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      As I was shaving this morning, I had a weird thought about how much I’ve spent already on my silicone hip/butt pads, then I went down the rabbit hole and did a guess-timate on much I’ve spent on all of Wendy’s items, from clothes, makesup, wigs, … and I have to say it is probably > $5000

      How much have you gals spent on femme items ?

      For added fun, what items have you gals spent the most on ?

      For me, one piece swimsuits tops the list.  At least $2000 right there.  Next is skirts, a few hundred $$$.  Then the silicone hip/butt pads, probably close to $1500.

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      I’ve picked an option but having been through the whole purchase, purge, rinse, repeat cycle many times over the last 20+ years I have no idea whether it is correct or not.

      What I do know is that there must be some folks who have got some absolute bargins from charity shops with purged items!


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      Sherri Cisneros

      More than I want to admit.  I really have no idea, but over the years, thousands, without a doubt.

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      I started this journey in December and spent at least $300 in the first 3 weeks.  I stopped for a couple of months (although I didn’t purge based on advice from my sisters here), thinking I could do that, but Tara came back out stronger than ever.  I’m getting close to the $1000 mark now.

      Leggings and skirts are #1 in clothes. Breast forms, breast plate, shapewear are the highest dollar items I’ve bought.  I’ve become infatuated by wigs and ponytail extensions lately  🙂

      I’ve also saved a TON of money by being a good shopper.  Thrift/Charity stores have a LOT of great stuff and several items I’ve bought have still had the tags on them and have never been worn.  Kohls clearance items are also a favorite.

      I love, Love, LOVE to shop!  Makeup is my next project to spend money on and I’ve had my eye on some nice makeup mirrors  🙂

      *kisses* tara 🙂

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      A lot… because I’m worth it!

      Also because I work long hours, I’m very good at what I do, been working since I was 19, no more private schools tuition, etc.
      now doesn’t mean I go and spend $500 in a single item. But I am great at finding bargains, maybe the best was a $350 formal dress at Macy’s for which I paid $20.

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        Hey! I missed part of the question!

        No, I don’t have a shoe fetish… just close to it! So, no doubt, I have spent the most in shoes!

        Currently I have somewhere between 170 to 180 pairs. Would be close to 200 but donated over 20 pairs to “Dress for Success” back in October.

        My last “purge” (totally unintentional) was in 2014. May have lost some 40 pairs then.
        I used to buy and sell on eBay, a lot. (Not since then).
        So anyway, yeah, a lot of money in shoes alone… and boots of course!

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      This is fun…it really made me laugh.

      It’s like asking…how much food have you ever eaten in your life?? or how many times have you ever breathed out??……

      I couldn’t even begin to guess…but it’s definitely the higher end on your poll….

      I like to think the money I spend is not so much on grace…but on supporting the community….the cash I spend on Amazon alone ensures dozens of their workers are kept in steady employment….I don’t really want the clothes, shoes makeup,coats  etc….but I have mouths to feed!!!!!

      Grace xx

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        Scarlett. You are so correct. I don’t know how the merchants would have ever survived the pandemic if it wasn’t for Michelle’s expenses and spending habits. Those checks I received  hardly covered her expenses. I still had to eat. Come to think of it. They didn’t cover her expense.

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        I’m  sorry I called Grace    Scarlett.  I look for your pic and name in all the comments. I think your so entertaining.

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          Thank you Michelle…

          Scarlett Grace xx

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      7 wigs so that’s $500, bras, panties, silicone and hips $400, dresses $300 (many were Wish, goodwill or free), shoes 10 pair $400 (Torrid is great), 20 skirts $200 (Goodwill), and I’ll stop there.

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      Sorry, I didn’t vote. Interesting topic! I have no idea. Clothes, jewelry, perfume, makeup, books, …

      So much over the years. Hate to think about the items that I purged. Wish I had most of them back.

      If growing my hair out works, I won’t have to buy anymore wigs.


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      OMG Wendy i do not even want to think about it never mind adding it up. I went on a spending spree while on a business trip in Europe it lasted week it had to be over $1,200 only to leave it behind because my wife was picking me at the airport when arrived back home. When my wife found my clothes one of the many question she asked was Where did you get your sense of style and taste in women’s clothing? It was so different than hers. At the time i loved designer clothes they were so feminine and fashionable but very expensive. She did keep a few pieces for her self  after finding them. I never asked for them back i was just happy to still be married. That’s whole other story. Thanks for the memories

      Luv Stephanie

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      Not a big spender on items for Kelli or her drab other. he owns nothing but jeans, boots, and button up shirts bought at Goodwill or yard sales. She is a savvy shopper on e Bay or poshmark.most expensive purchase was probably a slightly used Noriko wig, but it’s been relegated to backup duty, as I much prefer my dark blonde one.

