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    Stevie Steiner
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    After decades of happily, but privately, being Stevie, finding support like this has nudged me forward.  2020’s a big year for the real me, pandemic notwithstanding.

    I want to get myself a wig, a good one. I walk by this store frequently that displays dozens of wigs (Still closed).  They’re gorgeous!  And, I want nice breast forms too.  But, aren’t these best purchased in person?  Just to find that exact right color, length, size, fit and so  on?  For myself, I know of a store in Toronto, not too far away.

    Just asking, is there too much risk of disappointment ordering instead of actually trying them out first?  2020 WILL end with a full Stevie ensemble, I have vowed to myself!

    Thanks girls.

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      Renee Peirsen
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      Breast forms and wigs are all quite wonderful. There are many sources for both. Browse the internet and I’m sure that you will find plenty of good sources.

      May I add that that a set of hip-enhancers go a long way to completing the look? When someone looks at a figure, they (quite unconsciously) note the complete package, including the shape of the hips. I look at women a great deal and I always note the hourglass shape. On the rare occasions where I don’t see the hourglass shape, I immediately take a second look. The bottom line, is that a man’s body looks quite different from a woman’s body. It’s largely in the shape.

      I have been called “Maam” on a number of times because the speaker was looking at my body, rather than my face.

      I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey.


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      Hi Stevie, I’ve gone through many years ago what you are going through now.  I needed a good wig and breast forms.  I happened to be in Denver for a conference and found a wonderful trans/cd store. They helped me try on dozens of wigs; great customer service. I ended up buying a very good quality wig. I also bought breast forms there.  But now that I’ve been retired for over three years, I haven’t had a haircut in that time.  My hair is past my bra strap in the back and past my breasts in front; pretty lucky at age 65 (well, 66 next month).  I’ve kept the wig just in case I start balding.  And with the breast forms, I wear them rarely.  I prefer my natural breast growth tucked in a well fitting bra or bralette (like I’m wearing right now).  Happy Shopping!!!!!   Stay healthy, stay safe, All the Best, Hugs, Krista.

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      Patty Phose
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      For me, I found being femme was all about sexy legs, nice breasts and pretty hair. I have the legs covered with pantyhose, heels and short dresses. Getting a flattering wig was just incredible in how much more femme it made me look. Breastforms just totally changed my shape.

      Find a wig that flatters your features. This may take some experimentation. The same may apply with breastforms. I personally have B,C and D cups in both foam and silicone. I started with the foam to get an idea what size looked best. Foam was also a lot less expensive. What size cup I wore and which looked best depended on my mood and what I was wearing. Having three sizes was the best decision. That’s when I decided to jut get the same sizes in silicone.

      The foam is good. I still wear them occasionally, but there is nothing like the silicone.

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      Paula F
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      Like Val’sheril said.  take it slow in your browsing and research the company and it’s policies before sharing your hard earned money with them.  A lot of places have some very impressive web sites that look very glam, but their return policy is written in Latin and it may take them 60 days or more to get you what you ordered, and then it may or may not be the same as advertised.

      I have bought 3 wigs through Paula Young and have been very satisfied with them.  I did return one that came damaged, and we got it taken care of within a little over a week, from receiving it, returning it and having it replaced and in my possession.

      As much as people deride them as a place to shop, Wal-Mart is actually very good with choices and taking care of any problems quickly and efficiently, at least I have not had any problems with them.  And there are many more  businesses online that are just as good, Cato’s Fashion, Torrid, Maurice’s and many other well established brick and mortar businesses that have also moved into the online market place.


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      Astrid Lenore
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      While I’d definitely agree these items are best purchased in person, if your goal is to have the full kit in 2020 I wouldn’t count on specialty stores opening up in time for that.

      Next best thing, buy online from a reputable supplier with a clear return policy (most breast forms can be returned as long as they haven’t been glued in place) and take your time with the shopping.  Breast forms vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer as far as sizes and shapes go, so if possible get the actual measurements of the form and try to approximate it by padding to see how they’d look on you (don’t forget to wear your usual bodyshaping garments/pads if you use them).

      For both of these items you tend to get what you pay for.  However, particularly since you’re starting out and in-store may not be an option, you may want to experiment with some cheaper options to get an idea what you like before taking the plunge.

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      Skyler Connor
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      Hi, go on line there are numerous wig companies I would recommend.
      Beat Wig Co.

      The others escape at this time.


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      Millicent Teasedale
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      Well, I did breast forms online and a wig once. The breast forms ended up a larger than I expected – there does not seem to be consistent sizing. The wig – the less said the better.

      I now have two wigs, one from a transformation and the other from a shop. Both experiences were wonderful – especially at the shop. The lady there wasn’t fazed at all by me, in drab, trying to pick out a wig. And she worked with me to find something that would fit my enormous noggin.

      The breast forms I wish I had been to a shop. I did end up with ones I like, but I am convinced having a proper fitting would have been a better idea.

      And yes, all those experiences were scary right up until the time that I actually walked into the shop and realized that I am not the only crossdresser in the world and that serving and making a customer comfortable was more important than the gender of that customer to all of these folks.

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      Daeyton Jayde
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      I bought all my wigs online, but you have to be cautious about cap size. I bought a couple, but found one that I LOVE, then bought the same wig on two more colors. :-)
      I was lucky that there was a breast form store very close to my home ( I could have driven there), and I ordered via mail. I bought both C and D cup sizes with adjustable clear plastic ‘bra’ straps. There are online sellers of these available.

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      Nick Lacroix
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      I ordered my breast forms from janets closet and they work great. You do however need to do a few measurements on what cup size you prefer. As for wigs my makeup artist had a selection of wigs she would customize for me. Try looking for a makeup artist that works with the transgender community in your area. They might offer some beautiful selections for you.

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      Brittney Andrews
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      Many people prefer the privacy that ordering on-line provides, I don’t. Concerning wigs; you can’t judge the color, length, and hair texture from a photo. You also have to take into consideration the cap size. Concerning breastforms; since there are different shapes and sizes and also factoring in your own amount of breast skin, IMO it’s beast to try on these items before you buy. Wigs and breastforms can be very expensive items; so for the investment you want the right look, feel, fit, and size.

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