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      I was wondering if any of you girls ride them and  what make do you ride, do you ride dressed as male or female or both. I have always rode them and I have had Harley Davidsons all my life. I ride both in drab and dressed, but I really like riding with some tight jeans and my very sexy high heeled boots, leather vest and rose colored shades and now I have a custom painted black helmet adorned with red and pink roses and a little cross on the back of it. I am a very small person so I think some people look and think look at that little girl riding that big motorcycle.  Most people just smile or wave, but I like the whistles too.

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      When I was much younger, I used to ride, and even did a little dirt-track racing; but this was pre-Lulu. Not that it would make a difference. Black denim trousers and a leather motorcycle jacket (and a helmet, when we had to) don’t project a femme image at all.


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        Lulu, I can just bet you were hell on wheels too. Love Coral

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      I do ride. I have a Suzuki Bergman 650 now.


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        Gwyneth, I love to hear that others like me ride, sometimes when I’m at an event for bikers I wonder who is like me. Sometimes I suspect someone is, and want to be nosey  but rarely have I ever said anything and only if they have let it be known to me . So they must have felt the same about who I was, isn’t that funny. Have you ever run into that situation? Love Coral

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          I’ve read over all the points to vote on. I’ve voted for the wrong one. I do ride, just not enfemme. I had to ride my scooter yesterday to work as I’ve sold my truck. It was chilly, but fun except for the traffic. I can’t get it out of my mind that anyone out there can kill me.

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      Barb Wire

      Hi Carol!

      Why, yes! I ride a Yammy Roadliner, 1854cc cruiser. Goes like stink all day long!

      I will wear tights under my jeans to prolong the season, but by the end of October or early November we’re done. My winters in Ontario are brutal. And then I get to look at my beauty in the garage for 6 months! WHAAA!!!!

      I prefer to look ultra-masculine when on my bike. I wear a jean jacket with a big eagle patch and a big Canadian Flag. My hair is long and I like it blowing in the wind, even under my beanie helmet. FA!

      I wear this jacket whenever I’m travelling, even without my bike. I love going to the States! I’ve had lots of wonderful conversations with so many about motorcycles and the best places to ride. Americans are the nicest people!

      Love this topic!

      xo Barb



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        Hi Barb, I can imagine how cold it must be up there on a bike. I ride a Harley Custom Deluxe, 103 with a 6 speed tranny ( no pun intended). I like riding , it’s my favorite thing to do except for shopping. I love going to the Harley shop but they are so high now on their stuff. Next time your in  the states , if your close to Cali, let me know and maybe we could do a little riding . Coral

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          Barb Wire

          Thanks, Carol! I’ll keep this invite in my wallet.

          Custom Deluxe? That’s sweet! What colour? Any customization? Mine is stock and silver with lots of chrome.

          Whenever we drive from Ontario to North and South Carolina, I tell my SO I have two conditions for any stops. There must be a Starbucks and a Harley-Davidson, Indian or Yamaha dealership.

          Yeah, getting pricey, but Harley’s accessories like gloves, boots, etc., are pretty decent quality. I got a pair of leather open-finger gloves at the Harley Store in downtown NYC and they’re still going strong after many years of wear.

          My next bike may be an Indian Dark Horse, but only if my bike ever gets stolen. I think my Roadliner will last forever. It’s an amazing ride! For 10 years I rode 10,000 kms (6,000 miles) per year. Getting older now, but my real worry is everyone else. So many idiots.  Only got 2,000 kms this year because I had to wait 2 month for new tires! The supply chain is still blocked up.

          🏍🏍 xo Barb :B

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      I ride as much as I can. A Harley Ultra Limited 107 with a few engine mods. It is so relaxing and sometimes exciting. You meet so many different and unique people. Have never rode dressed but plan to. It is the single most enjoyable thing I do

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      I never had a motorcycle, nor had a desire to ride one.

      A GG friend had one, and had it outside at one of her many CD parties.  I did pose for a picture on the motorcycle.  But that’s as far as I ever went.

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        Hi Alison,

        I think being a posercyclist rather than a motorcyclist is a great (and the safest) way to get up close and personal to a bike. Biking can be a risky activity.

        Marti xxx

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      Hi Coral,

      Yes, I did in my youth, I had a few bikes but not for a long long time now. Not sure I’d ever get on one again.