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      Over 1000 this week…but Haley is going to knock them dead baby!



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      What an interesting topic…

      I am a frugal shopper and have never bought clothing for full price nor even brand new for years. In NZ we have a wonderful trading site called TradeMe (like e-bay but way better) where I have bought a bunch of stuff. Instead of purging clothing I don’t use or like anymore, I resell so I can buy more! Brilliant!
      The more profit the better the fabric. Shoes are in the same category as I’m a size 12 but I can still find nice shoes if I have the patience.
      The silicone I buy from China through AliExpress because the shipping is often free and the product is not too bad… certainly not in the Amoulux range but viable. Same with the wigs, though most of them are really pretty poor quality.
      My wife is able to procure all of our cosmetics at wholesale price so we can afford the good stuff!
      As for the future… who knows?

      Poor Polly Pauper 😢😭

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      I’ve spent over $,500 just since the first of the year. Shopping is an endless but necessary chore.

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      Oh my, I’ve often thought about how much I’ve spent on pantyhose alone. Plus everything else. I’d be up in the thousands for sure.  

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      This was a difficult one to answer; not only because of the fluctuating exchange rate, but also because it’s been such a long time since I started and I thought I’d best try and give an answer in inflation adjusted terms.  My answer ($4,000, roughly £3,00o or about 3,400 Euros [sorry – can’t make my laptop put in a Euro sign] will therefore probably be the very least it should be – and probably should be budged up at least one category…  It’s interesting to consider this matter; it brings it home to me how much I’ve spent… until I then realise that what with crossdressing, I’ve probably not bought as much in the way of boy clothes over the same time, hence the “seasonally adjusted” answer is probably not that far from zero.

      Makes me think though……  Hugs & kisses:  Inga.

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      I just turned 70 and have been dressing all my life. I took a guess and then read the responses of the other ladies, I think I guessed way to low. I know I have way over a thousand in shoes alone. You start adding all the bras, dresses, slacks, blouses, makeup, and so on, it adds up quickly. Then there is all the things I have purged. Probably would have made quite a nice 401 account, lol.

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      What an interesting topic…within the last 5 years when the “pink fog” enveloped Leonara my guestimate is $2,000-$2,500 however, satisfying and Feeling the woman within “PRICELESS” lol

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      I did a rough guess-timate and came up with about $500. It’s probably more, because of the various purges. The internet has certainly made it much easier to impulse buy, which has led to increased buying. I placed myself on a buying hiatus last week, so this question came at a good time.

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        Kimmie. I wish I could look that good for five hundred dollars

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      Hi In 4 months is spent about £1200, that’s about 1700usd, on clothing forms and all things feminine. I have had to acquire an entire new wardrobe of clothes.

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      I’ve been doing it for 11 years, but I’m a bargain shopper too, and often look for things on clearance or on sale.  Still, over the years, I have collected a lot of stuff.  I’d have to make a SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess) of about $5000.

      But my biggest expense is getting waxed. In the last 5+ years, I have probably spent $2500-$3000 per year getting waxed (including tips).  And this is buying it on special, at a buy 9 get 3 free.  I usually purchase half the services in June and half in December, and pay it out over 4 months so it is manageable

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      I easily spent well in excess of $13,000 just on clothes, hosiery, and heels. That does not include make up. All this has been spent the over the course of 16 years. Like many others many others, I have found great bargains on dresses, blouses, skirts and shorts at thrift stores.

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      Angela Booth

      Like any woman I have been to thrift stores and bought bargains. I am always on the look out for a sale rail. I will pay for quality makeup and on something special.

      So for the time I have been dressing I dread to think what I have spent. Certainly beyond the upper limit. 

      Dressing has given me the one thing that money can’t buy – Poverty!

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      i have been dressing for 50 yrs .you would think by now i would have everything i need to be a woman but they keep coming out with new make up .just spent couple hundred for air brush .its not a magic bullet but it makes this old gal look and feel good .cant put a number on what i have spent to be a woman but i have enjoyed every cent i spent to be one

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      In the past year, about $3,000: About half on clothes (my closet has gone from bare to stuffed, mostly on-sale items), and about $500 each on jewelry, makeup and formwear. Before that, perhaps $1,000 total on everything.


