clearly feminine garments when in male mode.

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      Diane Benson

      I don’t need to wear a bra but wish I did need to! Like most other girls here, I do enjoy wearing a bra whenever I get the chance though.  For me it is one of the most feminine things to wear.

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      I have small breasts and wear a B cup with thin triangle inserts (from Amazon) every day that give me a nice shape but not noticeable. I like wirefree and bralettes for hot weather. Underwire bras I like a bra with a faux jewel or bow between the cups and some lace.At this point I have around 60 bras and bralettes from the usual brands–Bali, Vanity fair, Victoria Secret, Maidenform, Warner. I love the feel of bra straps and band all day.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Since my first response 2 months ago, I’ve had a growth spurt and almost need to wear a bra.  Besides shaping and support, a bra provides relief from constant chafing.


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      I don’t need to wear one but I love wearing them! As others have mentioned, it is the most Feminine of all items and I just love the feeling that wearing one gives.

      My preference is for ones with a full lace cup. Underwire or soft cup makes no difference.

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      Yes, I do. My boobs first grew a bit because I was put on that Sheep Hormones fad diet in late puberty. All I got out of it was fatter and gynecomastia.

      Age and weight has added to their size. Sara C. is right, moobs need support (and love) too.

      I favor sports bras in the day, bralettes overnight. I have a few other sorts (read how I hook them, front>spin or back, elsewhere) those tend to be for the boudoir rather than out and about.

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      I don’t NEED to wear a bra for support. But I love wearing one. The feel of it just makes me feel complete. I wear one as much as I can. I pray all the time that my breasts would grow to be at least a C cup.



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      Psychologically I do. I don’t feel right without one.

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      I don’t wear a bra all the time but would love to.  I have large A small B natural breasts.  I enjoy the feeling of wearing a bra.  I stopped wearing t-shirts a long time ago as undergarments.  I’m hoping one day to be able to underdress with a bra.  It is a matter of convincing my wife that it is okay.  She has become more accepting of my dressing over time and hopefully that will continue.


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