      By far my best was a Triumph Bonneville T120 – from the 70s era, not the later 1200 cc ones! 100 mph, ragged tshirt, ripped jeans, long hair, no helmet. Crazy times.

      Marti xxx

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      Hi Coral.

      I had a couple of Yamaha scooters in the distant past, just for commuting to and from work….very nippy around town. I never rode as grace, I agree with Lulu, the protective gear was not  very flattering.

      I have never had a motorcycle but…

      I heard my mother say she had an itchyfannee once….but I never saw her ride it!!!😂

      Grace xx

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        Grace, we’re you a mod?

        inthought I recognised you in THAT film

        ” Quadrophinia”

        No jokes please, guys, the film may be a bit dated but historically quite a true record .

        ”Who said that?”


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      Hi Coral! I rode for years. Just sold my bike this past Spring. My reflexes are not what they used to be. And with everyone on their cell phone these days? But I will ride as Pru. It’s on my Bucket List. Sold the bike to a friend. He said I can borrow it anytime. Going to have a GG friend take a video of me going down the road.   It was a 2001 Dyna Wide Glide Hugs Pru!

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      I have been a passenger on a motor bike. I would go on a motorbike crossdressed. I’d love a nice dress, which would blow in the wind.

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      Of course, have been riding my whole life. Ride a sport bike and a sport tourer, always in riding gear from my Shoei helmet down to Sidi boots. Such a thrill to fly along the roads.

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      Years ago, I rode my brother’s Honda 450 Nighthawk from the Gulf Coast to Ft. Gordon, GA (8 hrs), with the stated intention of selling it for him on the army base.

      I really wanted to just ride it for a while. I managed to wreck it, not once, but twice, at low to moderate speeds. Both times paying the repair costs out of pocket, not telling my brother about the accidents.

      Eventually did sell it for him.

      I’ve only ridden a time or two, since. Mostly just due to not having the opportunity.

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      I do, and I have a 100th anniversary Harly 883 XL Custom. Riding my Harley is what I enjoy doing in male mode. Everybody says a Sportster is a girls bike. What they don’t know is I don’t have a problem with that.  I’ve never ridden in fem mode but maybe someday I will.

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        A girl’s bike? In my young days, the Sporty and it’s prototype (K) dominated flat track and TT circuits.


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        Barb Wire

        I almost got an 2012 883 in candy red, but went for my Yammy Roadliner instead. I really fell in love with its Art Deco look!

        The Sportster is arguably the best engineered Harley after the Porsche engined V-Rod! Both are beautiful rides!

        Live to Ride, Ride to Live!

        xo Barb

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      I once owned a 2006 Triumph Bonneville T100 in orange/cream paint scheme. I sold it when I became serious with my current wife as I knew she got nervous anytime I rode it. I saw one on the street just the other day just like it and ohhhh did I want it back!

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      That is on my to do list for sure I have a flhtc harley but have never rode as Gina

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      Had an old boyfriend that had a big Honda motorcycle and I sat on the back as he cruised about town and the outskirts. It was a thrilling experience. Although in a helmet and no one can see my face I still wore girlie clothes. I have a rabbit faux bolero jacket with tight jeans and boots as I sat on the back holding on him. We did get lots of waves from guys in passing cars

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      First started motorcycle when I was 15, for years it was my only form of transport, mainly Honda, the crazy thing is that I rode bikes for years without a scratch, had a car for 2 years then someone thought they didn’t want to drive on there side of the road and ploughed into me putting me in hospital for 2 months.

      fast forward years and after the children had more or less grown up, I got back into riding my SV 1000 sport, the riding position wasn’t great and ended up with a triumph tiger 1050. 2 years ago due to past injuries time caught up with me and unfortunately the bike and riding days where over.

      However never rode as Samantha, apart from thick tights when it was cold.

      Samantha x

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      no, I can get in enough trouble on 4 wheels!

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      I started riding motorcross at around 10, progressed to drag racing bikes in high school and eventually matured enough to enjoy touring bikes. I have 2 fused vertebrae in my lower back from a broken back in a drag wreck and several good scars. Decided it was time to keep them under 170mph at that point. My wife and I rode for many years together all over the US on our Goldwing but when she became pregnant we decided it was time for a hiatus until the children grew to adulthood. Our fear was we were always 2 up so anything bad would have happened to both of us leaving our children orphans. Now I have no desire to get back into road bikes but have considered a dirt bike for fun on the farm. And for the record, I never rode en femme.

