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      Aubrey Lynn
      Registered On: July 25, 2020
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      Thank you for the warm welcome!

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      Jenny Jones
      Registered On: November 5, 2019
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      Hello Aubrey, I imagine lots of girls have a similar story of trying to explain why their girlfriends closet suddenly has like a bunch of odd-fitting clothes they don’t remember buying. It is great to have you here.

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      Casey Amber Twitchings
      Registered On: May 15, 2020
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      Hi Aubrey and welcome to CDH. I’m really glad you joined our happy little family. Have a look around the site and where you feel comfortable, join in.

      Ah yes, the old “but really honey they’re your panties” explanation. I’ve seen it a million times. Sorry, that’s Get Smart, not me having a dig at you. What a predicament to have been in, right? I’m glad you know what you prefer as far as your dressing. Knowing yourself like that is invaluable, and often hard won. I’m always in the mood to chat. I’m just a quick PM away any time you want. As are the other girls by the way.

      Welcome again and I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

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      Teralynn Loving
      Registered On: October 17, 2019
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      Hi Aubrey, Teralynn here. Welcome to our merry band of crossdressing people! I noticed that you haven’t started filling out a profile page yet! I strongly recommend it. It allows your CDH sisters an opportunity to get to know you better. That is not a requirement as far as I know, but a friendly recommendation! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You didn’t say whether you and your girlfriend whose panties you “borrowed” are still together! Just curious! I think you will enjoy membership here especially if you stay active on the site and get to know some of our terrific members. Lots of different things to do on the site so I do hope you take advantage of that. If I can ever be of service please feel free to contact me through this site and let me know how I can help. A post on my home profile page wall will get the fastest response. – Blessings

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      Olivia Livin
      Registered On: October 22, 2018
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      Hi Aubrey

      Whatever the circumstances and wether  part time fulltime or transitioning, please feel welcomed into the group where we accept and encourage you to be your true self

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      Sophie Summers
      Registered On: March 16, 2020
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      Hi Aubrey,

      Welcome to the community I hope you find lots of new friends and support here within the community. If I can be of any help/assistance please feel free to contact me. I have put together some videos over the last couple of months of makeovers and products rviews which have helped out some of the girls you can find them here if it helps.


      Stay safe and well XX

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Aubrey,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Michelle Newman
      Registered On: June 22, 2017
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      Welcome Aubrey!

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      welcome, express yourself with complete confinance. Here our ladies are so understanding and very supportive. Meet with some of them and enjoy their help and most of all  acceptance to  make your time here such a wonderful experience. Making friendships is so much fun and know there’s always someone here to talk to and to listen when needed.  Happy to meet you and hope to see you sometime here soon.   Hugs

      Stephanie 🌹

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      Diana W
      Registered On: July 9, 2020
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      Hi Aubrey,

      Welcome to the friendliest place on Earth.  That must have been an awkward conversation with your girlfriend!  We have a thriving community of ladies here and everyone is very friendly and helpful.   Make yourself at home!

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      Stacy Ann May
      Chat Crew
      Registered On: May 23, 2019
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      Welcome to the site, Aubrey!

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