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    i had been wanting to tell my best friend, who is a woman, that i crossdress for several weeks now. we have known each other for more than 25 years. my plan was to wear nail polish and have her ask me why are you wearing nail polish? worked like a charm. She asked me word for word,  my answer was because i couldn’t find my nail polish remover. we chuckled, she then said so where are your dresses, i replied , right here in this closet. would you like to see. i spent the next 10 minutes picking her jaw up off the floor. then all the questions  why , how long, and so forth. my quick response was i notice your wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, why,  are those not mens clothes your wearing. why do you wear mens clothes?  she said because there comfortable, A HA the same reason i wear womens clothes, they are comfortable. i asked her if she would like to see my photo album, she said she wasn’t ready yet and could not wrap her head around this. my question to you girls out there is what are my next steps, how should i approach her, do i act as if nothing happened. i need advice, please help

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      My suggestion..  let it be.. the ball is in her court and I’m sure her feminine instincts will be aroused and her curiosity will bring on more conversation. Knowing each other for 25 then suddenly she now discovering this just be prepared for all the questions..  have the photo album ready….🌷

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      Felicity D’Amor
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      hi girl, i will not push her, just be normal, keep treat her as usual without pressure for her answer, hugs a lot

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      Lucinda Hawkns
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      hello and i see you have lots of answers  well hope all will help you out with your situation.   ya why do u wear manly cloths? they fit better for woman and woman’s clothing fits better on men, so why not change men wear female cloths and woman wear man cloths. that would solve the problem.

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      Kitty Van Curen
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      I must say, that was really cleverly-handled. Play-for-play. I only just discovered this post now, and it’s probably already concluded itself. However, I wouldn’t push the issue with anyone. I would wait, say nothing and see if the situation arises again during a next meet or in conversation…


      I hope it all works out!

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      Im also going through a similar feeling that I need to tell my mom somehow as I feel I’m lying to her. Again

      My SO suffers me a bit and has said why don’t I tell my family if I’m that sure they are supportive

      My mom has asked me to take her shopping for Xmas gifts

      I have been crucifying myself about what to wear.

      Do I go in a girly top and paint my nails? Mascara? Or even go looking at the women’s section for a new outfit or even looking for the new ankle boots I so want and buy them  in her company?

      The thoughts are both exhilarating yet terrifying and I’m no further along in my thoughts about what or how

      i feel I need to and it’s only because of reading all the stories on this site about being true to yourself

      But. It’s a big but

      what happens next??

      Rejection? Acceptance? More shame and guilt that I’ve offloaded onto my 76 year old mom?

      So she is my mom not a friend and there is no hiding from her. Or not seeing her.

      oh the struggles we go through when we don’t conform to the norm

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      I agree with what has been said above. Curious as to why you felt the need to share with her?   Are you interested in her or do you just want to “normalize” your dressing and reduce the guilt/shame we all feel?

      I would give her some time and space to see if she brings it up again or wants to discuss further with you.  Prepare for the worst…hope for the best outcome.  Keep us posted

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      Leslies Ann Gray Girl
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      Jessica Hi , She was a little worried about the girl clothes laying around , ha , sounds maybe she has thoughts of a closer relationship . Remember you came out to her , ask your self , what if she came out to you , and you were total male , how would you feel ? I told my best friend to , and i have not herd from him in now a month , makes me wish i had not . I have feelings for him and i guess it showed when i told him i was transitioning , i guess . I know i have needed to tell someone , it did make me feel a lot better that someone knows , its the cost i regret . Someone here asked if you feel better after coming out , did you ? I think we must also help our selves feel better about our selves to , but need to be careful who we confide in , it can cause problems .Being in a stealth mode around friends , family , work is the way most of us live , i guess we feel safer and i guess we are to a point , free to be , i would say is all of our goals , is it not ? If you have feelings for her to then talk it out , maybe she would not like to see Jessica to much at first , find out . I wish you good luck on this . Leslie

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      Patty Phose
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      I had been dressing a couple of years and going out and partying often when I met my wife. A couple of weeks later she surprised me showing up at  my place. She was not happy noticing women’s clothes lying about. I decided to come clean. I told her the clothes were mine. I enjoyed wearing them for fun and for going out to parties. I know it doesn’t make much sense and sounds silly but I enjoy it. She seemed suspicious and asked me to show her.