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      Started riding in my early teens (Honda XL125). Tried motocross at 17 (’75 Honda CR125 Elsinore). Raced 7-8 races, only finished one in last. Bought a trials bike (’76 Honda TL250). Used it to ferry gas for a friend who race enduro’s in the Cali desert. Then went to street bikes (Yamaha DT400, Yamaha SR500). The 500 was my last bike. Too many crazy drivers in California. I worked for a trauma hospital and we called motorcycles ‘donor-cycles’.

      Be safe. Love and Peace.


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      Putting this another way, have any of you rode a bicycle crossdressed? Have you worn a skirt or dress while on a bicycle?

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        From 10 until I got my DL, I rode the bike that my sister and I shared.  Never wore a dress on it though.  Shorts or her outgrown jeans, sandals and one of her tanktops or t-shirt usually.  Met my first boyfriend while riding that bike.


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        Cross dressed- no- but cross legged- in tights- yes.  So many good memories of bike rides.

        Take care when you are on the roads folks, especially if on the two wheeled variety😊


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      What a pretty name. I too have ridden most of my life. I have 2 Harleys and my wife and i ride all the time. I’ve never ridden enfemme, only bra and panties (matching of course) i would consider riding enfemme if the situation was right.
      Great question,

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      Hi Coral,

      I’ve had motorbikes at various times during my life; my last bike being a Harley.  And my Harley leather jacket was a female jacket (it was on sale and fit well).  So yes, I’ve ridden both drab and en femme.

      But once I bought my Corvette, my poor Harley sat in the garage gathering dust (plus it was too dangerous to ride in NW Canada – all the nitwits in the jacked-up pickup trucks challenged me to race from traffic lights not realizing they don’t have a chance against a motorbike and road conditions like potholes are all over the place and we have a very short riding season).  Anyway, the Corvette was way too much fun to be dressed en femme so I sold my Harley to a young guy who would drive it more than me.

      If I lived in south U.S. I’d probably still have a bike and ride it en femme for sure. Have a lovely weekend, Hugs, Krista.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I rode motorcycles for a few years when I was a teenager.  When I was 20, I was almost killed by a drunk driver.  Haven’t been on a motorcycle since.

      I still ride bicycles often.  I have yet to ride wearing feminine clothes.  But that’s just a matter of time since I’m transitioning.

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      Caty Ryan

      No never have never well.. Good grief, in these “Covid crowded hospitals” days down  here in OZ, I wont even get on my bicycle!! Why?. I’m well over 70 and if I have a bad fall I dont want to end up in one of the above.




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      I have rode all my life, and currently own 3 different breeds, but ride the 76′ Harley. My favorite though, is my very first, which I still own, and have since I was 15, A 1967 BSA.
      I haven’t rode it enfemme, yet, but I do plan to.
      Hugs Regi👸💖

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        Hi Regi,

        A ‘vintage’ BSA – maintaining that must be a labour of love 😉

        Marti xxx

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          Oh, it so is, Marti, as is the Harley.
          Both are kick start only, right side shift, so I never have to worry about others asking to ride, they don’t know how, lol.
          But, both are hard to find parts for, being so old, and no one else can work on them, so
          I’m the only mechanic,they see.
          Hugs, Regi👸💖

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            Barb Wire


            In heels 👠 and nylons!! Then burn rubber! Oh that’s gotta look fabulously cool!!

            OK, let’s form a CDH OMG! May as well since we’re probably 1%ers anyway!

            We could call ourselves “The Stallion Mares”!

            🐎🏍 Barb :B

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            I have to admit, kick starting a bike was my only option – and sometimes painful – in the days I was biking. But electric turn ons – life had its sweeter side 😉

            Marti xxx

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        A BSA- all the rage when I was a wee laddie.

        was it a Bantam?

        UK roads are death traps now. You have to patient to find the gaps between the potholes!