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      alot right now i have 15 new wigs i got for christmas this year. i have 6 breast forms and i been dressing for along time and i have all i would want and more yes i got alot of donna things at goodwill and amazon and other stores. its fun shopping with the wife for donna i think im good on just under 10.000 love it

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      I would thing I’m getting there with you. I’m around the same amount as you but am contemplating just how much better I would be with the more expensive options…..

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      Hi Girls all I can say,
      Since joining CDH last week, this girl has gone crazy I am running out of room. Last night I was boxing up my boy stuff to make way for my beautiful girl clothes.
      If I keep going at this rate I will not have any room left for boy clothes.
      I am heading out now to pick up more jeans and lingerie from click and collect from my local Target store.
      It hard work being a girl, but loving it.

      Mikala xxxxx

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      Oh Wendy.

      If I lived alone(and I don’t want to)there would be no limit.

      I have a shoe problem. How about 13W!

      I can get custom made shoes from Solely Original in London. I was quoted $450.

      A basic Christian Louboutin pump goes for $600, Prada goes for $700. Jimmy Choo at $500 is a bargain, don’t you think? What’s $450?

      Come on Wendy, a girl has got to have her shoes!




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      Caty Ryan

      Since I started seriously trying to be Caty circa the mid 80’s and have had the financial wherewithal to buy what I want when I want, it’s impossible to put a figure on what I’ve spent on her in the last 40 years. But its would be way up in the thousands, that’s for sure

      EG Breast forms. whenever they start to leak or the seams split, out they go to other less fortunate CD”s And I dont do the cheapies from Amazon either…

      Hey, I love a bargain as much as anyone and we have a “mature woman “store chain here, Fella Hamilton.

      Almost all of my “casual to the mall” skirts, blouses and cardigans have come from “FH” and almost all again have been on sale. Aint nuthin like scoring a $150.00 skirt for 50 bucks.

      As for all the formal and period gowns, upscale lingerie, shoes, make up and jewellery, I just buy it when I feel like it.

      But here I must also add that I do my best to donate equivalent “Caty” amounts to some of my pet charities. Especially those that are involved with sick or disadvantaged kids

      Happy dressing, (no matter wherever you are or what you spend)



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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      It would be impossible to even make a rough estimate, but I’m sure it’s well into 5 figures.  I’ve spent close to that in the last 5 years alone.  Each of my many purges sent thousands to charity or the landfill.  I really wish I still had some of that stuff.

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      I think it would be impossible for me to even hazard an accurate guess.  Clothing to keep myself comfortable in since 1977 when I graduated high school, it seems almost scary to think about, because it’s not something we normally do think about.

      44 years x at least $2000 a year average.  The beginning years were a lot less, and the thrift stores were my main suppliers, and some good years since have probably been sometimes much more.

      The not knowing is what makes it scary.


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      Amy Myers

      I am sorry that I did not vote, as I have no idea. Though I just started seriously buying women’s clothes less than three years ago, I’m sure I’ve spent thousands of dollars already. Before that it was only a couple of hundred dollars. But when I got into this in 2018, I started out primarily buying from thrift stores, as I did not want to spend too much, I first used foam forms, then upgraded to good ones not long after. Now I find I don’t buy nearly as much from thrift stores and buy new from mainstream stores.

      Amy is an expensive lady to support.


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      I voted between 2,000 & 2,500. I’ve been buying feminine clothes since late 2015. I have almost all of the receipts, but I’ve never added it all up.

      I never shop high-end retail and buy from more budget conservative stores and look for items on sale and store discounts. The most I’ve spent on any clothes item was in the mid 90 dollar range; I special ordered 2 full length nightgowns and a full length robe. I found the same robe in 2 other colors and got them on sale at about 70 dollars. Those 5 pieces equal 425. Then I’ve done two spree trips to Janet’s Closet: 270 first trip and 460 the second. Both sprees included breastforms and shoes; added more clothes on the second. So these three examples (425+270+460) equals 1,155. I have gotten somethings free, but the rest of my purchases cover the range of 1 to 79 dollars each. I also keep an inventory catalog of everything in my fem wardrobe. Currently, I have 232 items with more to still write in.

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      I couldn’t even calculate the total. It doesn’t help that I have gotten on the mailing list of some high end dress shops… They know I can’t resist. It’s also amazing how fast all the little things add up when you start using them regularly- makeup, pantyhose (which I’m convinced are designed to self destruct after one use), perfume, shaving lotion, and on and on. Pair that with my OCD that every outfit has to have matching underwear and shoes, and it gets expensive real fast.

