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    Catherine Dickson
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    I recently went to a nearby botanical garden with my wife and our friends, just to walk around and enjoy the day. I noticed an interesting thing: women usually wear mundane clothes, especially when out and about somewhere like that. But little girls often wear very feminine and pretty clothes. I’m talking kids around 5-10 years old, and NO!, I’m not ogling them. I simply noticed that they tend to wear the flowery, wispy, flowing or body clinging fabrics that I yearn to wear. They seem perfectly comfortable in them, and it makes me wonder why grown women abandon that type of clothing for the more drab. This is something I think I’ve actually been seeing for quite a while, but only just struck me on this particular outing.

    Maybe I should have posted this in Ask A GG…

    Anyway – why do you suppose this is, and will women come back to the prettier styles?


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      Dani Grand
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      As the parent of (formerly) little girls, it is the prettiness of it all. It is about creating as good of an image for the child as possible.

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      Lacy Satin
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      I think most little girls love how they feel in pretty dresses and all the attention they get when dressed up. Sadly in time so many girls outgrow that excitement they got from being girly.

      My interests in crossdressing started when I was very young. I would always look at the little girls and see how much fun they had when they got to dress in pretty clothes and how happy they were. I wasn’t a very happy little boy and I became very jealous of the girls. I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to wear pretty dresses too and be as happy as I saw the little girls were. I so wanted to be just like them and be able to play with them and just be one of the little girls. I just could not understand why I was told by my mother that I was a boy and that’s why I couldn’t wear pretty dresses and enjoy the same fun I saw the other little kids have that were called girls.

      I often wonder if I had been allowed to wear pretty dresses and experience the fun and attention the girls got, would I not have outgrown it as so many girls do?

      To this day I still have never gotten over my desire to wear pretty dresses and feel like a little girl.  To this day I still get that same feeling of jealousy when I see a young girl wearing a pretty dress.

      I’m thankful I am very petite and I have been able to buy some dresses in the girls dept. I also own a lot of nighties that I have bought from thrift stores that I know were only previously worn by young girls.

      When I dress up I always think of myself as a girl and never refer to myself as a woman. My childhood desires will never leave me no matter how old I get.


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      Beverly Hanson
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      I’ve fond memories of my mom dressing me in cute, “dressy” girl’s dresses when I was only 4.  Though it later was learned for nefarious reasons she did so, I still held onto that feminine urge to dress as nicely as I could.

      As I matured, I learned that getting dressed meant from the inside out.  Panties, slips, camisoles, etc. should be pretty and feel lovely on your body.  It’s what makes women different from men.  There’s that inner feeling of femininity one wants to express in what we wear.  A flowing, multi layered chiffon dress isn’t something you’ll wear raking leaves; but it’s something to wear whenever you’ve the desire to present yourself pretty and womanly.

      Of course, as it so easily happens… Being guys in delightfully silky, smooth and soft girly things presenting as women often leads to sexual stirrings.  I’ve talked with GG’s before about getting all dolled up for a fancy/dressy event only themselves feeling something delicious happening!  I mean, come on!  Lingerie might never have been designed as strictly utility wear, has it?  (giggles)


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      sarasue olson
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      Looking back to when I was 12 0r 13 I remember the girl that sat in front of me in school, she had  pretty long blond hair and dressed  in very nice cloths. At the time I didn’t see myself dressing up like that at the time I just liked the way girls dressed and maybe feeling A bit cheated that boys had to be so plain and not allowed those pretty things. That all changed when I was about 15 when my sister allowed me to wear some panties and A night gown, I was totally hooked for life. I than became that pretty girl and have been happy all my life dressing in dresses skirts and all those lovely underthings. Yes I have been guilty in dressing in jeans and leggings to much, I guess I just wanted to look like all the other women and fit in. But thanks to my wife telling me that I need to spend A little more time in dresses and skirts and look like A proper woman, today I’m wearing A long back floral print dress with A lacy slip and panties and A satin bra and black pantyhose. She loves it.

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      patty williams
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      Hi Catherine,

      I can’t give you the answer but since discovering my feminine side I have developed a great enjoyment of studying the beauty of all age women’s fashions.

      I often see young ladies all dressed up and wish I could have experienced a wonderfully girly feminine child hood.

      Femininity at any age is so beautiful.

      Thanks for the post.

      Huggs Patty

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      Paula Here
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      I know when my daughter was young she wore dresses now and then, but when she got to school and boys would try and look up the skirt, all skirts and dresses stopped.

      I feel the women have changed the way they dress to stop attracting attention to themselves.   If people behaved better around women they may feel more comfortable showing off.