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          No, It’s a Royal Star, and its not the potholes here, but the traffic, its just crazy any more, you have to have your eyes on a swivel, lol
          Hugs, Regi👸💖

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      I ride motor cycle but never dressed up, but i do under dress and ride. being under dressed when its cool out keeps me warm while riding

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      I had a Honda moped when i was younger i used to ride it to work before i passed my driving test,

      I did see a yellow Harley for sale in a magazine once it looked great,

      Have you seen the film Tango and Cash with Curt Russell and Sly Stallone, when Curt Russell gets on the back of that motorcycle in drag I’ve always wanted to do the same X

      Hugs Roz X

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      Hi! Interesting question but Oh my! Motorcycles scare me! So that’s a No! Hugs, Debbie Lynn


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      Wind therapy is some of the best therapy one can get. I try to ride daily in the good weather and I have ridden en femme  numerous times…double therapy!

      When the wind rushes past your ears, it creates a vacuum and sucks all the negative thoughts out and all you can concentrate on are the sights, sounds and smells that you don’t get in a “cage”. BUT, you must ALWAYS pay attention to the nimrods that are out to kill you. When I ride, I am what I call “cautiously aggressive”.

      Remember when “sex” was safe and “motorcycles” were dangerous?”

      Ride to live….live to ride !

      2001 Suzuki Intruder VL1500 and a 1999 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

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        Vacuum? I have that in my head anyway.
        Those are not motorcycles- they are small armed raiding machines.

        We used to get excited with 650 Triumphs. this was before any Honda or Yamaha had emerged.

        My first m/ cycle was a Francis Barnett cruiser. ( Cruiser had a different meaning then!!!!)

        I used to live only 12 miles from Lawrence of Arabia’s place ( not that he was still alive then. ) ! He had a 1000 cc Brough – is that correct? A bit like a body less car on two wheels!!!!!

        Saw my first Harley when I was quite old. I sat on one- but did not have a go.

        I suppose they wouldn’t trust me??!!

        I miss those days.


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          Hi Anya,

          A “Franny Bee” ! Thanks for the memory, I seem to remember it was a cheap option for lots of learners in those days. I passed my test on a Lambretta 125 [blush]

          Marti xxx

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      I will ride on the back of a motorcycle, skirt tucked and wig scarfed down, hanging on for dear life to the man that is driving.  I tried to drive one once and didn’t do well at all.

      Alexis, safety is up to who gets to ride, and who is doing the driving.  (weg)


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      Danni Ash

      I ride and have since 1967 but never fully dressed. I have worn panty hose and undies under my outer clothes several times because they are more comfortable when riding.

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      I’ve had a bike since I was 14, starting with a 50cc moped and now riding a Kawasaki ZZR1400 (or ZX14R in other parts of the World).  I didn’t get around to taking my car test until I was 21.

      The car is useful and practical, but there is little to beat the feeling of being on the bike.
      I may change the bike for a less sporty style at some stage, but I can’t see me ever being without one.

      I don’t ride dressed – tricky as I definitely fall into the ATGATT group (All The Gear, All The Time) and I haven’t yet invested in a set of ladies bike gear that would fit me (it’s expensive stuff).
      I do underdress, albeit not all the time

      Isabel x

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        I ride a Kawasaki ZX6R, and like you only with all gear.  I think I might have ridden once underdressed.  Since no one knows I crossdress my fear would be getting into an accident which we who ride know has a considerably higher chance of happening then when driving a car.

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      Motor cycles- Honda and Yamaha
      Always rode in full protective gear. UK cyclists will confirm- we two wheelers are often treated badly.
      It only takes one fall
      Or a slide to ruin my lovely legs ( and that WOULD be a crime )

      Warm under garments can be any kind- nobody knows- but the outer layer is for protection.

      But I think for impression setting, you park on the sea front with loads of friends, strip off
      Little- flash the ankles
      And the make up and shake your lovely hair ( are you with me Top Gun ?)
      And use your body to impress. It also looks very confident which keeps the idiots away.

      Then you talk piston chamber compressions and chain less drive shafts. That keeps ‘em

      Anya xxx

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      I rode for most of my life up until a few years ago.  I’m thinking about getting back into it however (but more interested now in the electric motorcycles coming out for local errands).

      More recently however, as far as riding on one… here’s a recent story…

      I was out shopping at Home Depot doing the usual.  Anyhow, when I was done and walking to my car a few men approached in the parking lot (no big deal, happens quite a bit).  So I just jumped in my car to head home, and lo and behold, a couple guys started following me in my car.  Did a few U-turns, still there.  Switched lanes back and forth, still there.  Stopped at AM/PM gas pump, they stopped around the corner and waited.  My guy self was going to walk over and just pounce… but my girl self decided, eh, what are some healthier options… soooooooo….  I noticed a large group of motorcycle riders gathering across the parking lot.  So I parked my car, walked on up to the group of men and women getting ready for their ride, asked them if I could hang out for a bit as those men in that car down there are just following me all over creeping me out.

