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    Olivia Livin
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    In some of my usual house attire (loose skirt and top) whilst doing the dishes, this crossed my mind…

    I’ve had more than a few lengthy conversations with people when introducing my fem self to them, its more often with women but does also happen with the gents. When talking with the guys, a couple of items repeatedly come up.

    First, Most explain that they’re fine with a persons life choices as long as they are not being forced down their throats to which I jokingly promise that I’m in no way trying to convert them or looking for followers.

    Second, Many want to know why or what I get out of it. The reason I started or tried it and its timing is something I haven’t been able to nail down even yet, nor do I find it important enough to dwell on. The calm and wholeness it brought and continues to bring to me is something I am more than willing to share with anybody.

    I have had a couple tell me they’ve (maybe lol) tried on a wife or gf’s panties and that it didn’t do anything for them, fair enough. But what about the others? Is it that they haven’t, or are they just embarassed to confess? Is it possible that after having our conversation they’ve given it a whirl? Knowing now that they’re not alone.

    Your thoughts or experiences ladies.


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      Katie Turn
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      I think as a man who seems to go between male and female feelings it can be overwhelming to feel the rush of feminine clothing.  I recently shaved my legs for the first time, and it took many steps to let go of the masculine cling and feel the absolute joy of feeling like a woman with smooth legs.  I am still learning to calm down and enjoy just existing as a woman as opposed to focusing on how it feels.  For the first hour of being dressed it can be hard to calm down.  The bliss of calming down is a whole different set of emotions.  My sense is that feeling the feminine sensation can be scary for people.  What does it all mean!!!.  It takes time and practice to calm down and not make it mean so much.

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      “I have had a couple tell me they’ve (maybe lol) tried on a wife or gf’s panties and that it didn’t do anything for them…”

      Seems a little suspect to me lol what was the motivation for trying them then? 🤪

      Never had anyone fess up to me, but I think it’s more common than most people would guess…

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        Olivia Livin
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        Hey Sam,

        Anymore I watch for that natural blush in their face when we’re talking.

        If it is more common, I wish it would catch on a bit more. It might help reduce that repressed anger and frustration.

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      Simone C
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      Hi Olivia,

      Interesting topic. I find most men get very uncomfortable about the whole CD spectrum, and automatically assume CDs are gay and trying to hit on men. I did say absolutely not (though nothing wrong with gays!), it is about an inner femininity and calm and try to explain “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it”, and saw a small glimmer I think with one or two.

      I have had discussions like yours and Stephanie’s with women, all of them sympathetic especially when I explain (like Steph did) that I am sharing what they feel and think when wearing something nice, soft and well fitting…and maybe just a little flirty. I explain it is not the clothing alone, it is the whole feeling of being a woman which I experience, the clothing just goes with it. I explain that once I’m really content with my appearance I no longer feel male, I am female, I behave and think as a woman. When I go out I want to see how the world behaves towards women (some really positive things, a few really negative too though) rather than men. When I am out en femme it really doesn’t occur to me that I’m biologically male, though I do take care to present as a female as in how I walk, sit, get into a car and so on.

      I wear feminine things to align with what I feel at that time, and also what I wish to experience: being a woman. It brings a calm and a wholeness, a peace. Most GGs I speak to understand when I tell it, and we then have a conversation about make-up, clothing fashions and so on as equals. It is really nice, I can compliment their appearance and not have them feel I was “hitting” on them, it was just two friends chatting. And to have a GG tell you she likes your skirt is really special.

      And it was a GG who told me that many women wear something quite sexy under plain office clothes because it makes them buzz a little, that “if only you know what is under this plain white blouse and dark skirt…”.


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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Olivia I thinks its is nice to you people around you that want to understand you better. I believe most men could never understand why we enjoy expressing our self in the fem. I do believe most woman can understand it to a point. Most woman understand the emotional part of wearing some thing that fits and looks good on their body. When they can glance in a mirror and can get a confirmation that everything looks as good as they feel. In so many ways we want the same thing. That is our connection to cis woman. I think we are even more critical of our selves when we look in the mirror if that is possible.We are all trying to hide the male body parts we were given while trying to enhance the feminine look we desire. I remember being asked by a group of young college students that requested interviews with the club members. Most of the younger female students could relate when discussing the feeling you get when wearing something cute, pretty and a little sexy . They understood the the diversity of colors and styles that are offered to woman. Where it got interesting is when one of the students asked WHY do you want feel cute and pretty. My response back to the female student was, why do you want to feel cute and pretty even if it is just some times?. The best answer i heard was from a young female student that said I just want my female identity confirmed and i said i would like the same. When i said that the conversation changed away from female clothing to trying to understand why do females think and feel a certain way . I enjoyed the evening with young very open minds. There is hope for a better understanding and once there is a better understanding then we only have to deal with acceptance. That may take forever. Luv Stephanie

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      patty williams
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      Hi Olivia,

      I am not that out  to have conversations with anyone regarding my feminine side other than my wife and that’s not a topic she is crazy about.

      I know we have an openly transgender M to F at work and a lot of guys cut up about her among themselves, however I notice they talk about it quite a bit.

      Makes me wonder if there is an underlying interest they are just too insecure to admit to .

      I am sure your courage and Influence has caused more change in thinking than you realize.

      You are amazing Olivia.

      You should be proud of how you are changing the world for the better for all of  us.


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        Olivia Livin
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        Thanks Patty

        I’m just trying to adjust things in my world to make them more comfortable to be myself. If it at the same time it makes changes to their world that are beneficial, to them or others in any way….yay

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      Amy Myers
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      I have not heard anything like that from anyone I’ve told, but those I have told are mostly women. The only men I’ve told were a couple of gay guys.

      Of course it is possible that they might be too embarrassed to admit it, even to you!


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