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        I don’t spend very much my wife buys everything for me.

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      Melissa Davis

      Luckily, I haven’t kept an exact account. I’m an experienced shopper and live near stores where fast fashion is marked down quickly. Still, shapewear can be expensive and even makeup is costly. I have scored great deals on skirts, sweaters, dresses and shoes (e.g., $40 for leather boots marked down from $300, $80 for a Ralph Lauren coat). Though I have spent thousands, and regretted a few purchases, I feel satisfied — and I haven’t spent much on men’s clothes for years. When I dress, I don’t dress down. Partly because of my age I feel confident only when I think I am being perceived as a retired professional woman who loves classic clothes. I own more women’s clothing than most women, I imagine. Since I am a widower I am not denying anything to relatives. I like to justify my habit by reminding myself that I don’t hunt, play golf or own a boat. Crossdressing may be a habit and an obsession, but financially it is the equivalent of a hobby. One more justification, which older girls may appreciate more than the young: It is good for posture, bearing and movement. No substitute for tai chi and other exercise, but it produces feelings of satisfaction.

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      I started buying items when I got my first job at 14, with all the purges and thankfully no more purging i would hate to know how much I have spent in the last 36 years


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      Like others here, I had to think about this for a little bit, as it’s been a lot of years since I started purchasing, back in the 70’s when I seriously started, including a dress, undergarments, stockings, shoes. a wig, some cosmetics.  All those are long gone as they were in one of my early purges.  I started again , at least two more wigs, some skirts and blouses, another dress, more panties and bras, a shaper, panty girdles, more cosmetics, some shoes.  I’ll tell you, some of it was absolutely the wrong fit or didn’t look nearly as good on me as it did on the models.

      But, over the years, I can see how it has all added up which puts me probably in the current number 1 bracket.  At times I sort of wish I had purchased more and sometimes I wonder why I’ve spent so much. I do keep culling out things I don’t wear as often, or come across some find.

      It’s been an experience for sure.

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      $500 to $1,00.00 is all that I have spent over the 30 years of occasional dressing that I can do.   Most of my outer wear is still in fashion to my age.

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      My first actual post.
      Spent most on Bras and Panties then Slips and Girdle. I love the feel of nylon, I guess thats my fetish I buy mostly online. I have gone to estate auctions and bought all the clothes closets for a lot of my clothes. I have way more fem clothes than I do guy clothes and way more than wife. we shop quit a bit together, so if/when I find something I want WE buy it. I do not buy much at retail prices. We bought wooded land so that I can dress how I want when I want at home. I actually am very blessed to have a supporting wife as I do. 1st wife was opposite. I can mow or tan in my bikini or go to the garden in short shorts and halter, or build our house in a jean skirt tank top. Life is great!! Enjoy Ladies

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      i voted 500 to 1000 but it would be lot more if i had more money

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      I clicked the 10K + Ouch!!!

      That is a seat of the pants type guess but it must be at least in that range. Good question BTW and it’s something I have thought about many times. If you were to add up what I have spent in all aspects of Sandy it would be well over this.

      While I would not consider myself a Material Girl my purchases tend to lean towards better quality products.


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      skippy1965 Cynthia

      Hmmmm depends on whether you’re speaking of ACQUISITION cost or REPLACEMENT cost. I rarely if ever spend more than $15-20 for shoes, $10-20 on tops or skirts or jeans/slacks, $30 or less for dresses, $2-10 for jewelry items.(Thank you ebay, walmart, and amazon lol) In the wig days (pre 2017) I spent anywhere from $10-$300. Started Narnia (aka Cyn’s wardrobe) about 10 years ago. Based on average of say $20 for clothing items and the below numbers of items (estimates probably on the low side):
      Wigs- 200+ so min prob $4000 and likely much higher
      Shoes –500+ pair so min prob $10,000
      tops–200+ so prob min $4000
      dresses-500+ so prob min $10,000
      jewelry –2000+ pairs earrings, 100+necklaces. 10+ bracelets so prob min total $5000
      conferences like keystone/esprit etc -10 including this year at avg cost of conf fees/travel/hotel etc
      prob minn $10,000
      manipedis $80-100/month times 18 months so0 min $1800
      couldn’t begin to count amount or $ on forms,hose,camis,bras,undies,leggings,jeans/shorts/slacks, etc but ,im another