      Anyhow, of course they said sure… and well, hit on me too lol… but at least they weren’t being creepy.  They all offered to give me a ride, so I picked the friendliest face of the bunch and we all went riding for a short while (Harley Road King).  Keep in mind, I was in heels and a skirt so short that when I sit down, the back-end of the skirt BARELY even touches the seat I’m sitting on. (My usual skirt length anyway, but never thought about “riding” lol)… Anyhow, it was fun, skirt blowing in the air, thong in full view, and his friends were all wanting to ride behind him (I wonder why???).  We all just laughed about it, which made it even more fun.

      Quite the adventure, but they were super respectful… so it’s all good.  Anyhow, by the time we got back, those creeps in the car had left and I went on my way home.

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      I grew up trail riding. All of my bikes have been Yamahas, starting with with Y Zinger when I was 5. I graduated to an 80 cc bike through my late elementary and middle school years before graduating to a 250 cc bike as a teenager.

      That being said, as much as I enjoyed dirt biking, I have never had an interesting in owning or riding a road bike.  I also have never ridden en femme. I have never seen a reason given my dirt biking kit covers me head to toe.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Linda Taz

      Wow great topic . I have only just learned to ride this summer . Something on my bucket list . Well my boyfriend taught me , now I love it . I learned on a Honda 550 that we rented , I really feel in love with that bike . We wound up buying it . I call it Rhonda (my Honda )

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      I would have to give this a hard NO! We ride. We ride a lot. Harley Street Glide. I am always on the back. We have even ridden from California to Fairbanks Alaska taking the Alaskan Highway and back. (An AMAZING 2-monthtrip!). The reason for my answer, NO has nothing to do with how others would perceive us. It has everything to do with focus. When on the bike, me on it or not, I trust my husband to have the focus he needs to keep each of us safe! When he is in Christine mode, he is excited, and thinking of a million things, like ADD has kicked in! I can’t trust that 100% of the focus is on the road and all of the obstacles that come at us. We have been down (I had an open femur fracture and was in ICU for a week). So, I know firsthand what one wrong move can do. Just not willing to take that chance.

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      I’ve been riding since i was 14, dirt bikes to start and got my class M as we call it here when I was 16. I’ve had many bikes over the years and have gone riding dressed many times, very exhilarating. Perfect way to get out in stealth. Jeans, top, boots, my leather jacket and a full face helmet, love it. I’ve had a few compliments over the years on my cute bum bent over on a crotch rocket, love that also. I had to surrender my license a few years back after I had the brain hemhorage as when it happened the blood came out my ear and broke my inner ear drum and affected my balance, it was heart breaking, that one really pissed me off. I finally sold my  bike 2 summers ago, a 1968 Ducati 386, a classic. It was given to me about 15 years ago when an older neighbour of mine passed away. Him and I were good friends and we used to hang out in his garage fixing up old stuff. When he passed I helped his wife clean out and sell off his stuff so she didn’t get ripped off. The stuff he had in there it was like Alladin’s cave. At the end of it all she gave me the bike saying Jon( Jovan) would want me to have it. It took me 3 years to restore her to factory beauty and when I had to part with her, it broke my heart. Oh well, that’s life.

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      I really wanted a cycle when I was a teen, I had a job all lined up about 5-7 miles away when I was 18, part time during jr. college (I lived at home then), and my older brother who was going to college about 300 miles away had one. However our step-dad told him he couldn’t drive it to college. So the day I was going to ask our dad if I could buy one (to get to a job), my brother took off on his cycle right after our dad left for work. Wow did the proverbial you know what hit the fan. No cycle for me, and sadly had to turn down the job (one that some people had to pull strings for me to get). By the time I was in a position to buy one, I needed a car much more.

      Rode on the backs back then on occasion, including when I was hitchin’ a ride.

      Now I have an ebike. Not the same, but I can go 30-40 miles on it instead of killing myself on a regular bike (at a max speed 20mph).

