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    Hi girls

    I have a big night next week – I am going out to a pub fully dressed and made up, and I really want to smell feminine. What feminine smelling body washes and shampoos do you girls use? And what perfumes do you use and where do you apply it?

    thanks in advance for your advice

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      Samantha Roarke
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      Well, I shower with a wonderful milk and honey body wash, Shampoo/Conditioner is a smooth ginger and honey mix. I shave my legs with coconut shave gel.

      As for perfume I use Louis Vuitton, Contre Moi. I had my bottle engraved. I like the added touch known this is Samantha’s scent. This is my go to….but I do use a cheapy Bath and Body Works body spray for daily stuff like working out/running.

      Detailed Features

      <bdo dir=”ltr”></bdo>

      • Infusion of vanilla from Madagascar
      • Absolute of vanilla from Madagascar
      • Tahitensis vanilla
      • Orange blossom
      • Rose centifolia from Grasse
      • Essence of magnolia
      • Ambrette seeds
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      If you’re going to a restaurant, go easy on the perfume, as it can change the taste of the food.
      This is why most restaurants do not allow waitstaff to wear perfume.

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      I use Dove moisturizing body wash (no scent, but OMG! it leaves your skin so soft!)

      As far as perfume, I wear either Chanel “Allure”, or  “Good Girl” by Carolina Herrera.
      Both are unmistakably female.  When I want a man’s attention, I’ll wear the Chanel “Allure”.
      When I just want a nice feminine scent, but not the attention, I wear “Good Girl”.
      (Be prepared to open your purse for the Chanel!)  Good Girl is reasonably priced.

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      I use dove shea butter, and a sugar scrub on arms and legs after freshly shaven keeps skin really soft, also I use either summer eve or queen bee on the no no areas lol keeps you feeling fresh. For body spray I use bath and body works champagne toast the smell lasts all day

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Hi Kendra, I have to echo Laura and say Dove is a good overall choice.  Clean, smooth, and a nice gentle scent.  Haven’t dabbled in perfume lately, but ,ohh, I remember an Alfred Sung perfume that to this day drives me absolutely insane.  A dab behind the ears and a touch on the base of the neck….. I’m yours.  Lol


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      patty williams
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      Hi Kendra I use suave cocoa butter and shea body wash I really like the smell.



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      Laura Lovett
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      Dove – it’s the cleanest, purest, most feminine smell to my nose.

      Plus, because it moisturises, it leaves your skin really soft as well as fragrant.

      Any other fragrances you add compliment the underlying clean smell. Bath oils are great for the base too – but go easy!

      I also use Dove underarm, and Johnson’s baby talc as part of the base.

      Last time I went to my chiropractor, she complimented me on my soft and sweet smelling skin!

      Love Laura

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      Roberta Hall
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      I love smelling like a total girl and I have always loved wearing secrets powder fresh deodorant and a oat meal body wash.  I always wear my favorite bra and panties daily once I shower

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      Dame Veronica Graunwolf
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      Hi Kendra!  Personaly, I use L’Oreal Paris shampoos and conditioners…….a neutral smelling deoderent/anti perspiration block, Elizabeth Taylors  White Diamonds perfume.  I spray 1 shot on wrist and rub both together, a dab behind each ear and of course, a shot into my cleavage.

      Dame Veronica

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      Smartina Fonteyn
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      I’ve tried many perfumes but for me nothing beats Chanel No 5. It’s expensive but I am using an airline sampler that also goes in my handbag.

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      I use degree sheet powder deodorant. It smells super sexy and works great.

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      Nancy Gamms
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      I would take the perfume samples in magazines and rub them on my neck before I went and bought a small bottle of perfume from kohls.  Just smelling yourself is so femme and one of those finishing touches.  I use it on my neck or behind ears.

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      Marie Bardinot
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      I use Aveno body wash and Dove shampoo, that’s all the time, not just when I dress.  Not really into perfume as I don’t really like strong scents on people, but at times I will apply a little Prada Candy.

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