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      Hi Josephine, I suggest you watch tv shows with average-looking/dressing females. Discreetly watch at the grocery, pharmacy, bank, medical provider waiting rooms, and get a feel for how women dress when they aren’t trying to be Kim Kardashian (LoL)! It will be capris, mom jeans (skinny jeans are my favorite, but not many women over 25 wear them – their loss! giggle), leggings, shorts. Anything from tees to casual tops, usually a little loose or oversized. Very few dresses or dressy skirts and no pantyhose or tights unless it’s below freezing out.

      Save the glamour wear for private photo shoots or crossdressing/transgender galas. And try to get the hang of minimal makeup. very light foundation, almost no or no blush, light mascara and eyebrows, minimal jewelry, nude or no lipstick.

      It’s frequently harder to go minimal and fit in, than to go all out and dress to the nines. Good luck!

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      Michelle S
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      I will wear lingerie under my male clothes – panties, bra, garter belt and stockings.  I have worn a woman’s dress shirt before but it looked very much like a man’s shirt with the buttons on the other side.  I have also kept my toenails painted when my wife was away for a week.  The only time anyone could see was when I showered at the gym.

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      Genivieve Bujold
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      There is safety in numbers hun. Find some other CDfriends to go out with.

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      Becky Davis
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      I have been under dressing for a long time, and lately have been buying clothes that I can wear out and I hope won’t be to noticeable in public and it’s thanks to this site. I have gotten dressed and would go out and shovel the drive with tights and bra or leggings under my coat and pants, and when it’s darker in the mornings would drive around full dressed, it’s a bit scary but it’s fun too at the same time.  LOL  When the weather starts getting cooler I’m going to start wearing more when I wear my hoodie more.  Have fun with it Josephine…

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Dress discreetly in womens jeans and tees and no one will notice. I do this all the time even under dressing with panties and a bra without forms. I can use my B forms only when the weather requires a coat. Pantyhose under your jeans is another option. You can do other things like using womens deodorant, polishing your toe nails and even polishing your finger nails with a clear coat. If possible let your hair grow long and have your ears pierced. A very light touch of makeup can be worn sometimes too. I always keep my face moisturized and have used a touch of mascara. You can wear a fem necklace or anklet too keeping it hidden or not. Be safe and careful and have fun!

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      Staci Gal
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      For years I have been wearing articles of gals clothing as a guy, mostly sandals (including heels), gals pants, and some tops and coats.  About  year ago, I took a chance and tried wearing a dress in public.  I had to do it, was terrified and lived to tell about it!! ha ha..  Now I get out in a dress maybe weekly, it’s fun.

      I do dress discretely, for some reason I enjoy wearing articles of women’s clothes and the dress was a logical continuation.  Dresses look and feel wonderful.  I don’t want to attract undue attention to myself, I just want to enjoy being out in gals clothes, be it pants, shoes, tops or a dress, they just look so much nicer.  All of my dresses are simple midi length t-shirt dress styles, comfy, flowy and fun to wear on a warm summer day.  And they look wonderful with a cute pair of mid heel sandals.

      Best part, my wife is semi OK with the dresses, not 100% but maybe 50%.  I consider myself lucky, she is a great gal….   smile

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      Christina Isme
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      Well when I started I went all out when I was 9 I like it so I went full time girl 👧 ever since. Went to school and work and everything full time. Everyone knows me as Christina and that’s how I live. But everyone is the same we all need to decide how far we want to go and take one step at a time and you may want to get help from someone around you possibly a girl in the family or a friend when you have support of someone else it helps

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      Rhonda Lee
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      For me, underwearing was the answer. I found pantyhose advertised as “hose for men” in a Sahalie catalogue… not different, really… just an ad gimmick… but I felt it gave me an excuse if caught (which then was an unwarranted fear because I seldom wore them unless wearing pants).The main point then, as now, is to feel some thrill about wearing fem garments and possibly being detected, even if unlikely.

      I started wearing panties, which could possibly be detected by the pantyline or if someone were looking under a stall in the restroom… again, small risk, but enough to thrill at wearing fem garments and taking some risk. On to bras, I recall wearing size A bras with no molded cup… always concerned that straps or back band might show, as often happens when bending over or stretching so that the outer garment reveals the lines of a bra underneath, and of course there may be SOME augmentation of the breasts. I now wear bras every day under shirts that are fairly opaque and some less so, always balancing on that fine line of risk-taking tolerance. Occasionally someone will put their hand on my back or shoulder, possibly detecting what I am wearing but never saying anything. As others have done, I may pad the bra, depending upon whether the outer garment will give me away. I feel sure I have been read from time to time, but part of the thrill is not knowing if or when.