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      Angela Booth

      Before I could drive cars I rode a little Honda SS50. I then had a couple of other bikes until I was hit hard by a car who ‘Didn’t see me’ as I pulled in front of him. I was already in front of him going in the same direction. I had a trip to hospital as was out of it. He had two ‘witnesses’ in the car. I was taken to court for driving with undue care. My lawyer turned the three inside out and I won. I bought another bike but was shaken by the accident so traded up to a car.

      So to answer the question, No I wouldn’t ride a motorbike any more.

      This post got me thinking about the days of wind in the hair and flies in the teeth. Would I have ridden while dressed. I was about 17 years old and went to a fancy dress party and was dared to dress up. The girls where I worked would make me up and I got an outfit from my sister. I met up before the party where I transformed and they did a good job. My then girlfriend was in on it too. It was a good party and I rode home fully dressed as I kept it on all night!



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      Rayna Carlian

      I have two bikes, a Honda that I did a bobber conversion on and a HD Tour glide(’89) that I’m taking apart a bit and doing a resto mod/street glide update of my own on.

      I love getting out on the bikes.

      I have a few fantasies about getting out en femme.

      One tame- wig under the half helmet, full makeup, forms, long TIGHT leathers on the legs….

      One less so… I was thinking for a Pride parade or something moving slow…  knee high boots, mini-skirt, hair/makeup… a little tease of “bad girl on a bike”. Maybe let a girl ride behind flying a flag…

      Of course, I’d wear sensible gear to/from the event. Keep pants and jacket in the saddle bags for the end of the parade….




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      I’ve been riding for the past 11 yrs, and just in the past few have been under dressing when I ride.  It will be a bucket list item to ride in full Haley,  but I get the thoughts of being focused on the ride while riding.  Living in the southern US and riding a big touring Harley, doesn’t leave a whole lot of “cover” opportunities to ride dressed.

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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        I agree, I too have thought about it often and have been tempted. I think it would be a blast to try it. Maybe when it warms again.  Just too much to pack in the cooler times.

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      Rode many a bike all manufacturers but never enfemme as I do wear all safety clothing.


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      I have been riding for 50 years and no plans to stop anytime soon. Never dressed in fem, just guy clothing. I think about it sometimes, but probably never will. I don’t dress outside the house either.

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      Mandy Wife

      PennyJ and I both ride (although I have hardly managed to get out this year) – all of the gear, all of the time for us in the UK so drab mode all the time (as far as I know!)

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      I’ve been riding for over 30 years and have ridden with tights on, but yes I’d love to tide dressed up but only underwear wise as always ride with safety clothing on as a must as gravel rash stings and skin grafts aren’t nice.

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      I think I have replied before.
      However I did realise something of interest that had not occurred to me before.

      I did have a Honda CD 175 !!


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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I rode a lot when i was young. Decided to stop when children came. Started riding again about 20 yrs ago. I rarely ride locally and almost never ride in the city. Mostly touring trips these days, usually under 4,000 mile trips.

      I  have under dressed often, but have not tried full dress. You are pretty exposed on a bike and its hard to conceal a whole other set of gear.

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        Agreed. But what an excuse to wear leather – head to toe. And sexy dark tinted headgear.( I didn’t want to say the name – it is too dangerous. I’d be banned for life !!)
        Under 4,000 miles? That is four times around UK !!!!!

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      Penny Jay

      Yes I do currently, commuting to work for the last ooh nearly 30 years. And socially for the last 10.

      Don’t think I’ll do it en femme, but never say never.


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      The only vehicle I owned from 1983 until 1990 was a motorcycle. Rode cross country three times. Would love to ride dressed! Conservative: Leather pants, leather jacket, boots. Rebel: leather chaps, hot pink thong/booty shorts/bikini, and leather vest, knee high red high heel boots!

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      I have a Harley Ultra Classic, I have only ridden one time in jeans and heeled boots. I would love to ride fully dressed at least once.

    • #649233
      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I used to ride a Vulcan cruiser but sold it in 2008. Never rode en femme.

    • #649278
      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador

      Haven’t been riding in well over 30 years.  Had a little Kawasaki kz400 which was fun, and for a short time a Suzuki GSX 1100 which frankly scared the crap outta me.  I will admit it was too much bike for me and got rid of it before I killed myself on it!   This was long before my coming out day, so no en femme riding for me.   My older body now much prefers the comfort of a car.


