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      Hey Leah,

      I’m the GG in my relationship. My partner wears female clothing most days at home and underdresses daily outside of the home. In the bedroom whatever is clever goes. Sometimes my partner will wear lady’s pajamas, sometimes sweats (they get cold easily) or male pajama bottoms with a sweatshirt. I have bought things for them to wear too, on both the male and female spectrum. I will say that my partner being able to feel like themself has increased our closeness and intimacy. Just my 2 cents here. I know boundaries are different in each relationship but ours is much like yours as far as clothing in the bedroom goes.

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      My dressing began as more of an adventure in sexual thrill. My wife enjoys when I dress in bed.
      She does want her man back at times too.

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      At home in my bedroom but I use my bathroom as well honey. I have a mirror in both but my bedroom mirror is a full body letting me all my good sides hun. Bought to help take selfies in cosplay at first now helps as well with selfies as a woman and changing in and out of Julie sweetie.

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      I typically wear lingerie to bed most nights as well as during love making. At times she will ask me to take off the lingerie as she wants to feel her “man”   She has not said anything about my wearing lingerie to bed where as  before she wanted some balance.  While my dressing does not excite or turn her on, she is more along the lines passive acceptance of my dressing

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      J J
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      I have been dressing in the bedroom for all of our marriage…38 years and counting. not all the time, but often. My wife is indifferent to it but knows I like it and she is great about pleasing me she wearing it. She will by me lingerie if I ask, but has not spontaneously bought me things…and I am okay with that. I can fully dress when I want, and again she is fine with me in a dress and sexy lingerie under it, and the night will end well, but she also would be fine if I never wore a dress or panties again. She just lets me be me.

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      Susan Talbot
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      Yes I can and do.  We have a variety of matching nightgowns some very sexy ones too.  I can wear lingerie or garter belts to bed for sexy time if I choose.  She has also encouraged me to do so.  To be honest I have only worn garter belt and lingerie to bed a few times.  I try to balance it all out.  Usually it’s just a Soma cool nights pj or nightgown for both of us.

      I know my fiancée is a unicorn and I am very blessed to be with her.


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      Rilee Snow
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      My wife bought Rilee some lingerie for Christmas this year ☺️ we’ve been very open to exploring this side in the bedroom and has made our relationship even stronger

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      Cece X
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      About six months ago, I unexpectedly rejoined the dating world at age 69. I lucked out immediately. About a month into our courtship. I nervously told her about my crossdressing, willing to risk a breakup if necessary. To my great surprise, she approved cheerfully.
      My 66-year-old girlfriend soon bought me several panties. She has given me a bra that does not fit her. She and I have window-shopped online together for male lingerie.
      When we go to a rock concert, she enjoys feeling my back and discovering the bralette straps under my shirt. She very much likes me wearing a bralette and panties in the bedroom. She asked last week when she will see me in a padded bra. Soon, I hope to start wearing garters and stockings when we are out, which will be exhibited later in the bedroom.
      We shall see how far this goes. She has not yet seen me fully dressed. I get the sense that she will only like me underdressed, and I am okay with that. I can fully dress when I am home alone. I will respect her limits if at any point the experience is too much for her. So far, I know only that she does not want me fully dressed in public, which suits me fine.
      I am the luckiest guy.

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        Love hearing stuff like this ❤️❤️

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      Hope Roberts
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      you are lucky girl that your wife accepts you as YOU and that enables you to explore your true side often.

      I have taken over the guest bedroom and back bathroom and my wife accepts me also so she is never surprised when she hears me clicking around! It is wonderful to also go to bed as a girl and wake up with your nails on.

      having a supportive spouse is so important on this journey,



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      Nikki Just Nikki
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      I also married a unicorn! My wife often tells me to put lacy bits on and has made it clear that Nikki turns her on. I can dress whenever and however and she’ll say supportive and encouraging things. I don’t take any of it for granted. It pains me to hear so many girls here who have to hide who they are from their life partner, even if they’re out to them. I wish all of you had supportive and engaged partners who appreciate and enjoy the full range of yourselves. As much as I want to sing from the rooftops my mate’s praises, I find myself censoring that part of my experience here. I don’t want to rub it in. Know though that there are women in the world who love and accept crossdressing in their partners. For all of you who are being yourselves in spite of your relationship with your spouse, your commitment and courage is an inspiration. Love and respect!

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      Caty Ryan
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      On my own in my own bed, up the other end of the house, every night…My beloved “knows but does not want to know” about Caty

      But I guess this would have to be the major “off topic” of the year….

      Lucky lucky you…



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      Fiona Black
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      You are one extremely lucky lady!

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        I know it

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      Trish White
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      Trust me Leah, you’re the luckiest girl on the planet. You’re living the fantasy that most of us can only dream of. Treat her well girl.

      Trish ❤️

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      Emily Alt
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      Love hearing stories like yours Leah.  I agree you’re pretty damn lucky!

      I think the overwhelming majority of us never had it so good and never will.

      My ex-wife had a radically different reaction, LOL.  That’s why she’s my ex!


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      Rhonda Lee
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      I think any CD with a wife this accepting is very rare. I know my wife, even after becoming somewhat supportive in the early days immediately jumped out of bed and ran into another room when I once put on a negligee when under the covers. I think that would be the norm, even for tolerant wives, and probably also for accepting/supportive ones. But I am always thrilled to hear of the exceptions, glad that marriage partners CAN enjoy this degree of intimacy. It gives hope to many. Sadly, most of us can only share your joy vicariously, but even that is worth something. More power to you. Please send the name and address of your planet. I’d like to add a visit there to my bucket list.

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      Jess Secret
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      I dress in the bedroom every night, either romantic lingerie or satin pjs, and my boyfriend is not only accepting but he really loves it!

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      Alison Anderson
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      My ex lost all interest in bedroom extracurricular activities years before I started adding much in the way of female clothing, and years before my first makeover. Granted, antidepressant medicines may have been a factor, but it was never important enough to tell her doctor. So I eventually just moved myself to another bedroom, especially when she’d usually come in halfway through my sleep (2-3 AM) and then want to put the TV on.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Congrats to you Leah as having a wonderful partner who loves you for you in any clothes you wear he he ..  I have been married for coming up 40 years and wife supports and accepts Stephanie but in the sheets no it was understood she is not a lesbian as much as i am ha ha …Again girlfriend congrats ..


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        Peggy Sue Williams
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        I did not get married until I was almost 30 y.o., so I had many GFs prior to being married, and several I confided in about my being a CD.  In some relationships, the women were dominant, and it was fun for me playing the female part of the relationship.  A few girls were into kinky stuff, along with being dominant, and that was fun too, since they introduced me to different new experiences.

        My wife and I have been married several decades, and it is the first marriage for the both of us.  I told her I was a CD prior to us being married, and we keep my female self out of the bedroom.  She is fully supportive of me being a CD, but we have always agreed to keep my female self separate from the bedroom.


        (sorry, this did not line up in correct conversation order.  My bad?)

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      Wow that’s an amazing story! It gives us hope! I’ve been in fear for our marriage, but 4 months on she not only encouraged me to buy something for Thea, but then yesterday asked to see it! Your wonderful story reminds me how difficult it can be for SOs, but that there is hope, particularly if you give it time!

      Thanks for sharing! Hugs Thea

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      Sherri Remington
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      Leah, I’d have to say that you are one of the luckiest CD’s on the planet! It’s been over 35 years since I came out to my wife and although I can be semi dressed around the the house, I’ve been told in no uncertain terms NO Sherri under the sheets. You two keep it alive for yourselves!

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