      When fully dressed I am comfortable going everywhere. Wish I knew how to determine when and whether I am read and why without overtly asking and outing myself, as it WOULD be nice to know the answer. Perhaps others can offer a clever way of determining this without doing a reveal. On occasion I HAVE been bold enough to ask well after the fact, if the acquaintance lends safety to the inquiry. Surprisingly I have been told that the giveaways are not voice or poor shaving (as I would expect), but big hands, body or facial structure/build and/or things over which I cannot necessarily control. So no matter how successful in other areas, I suspect few will fool all of the people all of the time.

      That leads me to conclude success is largely a matter of time, self-perception, and confidence. Practice won’t make perfect, but it helps. The more we present, to any degree, the more confident we become (unless we have more than our share of one-off horror stories, and even those occasions boost confidence, knowing that the consequences are not so great as to be a good deterrant to future efforts.)

      Even when presenting my male ID while dressed en femme I have never received any looks of shock or disapproval.

      On balance I suggest finding your personal boundary where you can maximize pleasure and excitement while sticking within your tolerance for risk… but only barely… Try not to cross the line where you might toss all your clothes if an experiment fails to go as hoped, but continually stretch your envelope as far as you feel comfortable until it becomes a huge package. There is no end to the excitement you can have as you travel the long, never-ending road.

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        Love this this. Thank you! 😊👍🏼

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      Paulette Parfois
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      Hi Josephine, I started with small ‘baby steps’ going out window shopping as Paulette. When I discovered nobody seemed to notice (or if they did they didn’t care), I became a little more bold and started going into stores. Then I started going to coffee shops and an occasional wine bar. I discovered the secret is blending into your surroundings by not drawing attention to yourself. And it isn’t about how we ‘look’ as much as it is about how we dress and carry ourselves as women! I practiced walking and adopting feminine mannerisms. I found these go a long way to blending into the world around me. Now I don’t give it a second thought, and I realize how much fun I lost by not venturing out earlier. Of course, keeping away from the more ‘risky areas” like around gay bars and drag clubs is a always a smart move. It seems there are so many ‘creeps’ who lurk around places like that just waiting for girls like us. Hugs, Paulette

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      I first started with a pair of women’s blue jeans many years ago.  Over time I have found out that solid color women’s jeans pass the “public” test as do “dull/drab” colored chinos.  Floral or ornate jeans along with some other women’s styled pants seem to catch the eye of some folks so I limit myself to what does not draw attention.  It seems that pink pants or other clothing items you may want to wear are also a problem.  I have no idea why my pink pants and blouses pink drew such a negative response but they did.  I have also gotten away with women’s yoga pants, leggings, running shorts, various styles of t-shirts and a few discreet blouses.  When I purchase casual shoes or sneakers, I get the “girliest” colors I can since I have trouble fitting into most women’s shoes due to wide feet.  I also try to blend in with the local population style of dress so I don’t stick out.  I do not to draw attention to myself since I want to enjoy the feeling of being dressed in “my” clothes.


      PS:  I have worn many types of women’s clothing in public especially my jean/pants collection without issues.  I also wear my clothing to the office when I need to go there and no one really cares.  Again, since I don’t want to draw attention to myself, I am discreet on what I wear.

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      Sandy Honey
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      When I’m not out as Sandy I still wear women’s clothing. I wear women’s jeans, denim shorts with a 4 or 5 inch inseam…I wear polos that are women’s and Henley tops and button up shirts. All my sneakers, sandals and ankle boots are women’s. So there are lots of things to choose from that unless someone really looks can’t tell they are women’s clothing. The other day I went to Publix in short shorts, a blue and pink collared gingham polo and sandals with my French tip toes shining brightly. No one made any comments or funny looks. People are so busy in their own world that they have no time to worry about other people they pass.

      life is too short not to wear pretty things!

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      Mia Mor’e
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      I have a pair of women’s sandals, similar to birkenstocks, that I wear out all the time. You have to look close to tell they are a women’s style, but it’s there!

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        Perfect thanks Mia!

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