    • #649466

      Yes I ride and have ridden since I was 17!!! I presently own a Harley Electra glide and a Deluxe. I love the freedom of it and the therapy it supplies me. I started with my brother and we travelled extensively. He unexpectedly passed at an early age but I kept riding. I still travel on the motorcycles. I would love to ride enfem one day. I just hope one of my breast forms doesn’t pop out and hit the vehicle behind me!!!!! Stay safe all you riders!!!!

    • #680826

      I’m in the process of buying a motorcycle and I plans on riding when dressed .

      • #680865

        What do you plan to buy?

        • #690827

          I’m thinking of getting an Indian motorcycle

    • #680847

      Never owned one but my boyfriend had a big honda bike and rode as a passenger many times on day trips. It was fun for me and wore leather pants and boots with a heel. I have a furry bolero jacket and a leather motorcycle jacket too which I wore even before meeting him. I really enjoyed it riding with arms around him and fashioned like a biker chic which he loved too

    • #680915

      Omigod, I love motorcycles! If motosexual was an orientation, that would be me! I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was 10 years old with my first dirt bike. I’ve ridden for over 40 years, and currently own four motorcycles: a Triumph, a big KTM adventure bike, a Goldwing, and a BMW project bike. My riding gear is all drab, but I’ve ridden en femme underneath a few times. Once in lingerie, the other times in yoga pants and cute tops (once on a big group ride but none were the wiser). Good riding gear is larcenously expensive so I’ll probably stay drab on the outside. I’d love to be part of an all-trans/all-CD riding club, that would be a gas!

    • #680955

      My first bike was a 51 Indian Chief that almost never started and may have left me with a permanently shorter leg from jumping on it forever. My wife and I currently have matching old iron 79 Sportys and sometimes I ride a 70 Honda Time Trialer around the farm.  I’ve also owned a 650 Triumph Captain America style bobber, a 1981 Suzuki shaft drive  and a 1974 Honda 200, plus many years ago a Cushman Scooter with a Buick two barrel that ran on an alcohol mix.  Now I always ride with a full helmet, boots, goggles and leathers, jeans or kevlar and try to be very careful since I don’t heal as fast anymore.  So, while I’m underdressed you would never know with all my outer wear but you might see my ponytail sticking out from the brainbucket. Thanks Coral for the fun question even if I’m replying almost a year later.     Marg

    • #680966

      I had a Honda motorcycle before I was married and had a lot of fun on it. I never dressed in any way while riding. It wasn’t my main means of transportation but loved to go out around midnight on a hot summer night, open it up full throttle, and feel the cool breeze as I drove as fast as it would go. I think I got it up to about 112 mph once. I sold it when a good friend got killed on his by someone who pulled out in front of him and have never ridden since.

    • #681001

      I have a Harley Davidson Super Glide and a Sportster. I have never ridden dressed, but i would LOVE to ride dressed like a biker chick!💜


    • #681002

      Funny how these topics come back to life after a while. I grew up riding dirt bikes and always rode until a few years ago. Now, my motorcycle is up on a bike stand in my garage and hasn’t ran for years. I miss riding, but started having balance issues, and don’t trust myself to ride safely anymore. I should just get rid of this thing. I’m thinking when I can afford it, I’d like to maybe try something with a sidecar, a Slingshot, or just say to hell with it and get a Miata convertible. 🙂



    • #681059

      Everyon I know who rides has either been in an accident or came close to being in a serious one.  All usually stop riding after that one close call

      • #685691
        Me Je

        I have been in 2 accidents, and still love riding.  My last accident was at about 35 mph.  I was able to walkaway from both accidents because I wear protective riding gear and I always stay with the bike, keeping my hands on the grips, my butt on the seat, and my feet on the pegs.

    • #681089

      Yes, I ride a Harley Davidson 1200 XLC (Sissy Sportser)

    • #681130

      I used to ride when I was younger, but stopped when I met my wife as she didn’t like sitting on the back.

      Thought about riding dressed, but never got around to trying it.

      Karen xx

    • #681423
      Me Je

      I ride a Harley Davidson Electroglide Ultra Classic. I love riding fem, in my high heel, platform, Harley Davidson boots. They sure help me to standup and maneuver the bike when I am parking it. I enjoy nature rides, like seeing the autumn leaves changes and along lakeshores. My next ride is going to be along the Mississippi River.