      I fear the days of fancy dress are done except at fancy events.



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        That is so sad! And an awful reflection on society.


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        Catherine Dickson
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        Hmm, this makes sense. I suppose this could be the whole reason. Little kids have less to worry about when with their parents. Thank you for this viewpoint!


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      Angela Booth
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      Despite the pressures otherwise little girls like pretty things. I often see little princesses wandering about with their parents. 

      Todays world is strewn with slouch potatoes, both male and female. Looking at the world of Walmart images online it seems that it is a strange Ol’ world out there. In the U.k. it is De rigueur for women to go out and take the kids to school or shop in the pyjamas! Keen not to miss a trick the fashion chains design wear just for that. 

      Gone are the days where women would dress nicely all of the time – even shopping. I often see remarks saying there aren’t dresses sold much any more. i would disagree and say I am spoiled for choice. I like to wear dresses in all styles on a daily basis. I never feel out of place and enjoy the compliments I get.

      I have to say that I used to love what the girls wore when I was young and so delighted to have sisters…need I say more….

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual
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      Too bad the moms don’t dress up the way they make their little girls look so cute.  Seems we live in such a dress down society today, as you noted.

      Regular exceptions I know of are conservative churches where women and girls attend, wearing dresses and heels.  Most private schools in this part of the country require female teachers to wear skirts, dresses, and pantyhose (during cooler months).

      In the Atlanta area, from about April through October, we have numerous fests, ethnic events, celebrations, etc.  I attend all these cross dressed and often wearing pretty dresses (see photos on CDH).  Many women take the opportunity to dress up in pretty clothing.  I get many compliments from both men and women.  With my photos and in the forums, I post information and an invitation to any and all CDs in the Atlanta area to attend these events.  You will find people very receptive and welcoming to CDs in Atlanta!  As always, I would be glad to meet with any CD who would like to attend these events, if you so desire.  Sadly, no one has ever taken me up on the invitation.





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      Wendy Swift
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      I remember before covid, attending events like weddings, the women would be dressed in beautiful evening gowns, lovely shoes and accessories.

      Compared to the guys, all we wore was suit and tie.  If we lined us up, we would look nearly identical with the colour of our suits being the only difference.

      So yeah, girls do wear pretty things and I’ve always envied that.

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      Hello Catherine, I totally agree with you, those little girls do look lovely in those dresses. It was the thing that I liked the best about girls when I was young, I do like to wear pretty dresses when I can. But going out in public now a days you have to dress down, wear skirts/tops flat shoes. Most ladies seem to wear only trousers/slacks or legging when out, not very femmine/pretty to my way of thinking. May be come the summer will we see some more ladies in dresses, real ladies or just us crossdressers. love Helenmarie

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      Amy Catrelle
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      There are are tons of pretty dresses being sold in the shops and online, so somebody must be buying them – and it can’t be just us, not unless there are more crossdressers than we give credit for. Maybe there should be an amnesty…we could end up with crowds of peacocks flouncing around the place whilst the GGs end up looking like drab queens. Or it might be something else, I’m not really an expert on these kind of things. 😉 Amy x

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      Michelle McQueen
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      I don’t think women will ever go back to taking care of themselves and trying to look pretty again because Covid allowed them to be as sloppy as they want. Today a woman who makes even a small effort will stand out from most other women.

      When I was little those pretty little girl dresses was my first memory of wanting to wear feminine clothes. Today they are called sissy dresses and I still want one.

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        Catherine Dickson
        Registered On: January 22, 2020
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        Oh yikes! Careful there, Michelle. That comment might get some pushback. I’m sure some GGs will read that and fire back that they are not the only ones whose dress has gotten more casual. I will quickly admit that my male dress has done so.

        However, your comment does help me to reemphasize the fact that the clothes the little girls wear really looks to me to be more comfortable than boys clothes. The fabric, mainly, is what gives me that impression, but also the cut and style. It just looks like something that I would rather wear even if solely for comfort.

        Don’t those kids look totally comfortable and yet very girly? Surely this is possible.

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          Michelle McQueen
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          Yep probably someone will be offended by my comment so I should have said…

          “MOST women won’t make an effort to be pretty on a DAILY basis anymore”

          Apologies to all women who do make a daily effort.

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      Sandy Honey
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      When I was little I so wanted to wear the beautiful dresses the girls wore to church. They were so pretty and I wanted one so bad. I remember once when I was at a friends house and she let me try on one of her dresses. She laughed but I looked at myself and just loved what I saw. I was around 7 at the time.

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