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      I had in the last few days signed on to our chat function.  It was very interesting with the usual banter, “ how’s it going”, what are you doing now” etc.  it was interesting.  But then I signed in this morning, and was chatting with some nice girls who were talking about going out.  I mentioned where I lived, and found out that there was an event that is scheduled for April 1, where there is a get together at a makeover studio.  Well, I have always wanted to do a makeover, so that I can see what a professional makeup artist would do with my face.  So after some convincing, I’ve finally decided to attend the event, and get my makeup done before the event.  There is 2 events off my bucket list.  No one has ever seen Jennifer in person, so this is a big step for me.  I’m still really nervous about it, but now that I’ve made the decision, I’m really looking forward to the event.


      Please wish me courage and the sense to actually do this event.  I know I’ll have some photos, and a new story to write about it.  Actually writing this post is intended to get me to commit to everyone here that I’ll go through with it.  Wish me luck.

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      Congrats on your decision. I would guess that you will never look back. Once you go out in public I fell that you will not be able to resist doing in again and again.

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      So jealous Jennifer.
      Jump in with both feet, you belong there, you will learn loads and just have the most wonderful time.
      The most important thing you can take to the party is…


      B x

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      The first time out is so exciting.   You will never forget i.  It is addictive.

      Go for it and enjoy.


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      Trust me, you’ll absolutely love it. It will give you a ton of confidence and enable you to enjoy the day.

      I went for a makeover for one day out. 13+ years later I look back and tell you that day changed my life.

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      You got this girl! It’s much easier than you think! I tell myself the only person that can get in my way is me. Plus you look fabulous no one will bat an eye, unless they are checking you out lol. No worries girl you’ll do great!

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      Cassie Jayson

      I knows what you mean Jennifer. My first big outing as Cassie was to get my hair colored. Just making the appointment committed in my mind.I nearly got sick just before I went in, but I did it and I am sooooo glad.
      I really hope your adventure goes well also.

      . , Cassie

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      I know you darlin, and if anyone here can pull I off, it’s you.  Knowing your attention to detail, bet you’ll be showing them.  Show that total confidence I see in your photos.  May it be the best it can be   Lorraine

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      You can do this and I’m sure you’ll love it. It is, as has been said, addictive but your confidence and courage is already showing. Enjoy every minute of it!


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      That sounds so cool. Please update us afterwards, dear.

      Hugs & kisses,

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      Hi Jennifer,

      You’ll love the event after selecting your outfit.  Have fun!  Just let the butterflies free.


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      Yep, no turning back now or you will suffer eternal scorn from your peers.

      Seriously though, you only should go out if you want to, not out of some sense of obligation. But if/when you go out, perhaps this coming event, don’t be surprised if you feel motivated to go out more often. The experience can be life changing. I know in my own case, it felt like finally escaping a cage. Sure there was some initial nervousness but that passed, and within a short time, I felt entirely safe and increasingly confident. You will too.

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        Kim, I’m glad you said seriously though, after you said I would suffer eternal scorn.  You made me laugh with that one!

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          Glad I got a laugh out of you! This really isn’t a competition and going out should be both enjoyable and uplifting, at least after you get over the stage fright. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity!

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      Good luck hon. Shoulders back, deep breath, and let the confidence flow through that big smile. Love every second of it.

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      Diane Benson

      Good luck Jennifer! Despite being a nervous wreck to begin with, I am sure you will love every minute. I can’t wait to find out how it goes! xxx

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      You are going to be so amazed when you see your self and feel so free.  I remember the first transformation I had and I could not stop looking at myself in a mirror.  So happy for you !

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      Go for it Jennifer and have fun.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Patty Phose

      Congratulations on you decision to go out. I had dreamed and fantasized a about it for as long as I had been dressing. Finally at 17, I had the means and ability to do it.

      I was very nervous but very excited my first time. I drove around a lot. Stopped in numerous locations, got out of the car and walked around, close enough to people where I could be seen. It was an incredibly thrilling and exciting experience like nothing else I ever felt before.

      The more I began going out, the bolder I got. I got closer to people. Went into stores and bought girly items. I put myself in places and situations where I would be seen and noticed. I was no longer jealous and envious of the girls in their heels, teeny shorts and shiny pantyhose with their perky breasts and pretty hair. Not only was I one of them, but I was prettier and sexier than many of them.

      Good luck and best wishes to you on your first time out. I know the fear very well. Many times it was impossible to push past it. But when desire and nerve got stronger than fear, it was the most incredible and amazing thrill.

      To me, I think going out is the ultimate crossdreser experience.

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      I recently went out in public for the first time and it was a life changing experience! And strangely, it felt very natural, especially just walking out of the house in broad daylight and getting into my car and driving. I hope you have an even better experience than I did, Jennifer, and mine was amazing! To finally stop hiding in my house and walk out in public as a woman was so freeing and I’m sure you’ll feel that too. Be safe, enjoy every moment, and show Jennifer off to the world! I can’t wait to read your follow up post about how it goes!

      Hugs, Jill

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Oh Jennifer, I can feel your excitement and nervousness that you’re feeling as I read this. You can do this with no problem and I can’t wait to see the pictures that follow. I still haven’t gone full out with make up and all, so allow me to go along vicariously with you please.

      I’m so jealous!


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      Janet Woodham
      Duchess - Annual

      Good for you Jennifer! If you are going to be with others it will be ideal.


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      Embrace and enjoy that first feeling. Horrifying and thrilling at the same time. Heart pumping excitement 😆 Give us an update.
      Hugs Ginger

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      Jennifer – first time out is a forever memory. Enjoy and congratulations.

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      Angela Booth

      You go and have a great time.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner – like a lot of us.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual


      So happy that you are taking this big step in your dressing journey. In the future you will look back on this day and be so glad that you made the decision. Being nervous is natural, we all were somewhat nervous on our first time too, but don’t dwell on it. It will go better than you anticipate. And it’s great you will be with other CD’s. I’m sure they will be friendly and helpful. And remember, not everyone is staring at you, even though you may be convinced they are. Wear sunglasses if you can, someone’s nervousness is often expressed by their eyes.

      You are about to embark on a wonderful new stage of your journey. Have fun!


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      Just as an update, I put a deposit in with the makeover studio today, and am really looking forward to getting my makeup done before the event by a professional makeup artist. I’ll finally let Jennifer meet other real people. I actually can’t believe that today, I was standing in front of complete strangers in male mode, and talking about getting my makeup done, and showing off photos of myself dressed up. That would have been unthinkable only a month ago. I know there will be a story in this with pictures, since the MUA said she was going to spend 2 hours doing full glam makeup on me. I’m super excited. Now I can’t wait for it.

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        Oh that first time feeling. Good for you Jennifer. So proud of you. Can’t  wait to hear and see results. Be positive, stay strong

        Luvs Hugs Ginger


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        Diane Benson

        Fantastic news Jennifer.  Well done for having the courage to take that huge leap into the unknown. You won’t regret it.  Exciting time await you!

        Diane xxx

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      Trust me, It gets easier every time.

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      I hope you have a great time and it will be a great experience for you. Nerves aside , it will give you an amazing feeling being out.

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      That’s awesome, have a great time!!

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      That is so exciting! Both going to an event and getting a makeover is a lot of fun, I bet you’ll have a blast doing both and definitely enjoy the time out!

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        I’m planning on it , Jenny, I’m hoping for lots of photos, and sharing a story here too.

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