      • #681442

        You probably already know this, but at least in the area I grew up, there’s not a single roadway that follows the Mississippi. South of me, any roadway close to the river only shows the levee.

        • #689062

          Gwyneth, I’m from Louisiana, and have road along the river many miles , I’m not sure of all the places River Road runs off into Hwy 61 or other roads. But you can ride the river on one side or the other for many miles. Some of it on the west side is  Hwy 15  to Ferriday, La then it turns into 65 after that you just keep jumping across the river to ride it.  As far as I know most of the river has a River Road on either side. Coral

      • #689056

        Me Je, You will have a great ride riding the River Road. There are some interesting small towns along the down as well as all the Historical sites. Be careful of the fog, it can get bad along the river. Coral

      • #689059

        Karynn, I wish  I could do it more often, I just picked up a 2004 Fat Boy 3 months ago and I have only rode it twice. I had the covid for 2 months after I got it and I haven’t felt up to par to ride yet. You get out there and strut your stuff and let me know how the ride went. Coral

        What year is your Ultra, I have a 2014 Deluxe and a 2004 Fat Boy, I like the Deluxe more. The 103 with the 6 speed is great.  Coral


    • #688274

      I love to ride my motorcycle.  I have never ridden fully dressed but in bra and panties under jeans and slightly undone vest.  One day I will get a nice blingey head bandana and some heeled boots, get made up to the the fullest and ride!

    • #688725

      I’ve got 4 motorcycles, all small ones and ride them often. Never ridden when dressed, with all the bike gear on I’m not sure how I would feel. Perhaps I need to think about it?

    • #690514

      Ride an Indian Chief Vintage on a regular basis. Also have an Indian 100 Anniversary Scout that I ride mostly in town. Have not rode dressed fully just underdressed. Have been looking at womens vests and jackets to wear. Maybe even get a pair of boots to wear.
      💕 Genia

      • #690759

        Oooooh Genia,  Nice one.  My first bike was a red 51 Indian Chief.   Marg

    • #690958
      J J

      I ride a Honda Africa Twin. I ride mostly in drab because all my safety gear is drab, and I am pretty big on ATGATT. That said I have ridden in my girl jeans, black leather booties and a wig flowing out from my helmet. Of course I am usually underdressed.

    • #703575

      Have ridden with lingerie on but not make and wig as yet as don’t want to ruin my makeup, helmet and wig. But would be wonderful.

    • #703940

      I ride a 2018 Harley Davidson TriGlide. And have gone on many rides fully dressed including makeup, wig and jewelry. Enjoy it immensely.


    • #703941
      Erika Henderson
      Duchess - Annual

      I have in the past, but not for over 20 years

    • #703991

      I can’t really vote on this, just because (as in the rest of life!) I don’t quite fit into any of the categories.  I love bikes; I only stopped riding because I got knocked off by a moron turning his van straight in front of me – and I fully intend to get back on once I can find the time to fix my bike… problem is that I have three lifetimes of other work to do before I can start on that…  I’ll probably get everything sorted the day before I die…  I’ve never ridden en femme, bar underdressing… and Harley Davidsons?… NOT motorcycles!  Don’t brake, don’t handle, don’t have any reasonable power, vibrate like… well, shouldn’t use rude words, should I, but how on earth can they be so unsmooth when they’re all V twins?  And as for how they look……  Let’s just say that if I voiced my true opinion on that, I’d (quite rightly) be lobbed out of CDH before the end of the day…  Final point; my “waiting to be put right” bike is a 1953 Royal Enfield Meteor – absolutely gorgeous piece of machinery, both in terms of appearance and ride.  Always wanted a Vincent Black Shadow, but where would I come up with £50,000?…  Holly XXX

    • #706725

      Not only do I ride a motorcycle on the road, Harley Davidson .I also race them . Sometime underdress while on the road .( but never on track)Been in a accident while racing and I could see the medics eyeing up my painted toe nails .Nothing said tho !

    • #562780

      Holly, That sounds awful. I think you have a good reason for not wanting to ride one. That wasn’t a good way to teach a child how to ride a bike. I’m sorry you had such a thing happen to you. Love Coral

    • #563303

      Holly, feel like the meme I’ve read on FB. When I was a kid, I fell out of a tree and died. My dad made me walk it off.


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