      I went in the bedroom and put on one of my favorite and sexiest outfits, with hair, makeup and everything. When I walked out she was stunned. She could not believe how pretty and sexy I was. She also was stunned I looked so different. Not at all like me. I dressed often when she was around and we began going out together as girl friends. Coming out to her went very well for me.

      I have met other CD’s over the years who did not have the same positive reaction. In fact most times it seems to have ended relationships. In a few cases, the dressing was tolerated but not encouraged or supported, and in fewer cases still, was embraced, enjoyed and added a new and fun aspect to the relationship. So you really never know for sure how it may turn out. Of course we all hope it will go very well.

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      A GG not wanting to see a picture of a male friend dressed as a girl,To be honest this is a strange way for a GG friend to respond unless there thinking of you as more than just friends, or posable your friendship is based on some kind of male bonding.

      That said now you have the waiting game its very easy for you now to be all excited expecting great things and want them to happen overnight. For whatever reason your friend has to be hesitant and needing time to adjust it seems the ball is in her cort, If she decides now we can have fun doing this that or the other grate, but if she doesn’t and you paw at the subject like a lost puppy or expect to much out of this you could drive her away.

      Who knows this could well end up as a fun part of your friendship but try for now to see this simple fact of growth, you have confided in a friend about a huge part of you,  a feeling you have hidden away most of your life, this is a huge step and in itself liberating, and to be honest give your friend time and she should see this

      Unfortunately there is no telling this may or may not lead to a fun girly friendship we know you are hoping for only time will tell


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      Rachel Cross
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      sounds like there might be some physical attraction there. maybe you want to be accepted as you are to see if she is really girlfriend material. best friends usually make best girlfriends. either way hope it works out for you.

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      I agree with all the thoughts shared already. Give her time to process this BIG news. She will have questions and if she’s as good a friend as she believe she is, she will ask them in her time. Be honest and as clear as possible in your answers. The good news is, she knows! Let her set the pace of getting to know the real you.


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      Robyn Devine
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      I would say give her some space mentally and physically to as she said, “wrap her head around it!”  Sounds like she might feel a little emotionally…mmm…ambushed?

      In a way act as though nothing happened. Go about your normal business and let her come back to you.  Don’t act any different. Let her come back to you with questions.  Set a time for yourself to check in and see how she’s doing.

      You have nothing to be ashamed of or hide.  Stand tall, confident and proud of who you are.

      Best wishes

      xo – Robyn 🤗❤️

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      just  felt the need for her to know. we are very close and honest with each other. may be its the fact that i have to be secret with everyone i love, feels like im lying to all my family

      It’s not easy to keep things all bottled up inside. It takes a toll mentally. At some point we need to let it out.

      How did you feel after telling your g/f ?

      Gen… 💋

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Hi Jessica.  Wow, your story sounds awfully familiar.  I went through the same thing with an old friend ( ex-SO ) not long ago.  I just bloody well came out and told her after some hunting.  Overall she took it rather well, saying she had gained a new girlfriend.  Lol.  She comfortable chatting about it, but not to the point of seeing me all dressed, or even going out shopping, but I realize that’s OK!  I have to remind myself I have been preparing and wanting to come out for many years.  I’ve thought about it, but it’s all new to her!!!   Now it’s time to let it sink in with her.  Remember, it’s taken us forever to come out or accept ourselves, they deserve some time to digest it all too!  Let her set the pace too.

      I just wish I had the patience for patience. 😊

      – it is fun though, isn’t it? 😁


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      just  felt the need for her to know. we are very close and honest with each other. may be its the fact that i have to be secret with everyone i love, feels like im lying to all my family

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      Christine Fun
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      Giver her some time to think about it. We have spent a lot of time thinking and dealing with global cultural issues to evolve to where we are. Sometimes they need a chance to catch up to advanced forward thinking people.  She will catch up in time; out of curiosity if nothing else.

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      Your g/f now knows… just be yourself and dress the way that makes you feel comfortable. Hey, it’s not a big deal for her to wear ‘Masculine’ clothing, so why should it be any different for you to wear ‘Feminine’ clothing/bling… ???

      Gen… 💋

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      Mary Jane
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      What is your intention behind telling this girl. Is she a friend, or a girlfriend that your developing a romantic attraction with?

      Were you wanting her to get involved in your cross dressing? Or were you in need to tell someone in person and get it off your chest?

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