      So lowside estimate over last ten years …about $55000 or more (never purged)


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      Yes, easily $5,000 or more over the 5 year period that I’ve been Dressing. When I began; I absolutely had no idea of sizes, types or styles an not the slightest clue what might fit my body type or what that might even be. Wigs have been in the $80.00 range. The most expensive part of all this is; now that I know through experimentation … SHOES ! I now buy Leather Pumps & Mary Jane heels 👠 and why I continue to buy more while already having an abundance .. my own dilemma hasn’t brought me any closer to understanding the age old question of why GG’s require so many. Once I figured out the basics of sizes. I purged my closet of over 300 garments and 20 pairs of shoes and boots. Naturally there have been many more since then and have been purging / donating all along in smaller amounts. The Purge was to refine my Closet not an attempt to quite. The learning curve was pretty steep. As a Closet Girl, CDH was a huge help. I would have to say that I have spent more money on footwear than anything else. Shoes have been the most purchased item of my expenditures. 2nd hand stores have saved me a great deal of cash 💰 💵 ordering on Lines has often been expensive 💸 and disappointing 😢

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      Patty Phose

      I began buying my own pantyhose, bras and panties at 13. Then at 17, I bought a pair of platform wedge heels, several pairs of short shorts and a couple of wigs. At 18, when I got my own place, I went nuts buying femme things. An insane amount of short, sexy dresses, seemingly countless pairs of sexy shoes. If the dresses and shoes looked sexy and were in my size, I bought them. That often involved several dresses of the same style in different colors, and the same with shoes. Tons of sexy, exotic lingerie, garter belts, garter stockings, all kinds of makeup. I had to have it all and a lot of it.

      Starting with my first pantyhose purchase at 13 and up until now, I have easily spent over $10,000.

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      Lola Caprice

      I chose $2500-$3000 but that’s just a guess. If anything it might be a little higher.  If you ask my SO she would say I’ve spent plenty. If you ask me, I’m just getting started. 🤣

    • #730521

      It’s hard to say. I have over 200 skirts (it’s an addiction), dozens of dresses, dozens of tops, over the knee boots, knee length boots (X2) ankle boots (x4), 5 or 6 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of running shoes, 6 jackets, and 5 coats….. Hundreds of pairs of pants (knickers), 6 bras. Add to this the amount of stuff I have donated to charity shops, and the amount must be huge! This is over 30+ years of non closeted crossdressing. 90% of what I buy these days come from charity shops. Of the remaining 10%, only about 1% is full priced quality stuff. Most of the remainder are sale items. Coats and boots are the most expensive items. I do have one dress that was expensive. I tried it on in the shop, just to try it on. My wife said it was amazing on me, and insisted that I buy it. That was £120! The outfit I’m wearing at the moment, including ankle boots, is probably less than £30… The boots were £20!
      It was a lot cheaper when my wife wasn’t so supportive 🙂


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      I chose $1000 – $1500. But that is just a guess. Like others have mentioned, I had a few purges in the past. I have spent a lot on makeup. My wife has borrowed several of my items. I don’t have a lot of clothes, but I love my jeans. And I bought a few wigs. I have long hair now so I don’t wear them. And I have a collection of earrings. Nothing too expensive.

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      I checked $5001 to $5500. That’s probably a minimum and the total is much higher when you add up clothing, hats/caps, undergarments, shoes, jewelry and makeup. I’ve been MAC Obsessed for ~5 years which means that you have to have purchased at least $500 of cosmetics in a calendar year.

      Probably 80% to 90% of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores so it is fairly large. To me, thrift stores, in person and online, are fun and my money goes a lot further.

    • #731203

      I need an intervention

    • #733104

      I chose a VERY conservative $1500 to $2000. I’m certain over the 40 plus years I have been dressing that I have spent much more. Seems lately I go shopping dressed at least once a week, and almost always buy something. Since moving to Florida I have become obsessed with shorter, lightweight dresses. They are sooooooo comfortable!

      thanks for the question!

    • #733126

      I am still early on with my journey so I am under $500 mark. That said, I know it will not be long before I blow way past that mark. 🤣

    • #733129


      I doubt I’ve spent more than 1000 dollars on this.  Most of my clothes are from thrift stores, and are dirt cheap.  I am looking forward to buying a high quality pair of breast forms, so more investment is anticipated.

      the next step?  Maybe hormones.



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      Pink fog is hexpensive.

    • #478812

      That’s a gorgeous thing to say Laura,

      Mikala xxxx.

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